The Spider crawls on the big apple

"Yeah so, I'm Nathan Tatum. Why should you care though right? Just some fifteen year old kid in the world filled with heroes. I go to school, I make really bad passes at girls and everyone in Manhattan is either a criminal or some sort of costume. Now, what about when I put my mask on?"

New York City

Like a ball from a slingshot, Spider-Boy whizzed through the air after yet another tug on a web he shot. It was all just second nature now, everything was something he could leap off of, swing from and crawl on. It had been all of a few months since his spider friends went their separate ways. Nobody, his role model, the person he looked up to turned his back on this harsh life. Talon, his leader could have sunk back into government darkness for all Nathan knew.

It wasn't time to dwell on the past though, Gothic's latest status update is what caught the young man's eye on the big screen. "Jeez, you'd think that bat guy would be doing something about that..Anyone..." SB stuck to the nearest wall, taking a sort of sitting position. True the young spider could very well go to Gothic and try to make a difference, but then what of Manhattan? He couldn't just let this place become the next Gothic. "Wow I have totally been spacing out recently..." He shook his head and leaped off wall, landing right in front of the hotdog stand he visited every off day in costume.

"SB! Good to see your web head around! What'll it be today? On the house as usual of course." The stand man grinned at the sight of Spider-Boy, the boy himself clicking his tongue and pointing at him. "Think I'll just go with the usual Francis, and-!" That tingle, the pinch on the back of his neck every time there was danger nearby. "Better make it to go.."

The danger this time was in the form of a few military dressed men equipped with repulsion boots and gloves speeding overhead. From one of their satchels went flying a gold brick much larger than the cliche variant, falling right for Francis's unsuspecting head. With one arm, the spider snatched the gold bar out of the air just before hitting it's mark and grabbed the hotdog at the same time. "I tipped even though you said not toooo!" SB laughed out loud and fired a web from his wrist, snagging onto one of the goon's boots and getting tugged into the air.

The hero landed right on the man's back, grabbing hold having be much shorter than the adult. "MmmMmm! Hotdogs for lunch! You gotta try some of this dude, it's the best in town." After SB took a bite and rolled down his mask, he took the food and smeared it across the man's now enraged face. After an easily dodged elbow, SB just tsked. "No? How's about you try the gold rush SPECIAL than!?" He shouted and took the very same gold bar that dropped and smashed it over the man's head, knocking him out cold. Instead of letting him dying, the boy of course spun a quick web net for the man to fall into, making sure the texture was gooey enough to trap him as well.

"Two more!" Spider-Boy swung through the air, trying his best to keep up. Luckily though a news chopper came flying onto the chase scene, SB not wasting any time sticking to the side and waving at the camera. "Hey Kurt! Look, no hands! Whoa...Yeah ok no hands." He laughed and stood on the side just by his feet, looking at the thief he was now gaining on. "Gotta go, try not to get my bad side." SB leaped off of the chopper and went flying under the man slightly, firing a web from his shooter right on the man's chest to weigh him down.

"You can hold gold but not this tiny frame? Am I getting fat? I really hope not cause this suit is REALLY hard to get inside as it is, lemme tell ya!" He tugged on the web he dangled from to make the man jolt down suddenly, right through an old Stark election billboard. "Aww that goes perfect with the goatee." Spider-boy landed in front of the man, cracking his knuckles. The man was quick on his booted feet, jolting forwards with a knife to try and cut the boy's throat open. But SB saw it from a mile away, turning to his left, then down, right, spin right, left and then finally just flipped over the guy while slapping him in the face.

"Look out!" SB shouted and fired a web right past the rocketeer's shoulder, making him arrogantly chuckle. "Common for you to miss? Ya little shit.." He brandished his knife, taking a step forward just as the spider tilted his head. "Tell that to your pal here...." Though he couldn't see it, Spider-Boy was grinning just as the third rocket man, which he webbed came crashing right into the back of his partner, knocking both of them out.

"Well I'd love to stay but you guys earned your free trip in the cop van fair and square, guess I'll just catch you guys later...No wait, scratch that..Don't make me catch you guys later." SB sprayed them with enough webbing to encase the both of them from the neck down, giving a nod to the new chopper and swinging out of sight.

Nathan's pad Nathan's parents house.

"Four PM four PM four PM!" Spider-Boy came swinging through his open bedroom window already dressed in his street clothes, slipping off his shooters and placing them in their locked case under the bed. Homework, questions "borrowed" a week before release so he could have them done just in time for his dad to check it out when he arrived home from school.

"Have you gotten some sort of flying boots or something that I need to know about son? I didn't even hear you step through the front door, again." Nathan's father peered into the bedroom to see him putting his signature in the top right corner, turning around in his chair to hand it to him for inspection. Nathan laughed at the statement nervously "What? Pfft! Come on pop if I had boots like that I would be out all the time...Err..Doing NOT dangerous stuff.." A boy who can dodge bullets or not, a father checking out homework was terrifying. "...Glad to see you are paying attention in class, your mom is making those scalloped potatoes you rave over." His father chuckled and closed the door, Nathan reclining in his chair and finally breathed.


Run (Short story)


"It's HERE! Oh god it's here!" Tommy ran through the boarding school's halls, narrowly avoiding his classmates and teachers who yelled at him. The package finally arrived in the mail, he would speed there right now of it wasn't for the tight. Tommy Mather, the orphan who's late parents left him the means to stay at Manchester for his youth. But, like any depressed child who was born with an amazing mutation..He didn't want what he had in front of him.

Tom finally kicked open his dorm room door, slamming it shut instantly. Turning around, he finally saw the package that was custom made by a friend over in the states. He would have passed out already from the excitement if he wasn't already throwing off the lid and pulling out what was inside...A costume...

Platt fields park..

There he was, a sixteen year old boy dressed in a yellow and red costume, really hoping nobody saw him. This was it, he promise himself that he wasn't going to speed until he at least got a decent disguise, and now it clung to his skin. Nervously, he crouched down in a starting position after sliding his father's pilot goggled over his eyes, taking a deep breath in. There was a moment of silence before Tom finally ran, not normally however...

MACH 1 in a single second, he was gone, long gone. Tom was speeding throughout all of Manchester, like electricity through circuitry. Finally, that buzzing aura surrounded the laughing boy, a protective force, he felt right at home. Tom even got so lost in the moment, he ran too close to a mailbox, forcing it right out of the ground and flying across the street. "SORRY!" He shouted while wincing, though of course the civilians would not even hear the apology let alone get over the fact that a red and yellow blur just flashed by on the street.

Faster, faster, faster. Too fast, Tom could feel the pavement under his feet crack as he stepped on it. He was going to reach over MACH 10 soon, Tom had to get some more free range. Perfect timing though, he was in Liverpool now after all.

Speeding through the city, Tom reached damaging speeds just as he arrived on the docks, accidentally ripping them apart upon leaping off of them. "CRAP!" The speedster looked back to see that one fisherman had been sent into the air, of course all looking like slow motion to Tom. As soon as he touched the water, the boy quickly did a U-turn on the water and caught the man just in time, dropping him off at the nearest docked boast before blurring off towards the ocean lining.

It was time to take a vacation from school, and Tom was going to start by running all the way to America, where all the fun was happening.


Venture #3

Manhattan, Thaddeus's safe house...

Thaddeus sat in the large seat placed at his data center inside of his bedroom, a glass of water being sipped while his eyes were busy reading every bit of information that Solver scrounged up on LeBeau. Everything from receipts to every available image of him when he isn't at the museum. His determined eyes were slowly pulled away from the data when he caught a glimpse of a photo framed on his desk, one of Thaddeus in his Venture kid costume, posing with Ellie and Quintus, both costumed as well. In his mind he couldn't help but recall the moment when his aunt bestowed advice he valued everyday since.

"Don't buy into your own hype, Thaddeus.The moment that you start underestimating opponents is the moment that they get the upper hand." She sighed, taking a seat on the stairs, propping her forearms on her thighs as she slouched forward a little, a strand of red hair falling across her face. "You are a child. That sucks to hear and it's gonna sting, but when we get down to it, it's the simple truth. That doesn't make your potential less, nor does it make you less important, but it does make you less experienced. Your uncle loves you, just as much as we all do. That doesn't mean it's right for us to put you up on a shelf in an attempt to protect you. Knowledge and skill will be your best tools in this world. But it does mean that we're careful with you and that's not going to change..."

Knowledge really was the only way he was going to defeat the inhuman that was LeBeau, and luckily he had it. The comm from the computer started going off, the timid voice of Solver on the other side. "V-Venture? I managed to finally pin the location of the "special cargo" you were looking for.." As he explained, a map with a target came up on Thaddeus's screen, he examined it while getting up from the chair and walked on over to his wardrobe, using an eye scanner to open up the wall that kept all of his gear. "I sure do hope you're correct Solver..I really don't want to take another pinkie.." He said calmly referring to the one he removed from Solver's left hand after he tried to shoot him in the face.

"I-I-I...Checked the results several times, this is indeed where they are keeping some of the last batches of that U-man serum...Venture are you planning on actually USING this stuff on yourself?" Solver asked, you could hear the fear of what Thaddeus would become if he did such a thing. But the Knightfall only scoffed while slipping on his chest armor along with his pants. "I would never become more than a human...It's a rare thing these days to see someone who isn't some juiced up psychopath..My greatest weapon is being natural.." Thaddeus smiled while gently grabbing the red helmet from it's mantle, designed by his uncle, recreated and improved to his own liking by himself, he always was fond of this design.

"You see Solver, the serum is just that, a serum...But imagine what it would be like when modified to be a poison, I only expect interesting effects when I stick a syringe of the modified serum in that lowlife's neck." Thaddeus grinned just as he slid the loose fitting helmet over his head, only taking a second before it compressed, letting out a puff of steam, now a snug fit.

"Lets go serum hunting..."


Venture #2


"My family is...Powerful, in the most literal way. Genetic enhancements and perfection to the point of being beyond a human, I don't have such a luxury, nor do I want one...No I always did like my guns though..."

A cartel den was about to get a nasty surprise, business as usual processing their customer's next fix. Three men were already killed silently, the rest? Not so much. Near the top of the five story building where the drugs were normally packaged, the door would go flying off it's hinges, Thaddeus kneeling on it as it slid across the room.

Gang bangers were never ones to have quick reflexes, dropping their pounds of cocaine to reach for their pieces stuffed in their pants, or the AK-47 resting right next to their pipe. Half of them were killed within seconds of Venture pulling out his two custom pistols, the rest were finally armed by the time the door finished sliding.

Five men, both pistols now emptied, he would have to get up close. Pulling out a small metal cylinder, Venture rolled over the nearest table before tossing the cylinder into one of the men's barrel, sweeping his arm to create a cloud of cocaine just as the shooting started. The plugged barrel exploded, not killing the man but maiming both of his hands severely, causing him to fall in agony. A clumsy hold on the gun was what allowed Venture to swipe the gun out of the gangster's hands as soon as he was back on his feet from rolling over the table, quickly grabbing him by his loose fitted T-shirt and became a meat shield for Venture. The shield's screaming stopped after only a few rounds dug deep into his chest cavity, it's only use now being a giant distraction as the Knightfall threw the body across the room at the third banger.

Venture was looking at the ceiling in a split second as a bullet scraped the top of his red helmet, he didn't even look down yet before he pulled the magazine out of the AK-47, spinning into a crouch while pitching the ammo carrying mass right in the face of the man that shot him. Now with some rage from letting that shot get him, Venture grabbed the drug covered table and picked it up, it was easily used as a battering ram for the final gangster.

Now for the finish, one wounded, one dead and two stunned, he almost forgot. Venture didn't even bother looking when he pulled out a throwing star, tossing it backwards firmly into the skull of a punk trying to sneak up on a Knightfall. The banger who had the magazine tossed at his face was already on one knee, holding his face and applying weight on said knee for support, the tabled thug had most of Venture's foot weight pressed against his head, forcing it to be off to the side. In a fluid motion, Venture dashed towards the kneeling goon and kicked his knee cap in, a loud crunch was accompanied by a loud scream while the vigilante picked him up over his head and brought him down on the wooden table that laid atop the other thug. "Take the rest of the night off.." He said coldly to the man with a broken knee cap, now laying on top of his friend who's neck was snapped by the force of his body coming down on the table.

Solver, one of the criminal worlds fleeting experts in hacking, was in a locked room, in the corner shakily holding a pistol from all the commotion just in the next room. His glass covered eyes stared at the door, afraid if he looked away for a second he would have a bullet in his head. Little did he know, Venture was standing right behind him. "Hard man to find Solver..." The vengeful Knight spoke in almost a hush, making Solver turn around and pulled the trigger right at Venture's helmet covered face, only for him to push the gun only a few inches away from his head in a flash, the bullet digging into the wall behind him.

"You're going to work for me now...Understand?"


Venture Back

"I was Venture Kid...Once upon a time. Most fourteen year old kids liked comics, me? I was a Knightfall, I could kill a man with a toothpick while reciting phrases from the art of war. Uncle Quintus was more like a father to me after I lost my parents, he was the one responsible for my gifts...My talents...And today was the day I discovered he died."

Venture weaved past the clumsy punches almost like it was a routine, the man he was facing might as well already be dead. This was his first night back in Manhattan, and it hasn't changed a bit, same scum everywhere. The scum that just had his nose broken along with his arm in two places by Thaddeus thought it might be a good idea to mug him with a broken bottle during his first patrol since he was fourteen.

Now on his knees, screaming in new found pain, Thaddeus Knightfall glared down at the filth and picked up the broken bottle. "You couldn't even afford a knife, really?" He asked almost in pity before grabbing the man's throat, making him open his mouth in some sort of panicked attempt to breath. Thaddeus rewarded this by crushing the bottle in his gloved hand and shoved the pieces in the man's mouth, grabbing his jaw and slamming it shut before lightly kicking him over.

"This is what I do, I put on a mask and do what I was raised to do...Not politics...Not club outings and clothes that boast swagger. I hear all these things about my uncle Quintus after he sent me away to train...I don't care if he did some wrong things, what I care about was the man I felt was my father, the one that told me to punish filth. I'm Venture, and I might be the last Knightfall who wears a mask..."

After ten more criminals murdered, Thaddeus had the rage out of his system, and was ready to gaze upon it once more. The Knightfall museum, at least that what it once was, brought a small smirk to the Knightfall's face, trying his best to ignore what garbage lives inside it now. Even from a mile away though a pair of binoculars it was a fine construct filled with nostalgia, Thaddeus needed that greatly to fight off negativity for what was ahead.

"Find aunt Ellie...Andres...Continue to prepare, plan, watch and wait...Kill LeBeau...I wont rest until he rests in the ground..."


Venture, prince of the ocean. #1 (Prequel to upcoming RP)

Newfoundland, Canada.

The local fishermen shared a laugh to an old barmaid joke as they walked down the wooden dock. The day was still young, morning dew trickling off the green grass, a fog floating about in the air. As the town slept, the seasoned fishermen enjoyed the first casting of the day. "So, anybody else catch the mornin'' news before we headed out?" A few gave a nod. "I bet your going to bring up that whole crime rate in Grimm city right? I mean who even cares Jim? That hellhole isn't eve close here!" The fisherman chuckled as he picked up his mug of coffee. "That's what they all say! Trust me, if that place gets to cramped, that crime will get everywhere..Mark my words Tom" Jim said while pointing a finger at his friend.

After some more casual chat, one of the fisherman's lines gave a strong tug. "Hey hey! Check it out, first one of the day!" He cheered as he attempted to reel it in. "Tough sonnovab!tch I will give it that!" He yelled as his friends grabbed onto his shoulders, noticing his chair was starting to slide from the pulling force. "Jim! Let go of the line dammit! Your going to get pulled under!" Todd grunted as he held onto his old friend tighter. "Like hell I will! This out to be a twenty pounder!" Jim argued, but even he was growing a bit concerned at the force of the pull. With shaky hands and wide eyes he finally released the fishing rod and stumbled to the floor.

"Oh god! Oh god what was that thing! I saw it!" Jim started pancaking while shuffling away from the end of the deck. "What was it Jim! Your freaking everyone out, just tell us already!". But before Jim could answer Tod's question, a large muscly grey hand came up from the water and grabbed onto the dock. At the end of that massive hand was a ten foot tall man-shark beast. Climbing out of the water he held the man's fishing line in his left hand, with a razor filled grin he loomed over the two horrified human's.

"Heh...I think you dropped this..."

Iunctus imperium pelagi.

Fremaul quickly swam through the city center, his small shrimp frame made easy work of avoiding bumping into anybody swimming in the other direction. It was only his second day as the prince's new informant and he was running ten minutes late. Finally he made it to the sprawling royal palace that overlooked the empire. Fremaul's size made the airlock door seem even more massive then normal. After ten seconds the chamber was drained of sea water and the door opened to the palace foyer. While panting, he skittered his six legs across the pear floors as he sped towards the throne room doors. Fremaul almost went into a fit of fear as he got closer and closer to the two massive shark-men that guarded the throne room door. "Let me in let me in let me in!!!" He yelled with his scratchy small frightful voice as he reached the massive oak doors. "Relax shrimp..He is in a decent brooding mood today.." One of the guards said with their brass low voice.

The doors swung open thanks to the guards, Fremaul wasted no time speeding across the room and closer to the prince himself. Venture sat in the gold and pearl throne, his elbows placed resting upon his knees and his two index fingers pushed together, a look of intense concentration on his face. The royal's eyebrow raised quizzically as his new informant sprinted towards him in a panic. "Fremaul is here! Fremaul is sorry for being late your highness" Fremaul hung his head as he spoke in third person as he usually does. The prince grinned and chuckled at his royal informant's frantic nature. "Do not worry yourself Fremaul, I was preoccupied with my thoughts anyway, no harm done" Venture smiled and sat back in the throne, ready to listen to what Fremaul had to say. After catching his tiny breath, Fremaul started his tale. "There is word from out outposts in the north, they have finally found him...They found Hedrick your highness...It seems he has started a massacre in search of someone on a Canadian island..." Fremaul once again allowed his eyesight to cower away from the prince. Venture himself was rather surprised, he averted his eyes, not because of cowardice. It was because he was looking to the right of the throne that was covered in shadow, where the general of the armies resided, a low growl could be heard from his large body.

"Fremaul..I require a moment with my associate..You have done well" The prince nodded with a smirk as Fremaul was overtaken with joy. Without another word, his informant skittered out of the throne room. The royal's smirk faded, a grim one took it's place almost immediately. "Pontrug..I can only imagine how you feel right n-" The prince was interrupted by the war scar ridden man-shark as he removed himself from the shadows. "How!? How could you possibly know how I feel!? You know what this now means yes!?" The seasoned general yelled as he slammed his fist against the stone wall cracking it. Venture gazed at his oldest friend with great sympathy. "Trug..I know he is your brother...But you need to come to terms with him going rouge! After he took that formula you knw he changed! He has now made it clear he does not want to fight for the greater good, but to help our enemies.." The prince placed his hand on his friend's massive shoulder. "I will go up to the surface and take care of him..".

Pontrug shook his head and growled again. "No..He is my brother, and I need to do this..". Venture chuckled softly and patted his shoulder before returning his hand to his side, "My friend, this is not up for debate, you know I can't risk you being emotionally compromised and get yourself killed. Your my best general..And friend". Pontrug didn't speak after that, he just closed his pure black beady eyes and nodded. "I will return soon, that I assure you..". The prince rises from his throne and walked up behind it. Upon pulling a hidden lever the floor opened up from under him. Venture slid down through a metal tube, at the end was a pressure lock that opened when he got close enough. He felt his body submerge in the waters of the sea and he felt more powerful already. The tunnel leaded straight out under the palace. Without a moment to lose, he blasted off at supersonic speeds. After ten seconds, he broke the sound barrier and was gone in the blink of an eye.

Newfoundland, Canada.

Hendrick's eyes reflected the flames that ate away at the small fishing town, his razor sharp grin never escaping his face for a second. Taking his focus off the chaos he looked down under his foot, where one of the locals was getting crushed by it. "I shall only ask once more...Where is Hammond?". The human gasped in fear over and over again from the sit of the man-shark looming over him. "Ugh, useless..Just like the others I killed here.." Hendrick sighed as he raised his foot to prepare crushing the puny human. However this interrupted as Venture rocketed out of the water at maximum speed and tacked Hendrick head on. The two crashed through five houses finally ended up making a crater on a rocky hillside. Venture had Hendrick by the throat, his other hand ina fist and ready to pummel the criminal of the empire. "You going to pay for killing these humans Hendrick! You know they wouldn't fight back!" Venture despised nothing more then killing someone that was not worthy or couldn't even contend, it was disgusting in his eyes. Henrick chuckled at the prince's subtle rage. "Of course I knew they were helpless! Nothing like a little fast food as the humans call it! And where is my dearest brother? Could he not stomach up the courage to face me!?" Hendrick yelled right in Venture's face as he swatted his hand holding his large neck away and body checked Venture though another house. The submariner was quick to roll back onto his feet and dust off the splinters. "He was aching to finish you, but I didn't want him to see what you will look like wen I am finished with you!" He yelled as he charged at Hendrick head on.

Hendrick laughed sinisterly and charged at him head on as well. Venture quickly slide between the brute's legs and ended up facing his back. With his 40 ton strength he delivered a series of 40 ton punches to his spine. Hendrick grunted and growled as he made a fist and swung it in a circle to try and hit Venture. The prince performed back flip to avoid the massive blow and went for a hay maker to the man-shark's jaw. Hendrick chuckled as he grabbed Venture's fist in the middle of his palm and picked him up with ease. After holding him up high, Hendrick slammed him to the ground with all of his might. The prince groaned in pain as with even his thick skin, that attack did a number on him. "And you are supposed to be the heir to your father? HA!" Hendrick laughed as he reached to pickup Venture by his head. Venture got himself together at the last moment and grabbed Hendrick by the arm, and throwing both him and Hendrick into the ocean.

Now that Venture was in his element, he was stronger then Hendrick fifty fold, grabbing him by the neck with ease. Next he started to swim supersonic again around the island, with Hendrick still in hand. As soon as he built up enough speed he launched himself and Hendrick out of the water. The duo flew high upwards, Venture aiming his foes back at the lighthouse they were speeding towards. Like a bullet, the two crashed into the glass top of the lighthouse, Hendrick landing right into the bulb of the active spotlight. With just coming out of the water, he was delivered a constant voltage and was trapped in the bulb, getting shocked. Finally after Venture watched with a wrathful glare for a few moments, he pulled the plug to the bulb. Hendrick's body was limp against the wrecked bulb and metal casing. Venture wasn't going to take any chances though, not this time.

The prince walked up to the body and aimed his fist to straight into his heart. But just as he pulled his arm back for the strike, Hendrick's body sprung to life quickly and wrapped his jaws around Venture's upper body with a blood thirsty roar. Like any other shark, he started to sway his head left and right in an attempt to rip his enemy in half. This savage attack was cut short however, since Venture just got out of the water himself, his skin was at maximum durability. The razor sharp set of teeth only made it through four layers of his tough skin. This allowed Venture to use his forearms as a way to push Hendrick's jaw wide open and escape.

The wounded Hendrick laughed and coughed up blood. "This isn't over Venture...Not by a long shot.." He said with the last of his strength. Hendrick then lunged himself out the other side of the lighthouse window. "NO!" Venture yelled as he ran over and looked down to see Hendrick pulling out some sort of silver disk. As his large thumb pressed against it, he was gone in a red flash of light. Venture slumped to the ground and took heavy breathes, wounded pretty badly from the battle. "Where could he have possibly got that teleporting device from? Whoever it was...I am going to find out..."