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The Villain

Coming soonish, don't worry :D

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The Hero

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I started my life as a perfectly normal guy going through existence, but then again, who doesn't? You people wanna hear the juicy parts of my story, so I'll give you the pleasure. My name is Dave Loren, I'm a freelance detective from Toronto. Nothing particularly interesting happened to me until one day, I was attempting to put a alleged murderer in prison. The guy was apparently connected to "the cult of the Web", a shady and mostly unknown religious group that we hadn't much info on. Me? I asked to have a private interrogation with the man on trial. They put me and him in that room, you know, with the one way window and the table and stuff? You get the idea. Well, I asked him a few questions, which didn't make much a difference, but I did manage to get him to confess that he was indeed a member of the cult of the Web, but he still said that he wasn't the murderer. Afterwards, I got a bit restless over the situation, and began to do an little investigation of my own.

I used every source I could to try to find information on the cult of the web. The internet, libraries, random guys on the street; eventually I found some back drop add for spiritual guidance, you know, something like a fortune teller. However, the symbol on the add matched a symbol that was found at the crime scene, so I decided to check it out. When I got to the small hut outside city limit, and old woman greeted me. She had a blindfold over her eyes, and the crazy witchcraft crap style going on. She welcomed me inside her hut, which was almost completely dark. She must not really need much light, living out there alone and blind. She asked me to sit down, and I barely managed to find the seat. She asked me why I was looking for the cult of the Web. I, of course a bit shocked, asked her how she knew. Long story short, she was a legit psychic. Not only that, she was the current head of the Cult of the Web. She told me about how the cult was currently in a state of recline, and how some members have been going over the edge. She told me that one of these members, Todd Delwory, or as the cult had called him, Recluse, was responsible for the murder I had been questioning about.

The cult apparently weren't into sacrifice, but Recluse thought it might help the cult with 'luck'. The other member of the cult, John Matters, was the member the cops had caught. Time flew by as I talked to the old woman, and I didn't realize how late it had gotten. Just as I was about to to get up and bring my evidence to the police, the door of the hut smashed open, and behind it stood a dark, and huge, figure. I put my hand on my 9mm and pulled it out, but the man lifted his hand and, like something straight from a comic, shot out a web from his hand and whipped my gun, and me with it, straight out of the hut, and a couple of feet, and then some as I hit the concrete outside. Of course, I was only human, and I blacked out. I woke up later, back in the hut, but this time lights were on. I looked up from the couch I was laying on and saw the old woman in bed, and about three guys in the room tending to her.

One of them saw me awake and greeted me. They were some of the other members of the cult. The man who had attacked was Todd, and he was abusing the ancient powers he had acquired. I'll get to that later. Anyways, after a few hours, the woman awoke. She was still weak from the attack, but told the other members of the cult that I was going to be initiated. Yes, me, I was just as surprised as you probably were. When I said I didn't want to be a part of any religious voodoo stuff the other members just laughed. They said the cult of the Web was more of an organization than a religious group. They explained it to me later, but on to the mission at hand, they told me she wanted me to put Todd to justice, only the way a man of the law could. Wowsers....-Still working on the story :P

Name: Dave Loren

Alias: Wolf Spider

Age: 24

Allies: Madame Anna, John Matters, the Cult of the Web

Enemies: Recluse, Widow, Arsonist

Height: 6'2

Weight: 178 lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green


  • Can produce psycho-organic webbing in several forms and for several uses. The webs, despite what it may look like when they are created, aren't coming from his hands or his wrists. They are created psychically within the reach of his hands because that's the easiest way for him to use them. These webs are very strong, but dissipate after a few minutes if Dave leaves them or is knocked out. They can take on specific qualities if Dave focuses (ex. flame resistance).
  • His physical powers are far past that have normal humans. He can lift up to ten tons, dodge bullets, and can leap straight over smaller buildings.
  • He has the ability to "sting" people, in the form of a electric shock. He can go as low as a zap one may get from walking on carpeting socks to as high as a taser.
  • Dave's sense are all more effective than normal human's. He also happens to have a sixth sense, a gift from being made a Champion of the Web. This sense lets him know where any danger is, to himself or to people he conceives as allies, and will instantly bolt his muscles into action if he can't do so himself. Over this, he can make his brain slow down the speed at which he perceives thing, in the case of things going too fast for him.
  • He has high resistance to telepathy, but no real telepathic abilities. However, his presence is known to cause problems with any mental abilities others may have. He's also completely aware of any uses of telepathy within his vicinity.

The Rogue

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Name: Joey Ragno Palladino

Nickname: Da Enforcer, Goody Boy, Freakshow

Age: 24

Origin: Product of Gypsy-Mystical Enhancement

Affiliation: Palladino Family

Family: Georgy Pallidino (Father), Kara Tepes (Mother), Micheal Pallidino (Brother)

Height: 6'3

Weight: 203 lbs.

Hair Color: Blackish Brown

Eye Color: Striking Blue

Abilities & Powers:

Bio Webbing-

Joey can produce organic webbing from a organ in his wrists. They are strong enough to hold two cars driving in opposite directions together without snapping.


Joey is a superhuman, and his body will show it. He's more than once managed to toss trucks weighing multiple tons. His top strength has been estimated to be around ten tons of lifting. He's easily a bullet time, dodging automatic gunfire from multiple angles at the same time, proving his speed and agility.


Inherited more directly from his mother than his other abilities, Joey has an inert power to sense the world around him in great detail. It's how he instinctively knows how to swing across the city, and how he manages to know where the bullets are coming from.


The good and the bad, Joey unconsciously influences the "luck radius" around him. Enemy's weapons will jam, roofs will collapse, ect.

Kinetic Manipulation-

He can manipulate kinetic energy in a plenty of ways, mainly to scale walls, make his punches pack more punch, and make improvised explosives.

Pain Tolerance- Joey can block out pain. Not mentally, biologically. He can literally force the feelings of pain out of his senses. However, this dumbs him up just a bit. Not like he's drunk or anything, he just gets a little less rational.

Weapons & Equipment:

Royal Jacket-

A seemingly normal modern-fashioned leather jacket, the article of clothing is made from the best supplies available on the market. It's flexible, bullet-proof, and has more storage spaces than a bank. It's branded with the Pallidino Mark, a spider designed in a Roman drawing style. Joey only wears it on quote/unquote "special occasions", a code word he uses for important tasks for the family.


Joey is a collector of knives of all kinds. As long as he has more than one version of a model, he's likely to bring it to a fight to test it out. If he likes it, he adds it to his personal gear.

Silenced Pistol-

Nothing special, it's a silenced 9mm pistol with an extended barrel.