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Bio: Born into the Life of murder and and money, Lucas grew up under his fathers house, his father was the director of Weapon x,Lucas didn’t feel at home with the villainous rules he was forced to follow, during a trip to space after becoming a astronauat,Lucas encountered the Shiar Imperial guard members Gladiator and Smasher as well as the starjammer Corsair, the were on there way to the moon when attacked by an alien race called the phlanax,enable to help Gladiator corsair and Smasher,Lucas was given a special pair of glasses that enabled him to download powers, Lucas became apart of the Matrix that the glasses used to download powers after becoming apart of the Phlanax,Gladiator gave him a suit after helping defeat the phlanax,Zero is know officially the only Shiar imperial who is Human and isnt at the very beck and call of empress lilandra,and only serves as backup, Zero know accompanies his close friend Rift