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Welcome to Oasis

      Welcome to your new home planet.
      Welcome to your new home planet.


Much like Earth, Oasis is consistent of three spheres, an atmosphere, a hydrosphere, and a geosphere. The Atmosphere is almost exactly like Earths in that it is mostly nitrogen, but has a surplus of oxygen compared to the latter elements. The Hydrosphere consists of mostly a freshwater, brackish, and saline level. The Geosphere has a larger iron core which generates a larger magnetic feild than Earth, which allows the atmosphere to be protected better. Oasis's sun is ten times larger than Earths, but by proximity the amount of daylight, and intensity of heat is the same. (Day= 30 hours. Years 400 days.) Each season is also like Earths, but because of it's alien nature spring does not cause allergies, and winter there is always snow... By association, there are plentiful fresh water lakes strewn about the planet, about 5 percent fresh water, with is 4 percent more than Earth...It is thus far inhabited by flora life, and microbial vessels. Due to research it has been discovered that much of the life there is harmless to the immune systems of humanity, and that life can adapt very easily to the condition. 
By precentage, there is about 60% land/ 40% water. But because there are more lakes located on the Earthplanes coastal living is very optional. Natural irrigation has occured over many years. Because the days are longer, Solar Energy will be the primary source of energy on this planet keeping the air clean. Dams will be built near coastal areas because as it is seen now, there is a very wealthy river system througouth the planet, and the water cycle reaches all over the planet which makes for a lush and plentiful planet where everything can grow.  On the poles Wind Turbine feilds will be built to power much of the world as well 


A very new and very mysteriously run organization; it is unclear if they are just a foundation or a corporation. But it is known that they are funded immensely enough to be able to complete a feat of global reassignment. No one knows for sure who runs the organization. It is so nebulous that no one can say for sure if the project is one given time would reveal malevolent or benevolent intent for it's participants.  In the mean time, they are equipping each signed up participant with a map, and areas where habitation are easiest. They operate on a first come first serve basis, those who are already signed up, will get prime living space, and those who have yet will dwindle down into mountainous living.   
Once the participants who have been given the name Oasians, instead of Earthlings, are there, PARADISE will begin the process of harvesting by teleportation much of the flora and fauna by comparison to Oasis population as needed. What is left will be tended to by whoever is left on Earth. All are welcome, and all are accepted.  
So will you come. Will you join in on creating the new Frontier...Will you leave the tragedies of the past behind and go forward into the future?