Backup of Torchbearer's bio.  Expect fields to be filled out as I figure them out.

  • Code Name:  Torchbearer.
  • Real Name:  Matthew Drake.
  • Aliases:  Khonshu, Lunar Legend.
  • Nicknames:  Matt, Torchy.
  • Meaning of Names
    Matthew = gift of the Lord.
    Drake = dragon.
  • Base of Operations
  • Nationality:  American.
  • Nature:  Human with Precursor ancestry.
  • Religion:  Jewish (semi-practicing).
  • Date of Birth:  March 4, 1995.
  • Age:  16.
  • Height:  5'7" (1.70 m).
  • Weight:  150 lbs (68 kg).
  • Hair:  Black.
  • Eyes:  Hazel.
  • Unusual Features
  • Alignment:  Chaotic Good.
  • Affiliations:  HEAT.
  • Relatives:  Jason Drake (father).
  • Quotes
  • Random Facts:
  • Theme Song:
  • Spirit Companion:
  • Biography:  
  • Powers & Abilities:
    Aura Vision - Ability to see apparitions of the past provided they have some manner of connection to him or his ancestors (takes no conscious effort).  He also gains the ability to pick up on subtle mannerisms and telepathic clues (combined with knowledge he already possesses) and, through those, render people in various colors/patterns based on the way his subconscious interprets them (maintaining this kind of vision requires conscious effort).
    Telepathy - Ability to read the thoughts of others provided they're not shielded by mental blocks or personal inhibitions (for instance, if a person thinks of something they would never say out loud, this thought would be more difficult to access; however, this may not apply if the target is drunk or otherwise drugged).
    Enhanced Physical Attributes - Strength, durability, agility, speed and reflexes slightly greater than that of a peak human.
    Advanced Hydrokinesis - Ability to manipulate the movement of water with a thought, as well as heating it (though not freezing it any more than reverting it back to its original/default temperature).  Also, through conscious effort, he can increase the ambient amount of water within a certain radius with around 100% (effectively teleported from a randomly selected location, the environment will revert back to its default water levels as soon as Torchy lets go of the mental state required to accomplish this).
    As an extension of this power, contact with water can accomplish a variety of effects, including teleportation (requires complete submerging, and a body of water in the target location large enough to be submerged in) and regeneration of injuries (provided broken bones and alike are aligned correctly).
    He is also able to breath/survive underwater for extended periods of time.
    Energy Projection - Ability to generate and project an unspecified form of energy that can assume either illuminating or destructive properties, depending on the user's will.
  • Weaknesses:
  • Possessions:
  • Useful Notes:     
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Lady Mut

  • Code Name:  Lady Mut.
  • Real Name:  [Unknown.]
  • Aliases:  Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Creation, Lady of Heaven, World Mother, Mistress of the West, Hathor - Goddess of Love & Music, Sekhmet - Goddess of Destruction & Bloodshed, Satis - Goddess of Floods, Nekhbet - Goddess of Upper Egypt, Bast (the Elder), etc.
  • Nicknames:  [Unknown.]
    No Caption Provided
  • Meaning of Names
    Mut = Mother.
    Hathor = Horus's Enclosure.
    Sekhmet = The Powerful One.
    Satis = She Who Shoots Forth (like a river flood).
    Nekhbet = of Nekheb (a city).
  • Base of Operations:  Alarna, Xantro I; previously Heliopolis, Earth.
  • Nationality:  Empress of Xantro.
  • Nature:  Initiated Xantroan (Alien).
  • Religion:  [Unknown.]
  • Date of Birth:  approx. 10 000 BCE.
  • Age:  approx. 12 000.
  • Height:  5' 11" (180 cm).
  • Weight:  127 lbs (57.6 kg).
  • Hair:  Variable; commonly black, red-streaked or white.
    No Caption Provided
  • Eyes:  Red; glows gold when channeling Amun Ra's sight.
  • Unusual Features:  [Unknown.]
  • Alignment:  Chaotic Good.
  • Affiliations:  The Empire of Xantro. 
  • Relatives:  Atum Ra (father), Lady Iusas (mother), Shu (older brother), Tephnut (older sister), Amun Ra (husband), Setekh (brother-in-law), Osiris (brother-in-law)
    Sons:  Aton, Khonshu (adopted), etc.
    Daughters:  Mayet, Bastet, Anuket, Serqet, etc.
  • Quotes:  "No world is without sacrifices."
  • Random Facts:  The Hellenes (Greeks) identified Mut with Hera (queen of the gods) and Hathor with Aphrodite (goddess of love).
  • Theme Song:  [Unknown.]
  • Spirit Companion:  Not named, assumes the shapes of the vulture, the lionness, and, on rare occasions, a cow.
  • Biography
    History and legend remembers Mut as the Egyptian Goddess of motherhood, love, music, the sun, and warfare.  In truth, she was the youngest daughter of Atum Ra and Iusas, the first king and queen of Heliopolis (the Xantroan settlement on Earth) and succeeded her mother as queen after their death, with her husband Amun Ra ruling by her side.  An efficient warrior with a softer side, she has served both as an inspiration and a guiding light to the Pharaoh's troops into war.
     Behold, Sekhmet, the destroyer of civilizations!
     Behold, Sekhmet, the destroyer of civilizations!
    Due to machinations of their son, Aton, she was possessed by the disembodied spirit of Setekh, turning her into the bloodthirsty warrior Sekhmet.  In order to stop her rampage throughout the world, Amun Ra and Thoth devised a plan to stop her, by tricking the composite entity into drinking blood-colored alcohol, giving them the upper hand and allowing them to expel Setekh from Mut's body.  Mut was initially devastated by the horrific acts she had committed under Setekh's influence, but decided to not let those feelings get the better of her.  In the aftermath, both Setekh and Aton were imprisoned in Duat.
  • Powers & Abilities
    No Caption Provided

    Aside from typical Xantroan powers like regeneration and telepathy, the Lady of Flame possesses a lot of abilities related to sound or air currents.  She can enhance or deafen ambient sound, create sonic booms from nothing, as well as hypnotize through sonic signals, while at the same time manipulating the air around her to either control the flow of weather or to other effects.  She also possesses a limited ability to manipulate light, fire and water for various effects, though not to the same degree as Horus or Amun Ra.
    Mut's powers are focused by singing or otherwise utilizing various forms of music.
    Mut is also a very skilled warrior, experienced in hand-to-hand combat as well as with melee or hi-tech weapons.
  • Weaknesses:  Mut is vulnerable to certain forms of magic, and intoxication.
  • Possessions:
    Red and black, celestial-patterned armor with wings and a lion-themed helmet.
    She prefers to wield a bow with self-generating arrows of fire, but also carries a number of bladed weapons.
    Ring signifying complete Xantroan citizenship.
  • No Caption Provided
    Useful Notes:  While "Mut" is the most frequently used name in her bio, that is strictly for reader's convenience.  She doesn't particularly care for being referred to as "Mother" (which is what Mut means) by anyone other than her own children.
    The name of the city, Heliopolis, is another anachronism for reader's convenience. It was actually called Niwtneteru (city of the gods) when it was created.

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  • Real Name
  • Aliases
  • Nicknames
  • Meaning of Names
  • Base of Operations:
  • Nationality
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  • Religion:
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair
  • Eyes:  
  • Unusual Features
  • Alignment
  • Affiliations:
  • Relatives:
  • Quotes
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  • Theme Song:
  • Spirit Companion:
  • Biography:  
  • Powers & Abilities:
  • Weaknesses:
  • Possessions:
  • Useful Notes:
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Current powerset.

Just a quick summary of Wando's current powers, 

  • Enhanced agility.
  • Enhanced strength.
  • Enhanced speed and reflexes.
  • Tactile (touch-based) telekinesis, can be used to lift objects without breaking them, or break them by just touching them.
  • Danger sense.
  • Low level telepathy.
  • Regeneration (slow when awake, somewhat faster when asleep; can "regenerate-boost" when near death).
  • Extended lifespan.
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If you're going to move my character in a canon RPG...

...or in a fanfic or whatever, here are some guidelines. 

 If the post you writes takes place before Whatever it Takes (where Wando dies, sort of), DO:

  • have him speak. If the situation compels it.  After all, he's not mute yet.
  • use psionic powers (you could make up new powers for him on the spot, I didn't really have THAT clearly-defined powers for Wando back then), mostly ones connected to the elements of fire, water, air, earth and time..they're pretty much all short-range though, except for teleportation and telepathy.  No large scale moving buildings or anything, especially if they're on the other side of the planet.  >.>
  • have him be sarcastic, and make hilariously bad puns.  Tends to use big words, yet tries to not sound obnoxiously formal.  Do not, under any circumstance, have him use the word "fool" or ANY such cliche, unless he's obviously mocking the ones that do use them.
  • have him be followed by a linked animal spirit (or whatever) called Zaron.  She's a part of Wando's subconsciousness that has a physical form (that shapeshifts though), as either a falcon/peregrine or a snow leopard.  She speaks telepathically to Wando, but is quiet to everybody else (except if Wando's knocked out and the EXTREMELY severe situation requires it).  If Zaron happens to not be present in a post, it can be handwaved as "she's at the WAL headquarters or elsewhere as this is happening", or whatever.  Note that Zaron is no longer a visible entity after Whatever it Takes.
  • have his eyes glow during power usage.  This isn't a major requirement though, unless you're turning it into a plot point.
  • NOT have him kill.  When extreme measures to take down an enemy is required, seriously injuring them will be enough.  There are exceptions to the non-killing rule, but that's normally limited to reality-warper-level threats with no possible ways of otherwise being contained, rehabilitated or stopped.
  • NOT have him mention his background.  So far, he remembers it, but is keeping it secret.
Current Wando who has been killed and revived (in When Clones Attack; "evolved" in his own opinion), DO:
  • have him object to orders he's given that a good guy would normally object to.  Despite moderately respecting authorities, he's now confident enough to question other people's judgement(s) and may not follow a certain order if it's in conflict with his opinion(s).
  • have him avoid the subject of politics in any form.  Also if you have any other character tell him to "serve/stand up to your country", have Wando complain about the other character's close-mindedness :P.
  • have him point out random things or trivia that have very little to do with the situation.
  • have his eyes glow when using powers (blue-ish glow, mainly).  A marking around the eye, as well [link].  Or feel free to ignore this, seeing as how this doesn't have THAT much plot value for most of the time.
  • NOT have him speak, other than in telepathy.  Still sarcastic and snarky (expect a lot of Deadpan Snarking despite not being as cynical as he may appear), but makes less puns.  Note that his sarcasm/snark is more intended for comedic effect than to offend/insult people.  Still uses big words.  The more he knows a person, the less formal he'll be to said person.
  • NOT have him reference Xantro, his origins or anything.  Depending on when the post takes place, he's either amnesiac about all that, or keeps it secret.
  • NOT have him use more pyrokinesis at the same time as water or ice manipulation...using those two at the same time wouldn't be unlike dividing with zero.
  • NOT have him destroy things with telekinesis DIRECTLY.  It can work in theory, but it hurts him somewhat so he's most likely gonna avoid it if possible.  Destroying things indirectly (like controlling a metal stick or whatever, and then smash something up with it) works fine though, without ill effects.
  • NOT have him telekinetically control several things simultaneously, UNLESS 1) they're all connected and are being telekinetically moved in the same pattern or 2) Wando's moving randomly chosen objects REEAAL quick and letting go of them immediately afterwards.  The general rules of his telekinesis are 1) use it only at one thing (or a group of things) at the same time, and 2) don't destroy stuff directly with the telekinetic force.  Since Wando's flight is an effect of his telekinesis, he can't be in mid-flight and simultaneously move an object on the other side of the street.  On the other hand, if he's holding on to something/someone while flying, it/they will automatically be subject to his telekinetic power.  Wonder if anything of that made sense? >.>
  • NOT make him receive an easily predictable attack as if he had no idea what's happening.  His danger sense predicts a lot of things...but unpredictable or very random attacks could catch him off-guard, and are more likely to have any effect.  On the other hand if he's faced with a predictable attack but don't have a logical way of avoiding it is another thing.
I think that's all...I might edit this later.

Powers update.

As some of you know, I'm in process of rewriting my bio.  Since I'm doing that, I thought I should revamp my powerset a bit (not too much though, most is still there, although I got rid of light manipulation), and since that is already finished I figured I might put them up already.  Also, you may tell me what you think but you don't have to xD.

New Powers/Weaknesses


The Wanderer's powers are linked to the planet Earth itself, or whichever planet he's at.  Planetary energy is what he draws his power from, if he was to be outside any solar system (or just too far away from any astronomical object) his powers would cease after about two hours.  His powers are also sentient (for a lack of better word for it) to some degree, although most of the time, they cooperate with Wanderer's will.
  • Psychic Senses:  Ability to read minds and transmit psychic messages, and at times influence the thoughts of others.  In theory, Wanderer can reach out to any unshielded mind in the world.  He has fairly recently learned how to combine this sense with his sight, allowing him to see psionic forces that would otherwise be invisible (hollows, chakra, auras, etc etc).  Another psychic ability is to instinctively sense if he is any kind of potential danger (basically, he subconsciously taps into a vision of the potential near future. If the space he occupies in the present is occupied by something else in the near future, this sense alerts him in an in-direct way), and whenever that ability is activated, Wanderer's reaction time is slightly enhanced.
  • Psionic Field:  A variant of ordinary telekinesis with a quite limited range.  At a time, Izaac can with ease lift/move/other a single object, provided that it doesn't crumble under its own weight or doesn't have an overwhelmingly large mass.  More things than one can be controlled within the telekinetic field, but it normally has to be a group of objects.  For instance, Wanderer would not be able to fly by this power and independently control other things.  On the other hand, if he were to use telekinesis on himself, then his strength would be increased, since everything he would lift would just extend the telekinetic field (and be included in it as well).
  • Instant Transportation:  Normally, this is just seen as ability to teleport or travel through time and space itself.  At other times, he is able to open portals so others can pass through to the same destination.  Having been at the destination before, or having at least seen a photo (or alike) of it, helps a lot when using this ability.
  • Omnilinguism:  Ability to instinctively understand virtually all languages, needing very little exposure to it.  Also, he can also "speak" (by telepathy, since he is mute) whichever language he has learned, quite fluently (although he may have a heavy accent).
  • Extended Lifespan:  Thanks to his alien heritage and some of the powers given to him, The Wanderer's aging process will stop at 18, and from that point he can live for an unknown number of milennia without aging, unless killed or depowered.
    If he would gain an injury or otherwise, that would cause death for any human, Izaac will go into a comatose state that is very similar to death for anyone on the outside.  Actually, his systems would work on the minimum required to function for some time (could be anything between a day and a year).  But after some time, he will have unconsciously gathered up enough energy to completely regenerate and wake up, although he might change in several ways when that happens.
  • Immunity:  The Wanderer can adapt to various environments (such as airless space, underwater, etc) and survive without ill effects for about two hours.  He is also immune by default to the effects of whichever power he uses at a given moment.  For instance, if attacked by fire whenever he's using Pyrokinesis himself, he won't be harmed by it.  Same usually goes for his clothes or things/people nearby, they're rarely affected by his power usage either.
  • Pyrokinesis:  Ability to psionically generate and manipulate fire, upper limit (in temperature) has yet to be reached.  Though, this does not function in airless environments, places with high levels of moisture, or in temperatures below -40°C/F.  Fire usage has also a corrupting influence on Wanderer's mind, this has lead to him trying to use this ability to a minimum.  Pyrokinesis cancels out his command of water.
    Water Manipulation:  The Wanderer has also the polar opposite of fire control, the ability to psionically command water and cold.  Through this, he can generate more water if needed, animate constructs of it, freeze, and animate ice to an extent as well.  Usage of this ability has no negative effects on his mind, but will negate his control of fire.


  • Fighting Ability:  Izaac never really acquired any fighting skill before he received his powers.  Since then he has been trained in close-range combat with WAL, but still that's not his preferred way of fighting.  Lately he has figured out that reading a person's immediate thoughts as he/she is fighting and/or making complicated movements, it is easier to duplicate the move, assuming it's physically possible for him to do that.  When his natural agility and strength aren't enough to support his acquired fighting skill, he complements it with telekinesis/flight.
  • Intellect/Learning:  Wanderer is unusually smart for his age, and his telepathy along with omnilinguism helps him to even faster process or obtain new knowledge.  This is based on the assumption that he is motivated to learn.  If something isn't interesting enough, chances are he won't give it any thought, or put any effort into learning about it.


  • Mute:  Wanderer cannot communicate by normal, vocal means; requiring him to have an interpreter if he was to speak to a crowd of people, on TV, or otherwise.  But if he was to speak directly to one or few people, he will use telepathy to accomplish that.  As long as he wears his newly obtained Indigo Lantern Ring, it will render him able to speak freely, although it goes away whenever he takes it off or when it's deactivated.
  • Knowledge/Sense Limit:  He has to know or see whatever he controls with his powers.  If something is outside his line of sight, chances are he won't be able to manipulate it.
  • Psionic Feedback:  When using either telepathy or telekinesis, the Wanderer is quite sensitive to certain kinds of 'disruption', i.e. like if a person dies as Izaac reads his/her mind, or if something within his telekinetic field is destroyed (which also means that he can't destroy anything by direct telekinetic force, without being hurt himself).  This also makes him sensitive to reading insane (or alike) minds.
  • Lack of Durability:  Except for when he's inside his telekinetic field, Izaac is about as durable (or vulnerable) as any human of his build and age.
  • Toxins:  Certain types of toxins, drugs, poisonous radiation (and otherwise) not only affects him the way it would to any human, but it also supresses his powers.  Even a small amount of, let's say alcohol, would render him powerless until the effects wear off.
  • Brain & Heart Damage:  His brain and heart are the two things required for him to regenerate from an otherwise lethal injury, but if either of the two are too damaged to function, he won't be able to regenerate.
  • Sight and Hearing:  ...Are two of his senses that can be overloaded (by, for instance, bright lights, loud noises, certain sound frequencies), and render him unable to think clearly enough to use a power.
  • Detailed Thinking:  To accomplish an effect with any of his powers, the Wanderer has to think very clearly and picture EXACTLY what he wants to happen, in a very detailed and almost poetic manner.  If he was to be distracted or interrupted, his powers could be useless.
  • Earth Connection:  Since his powers are somewhat sentient, and connected to Earth, it is much harder to use/aim them to affect things in eco systems (such as plants, animals, etc).  If he was to override that difficulty, it would take considerably more effort to accomplish the effect he wants, and he might receive painful feedback from it if the eco-system would be hurt for something he did.  Also, if a large part of Earth's nature would be ruined or otherwise destroyed (like, if a rain forest was burned to the ground), the Wanderer would feel it happening as if a part of himself died.

Old Powers/Weaknesses

(Used for reference to RPGs that are still in process.)


These powers are the basic ones Wanderer has.
  • Telepathy: Ability to read thoughts and communicate using only his mind. He can, in theory, reach out to any individual in the World. Telepathic sight is another aspect of this power, it allows Wanderer to see telepathic auras, like, minds, psychic shields, psionic energy, magic, the force, chakra (although chakra points aren't visible) and alike.
  • Telekinesis: Ability to manipulate and levitate matter with his mind. This works through imagining he himself is the object he manipulates.
  • Teleportation: Ability to move through time and space without occupying the space in-between. Knowing where he is going to helps a lot.
  • Elemental Magic: Manipulation of different types of elements; this power does not always work, depending on Wanderer's mood/emotional state. When angered or deeply upset, he gains the power to control fire and heat (this may get to his head and cloud his judgement). When relaxed or carefree, he gets the ability to manipulate water and cold/ice. When feeling philosophic or thoughtful, he gets the ability to manipulate light to the extent of forming it into solid constructs (similar to constructs greated by Green Lantern rings) or powerful energy blasts. A light construct (for instance a forcefield) that is 1 centimeter thick can withstand a gunshot. Typical uses of Light: Shields, blades, and daggers that explodes after being thrown away. Also, there is a "dagger sphere" attack, where light daggers emerge from his fist and dissipate the second later, hence only affecting things in immediate proximity.
  • Self-Sustenance: While being in space or underwater, Wanderer can survive without ill effects for about two hours. Any longer than that, and he will lose his resistance to those elements.
  • Protection Aura: Wanderer has a subconscious aura to protect him from the effects of his own powers. For instance, if he would teleport into a solid object, the other object will break (though Wanderer might get stuck anyways), or when he manipulates fire the aura makes him immune to fire and extreme heat (though the aura generally just protects him from himself, if he's not using his fire powers he's vulnerable to fire; however if he's manipulating fire and is attacked from elsewhere with fire, then the attack will simply not have any effect). When using elemental magic, this aura goes down on a cellular level. The effect of the aura over skin cells aren't only immunity, but also a certain light effect that gives Wanderer's skin an ice-like tone.
  • Immortality & Regeneration: Wanderer cannot die by "natural causes" like diseases or old age. He would stay young forever. Wanderer can, if killed by an unnatural cause, regenerate completely. Though this will only take place after a long time (like a month), and he may get amnesia from it as well. A regeneration can change Wanderer's appearance and/or personality drastically, the new appearance and/or state being a new so-called "generation". Wanderer can regenerate an unknown number of times before dying permanently, but he's not eager to find out where the limit is. If Wanderer is to be injured somehow within the 16 first hours after a regeneration, the injury will heal completely within seconds.
  • Omnilinguism: Ability to understand any type of language or code upon reading or hearing it.
  • Danger Sense: Ability to sense potential dangers around him. While this sense is active, Wanderer's reactions and reflexes are somewhat faster than otherwise.


  • Fighting ability: Izaac never really acquired any fighting skill before he received his powers. Since then he has been trained in close-range combat with WAL, but still that's not his preferred way of fighting. Lately he has figured out that reading a person's immediate thoughts as he/she is fighting and/or making complicated movements, it is easier to duplicate the move, assuming it's physically possible for him to do that. When his own agility isn't enough to support his acquired fighting skill he completes it with telekinesis/flight.
  • Intelligence/Learning: Wanderer is unusually smart for his age, and his telepathy along with omnilinguism helps him to even faster process or obtain new knowledge. This is based on the assumption that he is motivated to learn. If something isn't interesting enough, chances are he won't think about it at all, or put any effort into learning about it.


  • Muteness: Wanderer can in no way to communicate vocally. This requires him to use his Telepathy to a great extent.
  • Knowledge Limit: Most of Wanderer's powers can't be used if he does not know how it works or what to use them for. For instance, he can't control an object telekinetically if he can't see it or interpret it any way with his powers.
  • Physical Injury: Wanderer's physical resistance is not higher than that of an average human, and he also heals wounds as slowly.
  • Telepathic Feedback: Wanderer can be very sensitive to telepathic feedback from people around him if his telepathic ability is used for too long. It can, for instance, be extremely dangerous for him to be close to a person dying by an unnatural cause, as this would give Wanderer the person's feelings and emotions as he/she dies. If he has not used his telepathy for more than a about half an hour, this doesn't have the same impact.
  • Toxic Radiation: Radiation like X-rays or radioactive radiation can render Wanderer's powers useless. Meaning, if Wanderer were to die from radiation poisoning, he would die permanently.
  • Neuron Disruption: If Wanderer gets a brain injury that disrupts his neurons, he won't be able to use his powers, hence, this can be deadly for him.
  • Heart or Brain Injury: If Wanderer's heart and/or brain were to be too damaged to function (or separated from each other), he would die permanently, since the regeneration process requires both to function.
  • Sight & Hearing: If those senses are overloaded (for instance, too bright lights or too loud environment), Wanderer's powers may not work like they should.

Yeah, like I said, tell me what you think if you want to ^^'


Well, I'm rewriting my bio somewhat (not because I think it's bad, but because I want it to be even better; and don't worry, it won't mess up any RPGs or continuity)...and I already got a pretty clear idea of what I want in it. But I figured I should ask anyway...what do you people think are good and bad things with my current bio? What do you think I should keep and what should I change/get rid off? Anything specifically I could do better than it is? Thanks in advance.


Not likely...

...since spandex isn't a requirement for looking (or being) bad@ss, so why bother. I can imagine it would get uncomfortable too -.- ...Proof that you don't need spandex to look cool ahead:

Jack Knight
Jack Knight
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha
Jace Beleren
Jace Beleren
Ulquiorra Schiffer
Ulquiorra Schiffer

Rukia Kuchiki
Rukia Kuchiki

The Doctor
The Doctor

Toshiro Hitsugaya
Toshiro Hitsugaya

Hope I got my point across now. xP
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