Campaign Announcement


The bright lights beam down upon the slightly scarred face of Alexander, still devilishly handsome with a hint of rogue. The sharpness of the fixture causes the American flag pin upon his lapel to glimmer despite it being a tad worn and rusted at the edges. No backing holds the emblem, but an old style clasp is what fixes the patriotic symbol into place. His suit is the same charcoal 3 piece with an onyx tie that he always wears. The oxford shoes that adorn his feet are neither expensive nor cheap, only modest. All in all, Alexander Rook remains as he always had for press conferences and political meetings. This however, would be different.

“This last minute press conference may come as a bit of a shock to many. It’s not in the norm of things here in Gothic to do things a little unplanned.”

The crowd chuckled at his humor, everyone knowing full well that it was exactly ‘in the norm of things’ and especially so when it came to the Mayor’s realm of things. The reporters glanced back down to their paper pads, eager to jot down every single word that fell from the Gothic representative’s lips while the photographers finger’s were primed like a soldier’s hand on a trigger.

“I will not be vague nor will I be politically correct. Gothic is a family, and family holds no secrets from one another. I am angry and disappointed. I am angry at what has become of our nation. I am angry that since Gothic had been abandoned as a no man’s land we were hardly ever given a look twice by the federal government, but instead cast out to the wolves with no support. In spite of what others may have thought, we survived. We are here and we have always fought back whenever the call to arms hollered for our names.”

Heads dropped from shoulders as eyes fell to the ground in remembrance of the fallen citizens who’s lives were wasted as bystanders in gang wars, territory feuds and even terrorist attacks. No one was safe from these acts of horror. In the forefront of the trenches was Dark Vengeance, and leading the prosecution and supplying defenses was the mayor. One in the same, but two different men.

“I am disappointed. Disappointed in myself that I should have done more. I should have not only petitioned supplies from the capital, but demanded. Disappointed that I could not convince nor sway funding for our own broken legal system and law enforcement. I have pumped as much revenue from Press Industries as I could to revive this city, only to watch that company near bankruptcy."

"I am disappointed that it took me until now to say this. I, Alexander Rook of Gothic City, will run for President of the United States and work towards the rebuilding of our city and see that it never happens again to any city or state on the soil of my nation. I say this to you with hope in my eyes, scars on my hands, and sweat on my collar. Never again!"