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Political Vibe: Pettiness at it's best.

Majority Leader of the Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnel has spoken out. "We will not raise the debt sealing, unless democrats are willing to talk about Medicare." Sounds innocent enough right? Well context, as in most things are important here. Although, not verbatim, that line is an accurate assumption of what the Rep.Majority Leader said today and on Meet the Press, and Friday. If you read my last Political Vibe article then you know about the completely unlikely win by Cathy Hochul of New Yorks 26'th district (Note: I may have written 24th district in the last PV article examining her win), and why I and so many others think she was able to win. Medicare. As I thought, this would become a very important piece of the talking points on both sides of the political equation. For Republicans who are attempting to downplay the impact and gravity of the Hochul win, the newest (or should I say not so new, since both sides have used this argumentative explanation before) is that they just were not selling the Ryan budget plan well enough so that people understood what it really meant for them, and for their family members. For Democrats, however, a dual edged sword has presented itself. This "sword" is capable of doing many things. If wielded like a master then it will be able galvanize the party, even more-so than it already is; if wielded like a sloppy drunk, it'll kill so many careers that we'll see a flood of newly elected Representatives and Senators in 2012. The two lines that Dems need to tackle amongst themselves is: What are we actually going to do about Medicare, because in all actuality, something has to be done about it. The second is: Should we even bring discuss anything with Republicans while Medicare is on the table. The answer is... They must make clear what exactly they are going to do. Yes, it is that simple, and yet it's probably the hardest thing to do in a world that always has an opposing voice capable of screaming louder than yours. What they must do, is, without sounding like they want to dismantle the system, talk about the things that they have already done under Obamacare which has actually extended the life of Medicare for another 10-12 years. They must explain in lamens terms (because God knows, people hate hearing a bunch of Poli-talk) that they want to break the hold pharmasutical companies have in playing with prescriptions. Things like that will immediately effect the desired base (Seniors, and soon to be retirees). But how do you do that without it seeming like your willing to capitulate with Republicans who love to play hard and dirty. First, you play hard and dirty as well. You can never go into a fight wearing a white suit and come out unscathed. It's just not possible. I think, because, Democrats have been known as the spineless ones in office, that it would be an amazing and base riling spectacle. I for one would love to see my elected officials taking on Republicans who want to play. 
Mitch McConnel, wants Medicare to be on the table, he want it to be there because if they vote on it once again, even after every Republican in the House voted for the Ryan budget, and all but five Rep.Senators voted for the bill, Majority Leader McConnel knows how it will look. He, and John Bohner will be able to point fingers and say "See they voted for this too, now we are all on the same sinking ship" Gamesmanship like that, or lack there of is classic kings play in the business of politics. If you look bad, make the other person look just as bad or worse. But another conundrum lies in the pits awaiting to viper strike at a moments notice. If Democrats play dirty, although a lot of other Democrats would love to see it, to those who don't pay much attention to politics, it will look like everyone is on the same level, when really, they are, but also are not. Yes, it is a jumbled diagnosis, to play with fire with your body covered in gasoline, and not get burned. But it can be done. Here is how. With the public already on the side of the Democrats, all they have to do is use that "safe" fire, and turn it against the Republicans. They can say "There is a simple difference between what the Republicans are trying to do, and what Democrats will do and have already done" Now I don't have all of the facts, because I was a little lazy today, and I'm not a politician or anything, but soundbites like that stick like glue to constituents everywhere. Painting a clear picture between the night and day differences each party is offering. 
If the US defaults on it's debt, then yes it will be a huge problem, but it will not be the end of the world. Right, we all know that countries live on debt. Meaning, every country in the world is indebted to another, multiple others. The US is no different. And yes, it the national debt is extravagantly over the top, but lets not forget; if China calls in our debt, the simple solution would to once pull all American owned business out of China. The co dependance between these two countries is like any other. They depend on one another to survive. China loans us money for our debt, the US in turn gives them more business than any other country in the world. So you see, it is not as dreadfully dire as you may have previously thought. And you know what, if the US is forced to pay, the we'll pay. Then the debt will be gone, American jobs will return to America, cooperate loopholes would cease to exist because most of them are attached to off shore business deals, and unemployment would drop so low and fast that Republicans would cease to be needed. It's all good !