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Nathan Tatum, the Spider-Boy

Nathan Tatum
Nathan Tatum
  • Name: Nathan Tatum
  • Age: 15
  • Species: Mutant
  • Nationality/Ethnicity: African American
  • Mutation: Spider genetic traits
  • Occupation: Student/Super hero.
  • Identity: Secret

Along came a spider

Nathan Tatum was born with a mutation that granted him the traits and abilities of a spider, this of course did not inhabit itself in his genetics until he was ten years old. The thought of using the powers for the greater good didn't become apparent until his idol came along. The costumed Nobody. Who seemed to have spider-like powers and more than Nate. The fascination was obvious, for this was the only person he could ever relate to. Yet he never met Nobody, only following his amazing feats on television news reports and the papers.

This alone has caused Nate to start honing his abilities, now wanting to possibly do great heroic things someday too. There are of course a few obstacles in his way still.


The Spider mutation.

Nate's entire being has been augmented with spider like abilities.

Superhuman/Spider biology:

Nate's entire body us enhanced beyond that of any humans. He is stronger, faster and more durable than most. Has around ten ton strength when pushed hard enough, able to stand up to par with many metas even though he is only fourteen. Nate's body can take a wrecking ball striking him full swing, or even a locomotive, though he is not bullet proof. Endurance is phenomenal, able to perform physical tasks for hours that would normally endanger a person's life. His body heals at an amazing rate, wounds that are otherwise fatal can heal up in hours.

Superhuman senses:

Nate's senses are extraordinary. Able to hear sounds blocks away and see the tiniest details.

"Tingle sense"/Enhanced reflexes:

Is what Nate chooses to call his most useful power. A sort of tickle or a tingle that warns him of any danger that is coming his way. This gives him ample time to react to most attacks coming his way. However, this tingle does not warn him what the danger is exactly, meaning he could prepare to be blocking an artillery strike or a slap on the face.

Naturally with this though, Nate has become rather good at utilizing the sense. To the point where he can literally dodge gunfire at point-blank range. making him a very underestimated foe.

Wall crawling:

Nate's hands and feet can stick to any solid surface imaginable. He of course has control of when this occurs.

Stun touch:

Nate can plant a small pocket of paralytic electricity in someone's body by a simple touch.