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The Start of the Story 0

For most Spider-Man fans, they are used to the decompressed story telling in some of the Spider-Man comics in the Ultimate Universe. The chance to get to know Miles was wonderful. He's such a wonderful character and the supporting cast is just as strong as the Parker cast. The two worlds collide in this issue when Miles goes to Peter's house in Queens as he's dying. He witnesses this and it makes him feel responsible for Peter's death, due to his failure to use his powers to help Peter. This is ...

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More of the same... 0

I love Fate and Lantern, so you would assume this would be a good story to pick up. Unfortunatly, it was just as unorganized as the series is known for now. The Good: Allan Scott being awesome. His new suit is horrible, but any appearance he makes, I celebrate. The Bad: Dr. Fate asking for help was something I wasn't used to. The fact that they go back for Lightning is pretty dumb. I don't think they have enough people on the team. The Verdict: I am done. I won't give this next arc a chance,...

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Themes. 0

Hickman seems to be working the same ideas in different books. He goes into what's beyond the surface of conflict and finds a deeper meaning. The discussion about their training being less focused on maneuvers and tactics, and being more in tune with ideology, makes this appear the same as S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I love, btw).   This books show a lot of promise, but I do wish it was either an ongoing, because Hickman can take his time telling a story.   3.5/5 ...

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Should we just replace Power Girls book with this... 1

Not complaining, but after reading Power Girl for the last few months, JSA All-Stars showcases her so much better than her own book. We open in Parador and see the aftermath of gods being summoned, jump to Turkey where Maxine is recovering and blows shit up (awesome, but it was like 2 pages, at this rate we might understand what happens in a year), then cut back to Power Girl kicking the shit out of Gods and so on and so forth. Stargirl and her crew come in and set it up for next month's fight. ...

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First Comic I Bought 1

Nostalgia aside, this was my first comic I really understood. It was in the middle of the Crossover, but I was so stoked to see some of these characters in action. After this series, I read X-Force (I was like 8, shutup) and got into x-books and spidey like all the time. I love being able to go back and look at some of these covers. Cannonball playing turncoat was my first sign that I would never like him, but I still read everything he is in.   So Basically, we see Jean looking over Chuck, bein...

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Factor Continues to be one of the Best Story Driven X-Books 0

We start off with M confronting Layla and seeing Layla react the way she always does ("whatevs, funny quip, later bitch") and M getting pissed and passing out. Rahne is shocked to find Star and Ric and Ric is shocked to find Rahne is preggers and hilarity ensues. All the while, Maddrox and Banshee are actually working and will be heading to Vegas to get Pip where hilariaty will ensue, i'm sure.    Emanuela Lupacchino has really come in and done a great job. She draws every female really well and...

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