Alternate Accouts

 This is just a list of all of my other characters (They will go by usage [Clasification system: gender/allignment/power ranking) (Links will be up later)  
 Vague (female, neutral, streetleveler) 
Eleemos (female, good, streetleveler)
King Cobalt (male, evil, super-powerhouse)
Malice Wonderland (female, evil, semi-powerhouse) 
Vague (female, neutral, semi-powerhouse)
Eleemos (female, hero, semi-powerhouse)
Ms. Thang (female, hero, semi-streatleveler) 
Giapeto (male, evil, semi-powerhouse) 
Agent Paper (female, hero, streetleveler) 
Umbrae (male, neutral, semi-streetleveler) 
TrainerSlight (male, hero, streetleveler) 
SlightPrime (male, hero, powerhouse) 
AbiYoYo (male, neutral, streetleveler) 

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