My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

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The United States of Sojourn

"I hate all this white...Can we please add some color in here...please...for Gods sake...I can barely see any of you." ... "Quit being dramatic." "You know I can't help it" Two of the same voices begin a chatter that births a din of others to chime in with their concerns and complaints. "I mean...Why are we all here anyway. Can't we just party like usual?" SLAM!

"No. You all are party crashers...None of you were invited...NONE of you can stay. I was here first goddamn it...and that's the way its going to be. All of you are fakes. Impressions of some idea that I saw on tv as a kid. None of you are real."

Five bodies sat around an oblong white table, in a white room, staring each other down in begrudging silence. Although clad in different wardrobes, they all resembled each other, aside from slight differences in features. The tension within this confined place was palpable, a vibrating uneasiness.

"What the hell gives you the right to do this to us...We have just as much right to be here as you do." The one with a sharp business suit addressed the casually clad aggressor. "While you went on your little vacation, we all filled in for your presence in this timeline, in each of our timelines. You should be thanking us. We did you the favor, not the other way around." Again, the voices from the others grew in agreement, adding in their two cent arguments. "I mean for goodness sakes, I was almost president of the United States...I'd say, if any one of us were to belong to this body its me...Not the tortured soul wiccan, not the ninja, and definitely not you. I had the body for what, a year max, and managed to do what I did...You had it for the longest and have no accomplishments that come close..."

The room fell silent once more, for only a few seconds. "You know...YOU KNOW that's not true. I did what I could...I was a hero. I didn't need followers to praise me, I did good because its what you're supposed to do. None of you seem to get that. None of you used this body for good, you're all selfish...And you're all leaving."

The most recent incarnation spoke. "And what if we refuse? I mean, like he said...Not one of us deserves this body more than any other. And just because you were here longer doesn't give you automatic dibs. And as I recall, it was your choice to step away and allow this."

SIGH.. It was true. The things they were saying were all true. This meeting of the minds, or whatever you'd call it technically was called by Avery. He was the original, who incidentally had a condition known as Multiple personality disorder. Now, it should come as no surprise that, a person with such a condition would lead a complicated life. Adding the facts that this person also was a conduit of supernatural abilities, taking forms in all different ways. That power, originally known as the Oracle Force had literally created pocket realities for Avery, and the Atticus'. Each one having a complete history with memories and emotions and problems of their own.

But now, Avery wanted to come back...And to stay there forever. It wasn't too much to ask, he thought. But was it a fair thing to ask? Could he control the force that had created these copies, and demand his old life back. Maybe. "Listen. Despite what you think of me...Despite what you think of yourselves. This is my body, you all stole it, and now I've come to collect. I've got my reasons, and they'll stay that way. So, any last words?"

The most recent Atticus spoke up..."I still hate the white"...A shrill shrieking tone echoed through the walls, bouncing and pounding. Avery covered his ears and closed his eyes, hoping that when he opened them, there would be the life he left so long ago before him...Ready to be lived again..


They used to call me Slight. I can't even remember why I chose that name...It's stupid I know. But now, things have changed. Lives have been lived, and I've probably been forgotten. My legacy remains a work in progress. There are things I've learned in the absence of my true self, things that I know. This sojourn was worth it...and I can't think of a better name.