Epic Win: DC #1

Favorite characters in DC's present time New Earth universe.

List items

  • Badass. Flat-out awesome. Connected to mythology. And dare I say hot? xD

  • Prior to Superman: New Krypton, Alura was reeaally obscure...now she's the head of state on New Krypton and one of the main characters in Superman: World of New Krypton.

  • One of the better Superman adversaries.

  • Zod is one of the best of Superman's adversaries, and lately his true alignment, good or evil, has not been shown very clearly, making him an intriguing character.

  • Anything I'd say at this point would be redundant.

  • I liked the original Kara Zor-El in the novelization of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Lately I've started to like the new Kara.

  • His costume needs an update AND THAT QUICK...but other than that, he's okay.

  • A lot more interesting a character than Hal Jordan, that's for sure.

  • If you have any objections to Lex being on the list, read Superman: Birthright.