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That time I was gone for a while...

Don't shield your eyes...This story is true...Sort of...Embellished for the likes of you all. But whatever. I just thought it would be nice to let out once and for all...Catharsis. Maybe you'll learn something I didn't, and not make these mistakes...Whatever....

The bite of autumn was in the air, and still the late summer sun fought for it's last days of length. Work was work, and I was glad to be off for a few days. It was my first day off in a few weeks, trying to finish paying for a side project that I've still yet to get off the ground. That's beside the point. As usual, I checked my social media accounts, and browsed mindlessly, double tapping the thots who loved to tease with photos of their asses. I coincidentally realized that if I liked them, it also sorta kinda made me a thot too. But I was not a thot supreme...I could say that.

A guilty pleasure of mine...or any gay guy is grindr. Yes, don't give that look...It's fun when you're bored. Like I said, I'm not a thot supreme. I don't hook up with random strangers...Mostly because they can't handle the fact that I've been in the public eye for years. My account was a blank profile. I would just look, window shop, see who was in the area. If I was lucky, I would catch someone I knew and it would be a hilarious moment for me to treasure for the time being. I went back to the gram, and continued to browse. People knew who I was there, it was meant to be public. I still however didn't have many followers...Whatevs...There were a few people that I'd gotten to actually love pop up on my timeline.

One in particular, who shall remain nameless for the sake that I still kinda love...Anyway. We would always like each others pictures, we'd comments winky, kissy, and smiley emoticons. It was all in good fun, but in all seriousness, this person held a special place in my life. A little ray of sunshine, in a place where there were a lot of cloudy days. Double tap, winky, kissy, smiley face...It was routine, and I liked it. I like this person. Even with my life as a super hero, working at the veterans hospital...Saving lives...His life seemed like that of a rock star...All of the perks and none of the down sides...Like people threatening your loved ones, seeing death first hand, being forced to kill...Those things that I had experienced, were seemed to wait at the door of this persons life.

It wasn't until I got home that I noticed the dm. I was half expecting some weirdo, sending me nudes and professing their undying lust. But it was this person...And it made me happier than I'd been in a very long time. The message was simple..."We always like each others pics, so I figured I'd just introduce myself." From there a dialog started, and we even exchanged numbers so we could chat by text and call...For a week, I felt like nothing could harm me. I was impervious to the bs. I woke up to a good morning text, this person went to bed with a good night text. It was sweet. And yet, the entire time in the back of my mind, I knew a truth. A devastating truth. But still, I needed this in my life. My coworkers even noticed the change in my demeanor. They'd make little comments about me dancing to music that wasn't playing or something like that.

It was three months of bliss, and we finally made plans to meet. I lived in Virginia and this person in New York City. I imagined they'd seen me before, coincidentally from the previous years of turmoil the city had suffered, but that was different. This was personal...I thought...I knew...I think...I was in love. I wanted to touch this person, and I wanted to protect this person, I wanted this person to never ever leave my side. There was so much we had in common...Literally everything was perfect...But as they say, nothing good can stay.

I requested a full two weeks off of work. Everyone was happy to see me go do something for myself. But something was happening. For the last few days, I'd only spoken to this person four times. Completely out of our normal, all day string of texts and conversations. I felt the oddness, and questioned this person...OKAY..Okay, you've probably figured out by now, it was a guy..Duh..but you'll see why I've been calling him this person.

The day before I was set to leave, I was optimistic. Surely my arrival would spark the fire again. But I called him seven times. Of course giving time to not be a creep. I texted...I Checked everything people that dated usually checked. And nothing...He just disappeared. I couldn't go. I couldn't debase myself like that, going to look for someone who doesn't want to be found.

Seething inside, I calmly walked in to work the next day and everyone gave me the stare...The look that said "trouble in paradise" But there was no trouble, because there was no paradise...There was not even an ocean for an island to float in. For two weeks, I beat myself up, assured that I'd come on too strong...And then, my self pity turned into anger, and anger turned into worry. What if something had happened. What if someone had held a grudge for all these years and found out about him and done something. And then, there he was, on Instagram, plain as day, smiling, but not as I'd ever seen him.

Before I go any further...There is something you all should know...Something I knew, but neglected to let myself make good decisions about my own well being. The June that I found him on ig, he posted a picture, holding up a needle with the caption "the transformation starts today" I knew what it meant, and I was happy for him..her. But when we started talking, he was a he...and now she was wearing a wig, and make up, and high heals and a dress. Don't get me wrong, I've seen him do all of those things before, but now it was real. My heart...But what could I say...He...She wouldn't respond. So I just left one last message. "I know it was a short time for us...And I can't say that I loved you because I don't really know...But it sure as hell felt like it. I wanted the best for us...I'm not mad anymore, I hope that everything you do is everything you need...Do good things in this life" I deleted the contact information.

Two months later, I sat down at a bar and ordered a double Jamieson. It was a long night...Scrolling through pictures, staring at her...She was gorgeous. She was happy. But I wasn't, and I decided that it wasn't fair..I hated how much control I'd let this person have. She dictated my life, and didn't even know it...So, got her number from the initial ig dm, and sent a final final text. "Don't you know what you meant to me...I could have loved you like God" Flair for the dramatics, drunk texting, one in the same. I passed out when I got home.

The next morning, I saw a message from an unknown number. A response. I almost cried with confusion, because I couldn't remember what I'd said. She said she would call me in a few hours. And she did...She explained that the entire time we were long distancing, she had a boyfriend. But they'd now broken up because she decided to once again start hormone therapy. I couldn't only listen. There wasn't much I could say but, I'm here for you...I'd love to be your friend. I guess she understood that my feelings for her changed when she did. But besides that, I was still hurt. But I finally had gotten an answer. She also thanked me for not going all Dark Oracle on her and flooding NYC...It was a funny joke...and it made me feel that specialness again. She was listening to me this whole time..She knew my problems, she knew my flaws.

Its been a good stretch now. Things are back to normal. We like each others pics, winky, kissy, smiley emoticons. I check grindr... I'm still single af, and and she's had a string of mini relationships...I guess none at all are just as good as lots of failed ones...I still save lives, but part of me wonders what could have happened...


The United States of Sojourn

"I hate all this white...Can we please add some color in here...please...for Gods sake...I can barely see any of you." ... "Quit being dramatic." "You know I can't help it" Two of the same voices begin a chatter that births a din of others to chime in with their concerns and complaints. "I mean...Why are we all here anyway. Can't we just party like usual?" SLAM!

"No. You all are party crashers...None of you were invited...NONE of you can stay. I was here first goddamn it...and that's the way its going to be. All of you are fakes. Impressions of some idea that I saw on tv as a kid. None of you are real."

Five bodies sat around an oblong white table, in a white room, staring each other down in begrudging silence. Although clad in different wardrobes, they all resembled each other, aside from slight differences in features. The tension within this confined place was palpable, a vibrating uneasiness.

"What the hell gives you the right to do this to us...We have just as much right to be here as you do." The one with a sharp business suit addressed the casually clad aggressor. "While you went on your little vacation, we all filled in for your presence in this timeline, in each of our timelines. You should be thanking us. We did you the favor, not the other way around." Again, the voices from the others grew in agreement, adding in their two cent arguments. "I mean for goodness sakes, I was almost president of the United States...I'd say, if any one of us were to belong to this body its me...Not the tortured soul wiccan, not the ninja, and definitely not you. I had the body for what, a year max, and managed to do what I did...You had it for the longest and have no accomplishments that come close..."

The room fell silent once more, for only a few seconds. "You know...YOU KNOW that's not true. I did what I could...I was a hero. I didn't need followers to praise me, I did good because its what you're supposed to do. None of you seem to get that. None of you used this body for good, you're all selfish...And you're all leaving."

The most recent incarnation spoke. "And what if we refuse? I mean, like he said...Not one of us deserves this body more than any other. And just because you were here longer doesn't give you automatic dibs. And as I recall, it was your choice to step away and allow this."

SIGH.. It was true. The things they were saying were all true. This meeting of the minds, or whatever you'd call it technically was called by Avery. He was the original, who incidentally had a condition known as Multiple personality disorder. Now, it should come as no surprise that, a person with such a condition would lead a complicated life. Adding the facts that this person also was a conduit of supernatural abilities, taking forms in all different ways. That power, originally known as the Oracle Force had literally created pocket realities for Avery, and the Atticus'. Each one having a complete history with memories and emotions and problems of their own.

But now, Avery wanted to come back...And to stay there forever. It wasn't too much to ask, he thought. But was it a fair thing to ask? Could he control the force that had created these copies, and demand his old life back. Maybe. "Listen. Despite what you think of me...Despite what you think of yourselves. This is my body, you all stole it, and now I've come to collect. I've got my reasons, and they'll stay that way. So, any last words?"

The most recent Atticus spoke up..."I still hate the white"...A shrill shrieking tone echoed through the walls, bouncing and pounding. Avery covered his ears and closed his eyes, hoping that when he opened them, there would be the life he left so long ago before him...Ready to be lived again..


They used to call me Slight. I can't even remember why I chose that name...It's stupid I know. But now, things have changed. Lives have been lived, and I've probably been forgotten. My legacy remains a work in progress. There are things I've learned in the absence of my true self, things that I know. This sojourn was worth it...and I can't think of a better name.


The Headstone Congregaton

Outskirts of VV Base

There was silence, all but the sound of crashing waves could be heard. I spend most of my time here in solitude, surrounded by my trinkets and books. I don't mind none of my "team members" don't come here. I appreciate it more than they could ever know. I just feel like they wouldn't understand me. That is, they actually don't at all. They've never tried, and I've not even thought to give an explanation of my existence here to them. None of that would be worth my time.

I chose a place on this forsaken island hell hole for one reason. The prisoners long since dead, were buried here. Nothing but small, incomplete and uncared for headstones are placed on each grave, about fifteen so far as I can tell. I thought, that coming here, claiming this spot as my own haven, there would be a solace offered up. But instead I got silence. The graves are outside, on a bluff overlooking the southeastern part of the island. You can only see more ocean from its coordinates. Sometimes, I think I should just jump into the water, although, further thought would submit that I would crash land onto the sharp and pointy cloister of rocks nestled at the bottom.

Since aligning myself with the band of fools, I can't help but to realize that I'm as alone at any other point in my life. I sought out purpose, and I got sitting in my room reading and talking to myself. And then it hit me, or more-so I was so stir-crazy that I was insane enough to do it. Every sorcerer, magic using, witch, whatever you call yourself, knows to leave the dead well enough alone. But I couldn't talk to those blathering pains, I was here just because...Literally, I'd be homeless if it weren't for this room to rest at night, but other than that I haven't a care for any one of them at all, and I would dare to guess their feelings were mutual. Contact was kept to a very minimum, its actually been a few weeks since I actually saw some of them....Anywho. There is a spell that I know. Basically, it raises the dead for a few hours. It's origins were from Zimbabwe, where shamans used it to learn information of their enemies after they'd been defeated in battle. Useful...

I planned however to do it to just talk. And so I took to the task. As always, magic of this caliber required blood, my own, which I didn't particularly relish in, but necessity is the mother of all inventions I suppose. I let down my blood into a small bowl engraved with symbols etched into the outermost layer of clay. I spoke the incantation, winding magic into the syllables, leaving the impression of my spirit and intentions to the forces of the Ether. Feeling their very souls pulled out of the endless ocean of despair that was after existence was bracing. I didn't like it. A price to pay for what I needed. And that was a captive audience. Someone to listen, and not speak.

---- I conjured up a cows tongue, and pierced it with a cinnamon stick, and bound it, assuring none of the bodies would dare utter a sound.

Soon enough, I was sitting there, and they were sitting there. Decrepit and ugly, I began to speak, and they just sat there. I smiled, because I could say anything, do anything to them without response. They were just bone and dirt now, so any threat they presented was balderdash. "You guys...I'm just so lonely. These people are so stupid. I should really leave...No you're right, I don't like sleeping in parks. What do I do?" "Yeah, I don't know either."

This has been going on for a month now. Any time I have an issue, those skeletons just sit there and stare at me. I must be insane.


The Challenges of a Bound Heart

It's like I've fallen from the clouds into a pit of fire. Only I can still see heaven, where I know I belong. What is this cruelty upon my soul, why do I suffer in a loop neverending. My journeys have taught me that taking my own life would be futile, I'd just be one of those lost souls waiting for passage between the light and dark. I tried to do good, really tried. But here I am, surrounded by my own version of hell...Where I want to inflict pain and suffering.

NO I'M NOT CRAZY. At least, not in the traditional, padded room, straight jacket way. Who knows, maybe I am. I can't tell anymore. My actions are not my own, even though I can feel myself carrying on, thinking "No, stop" and still doing so. I listen, so quietly, and intently, and I can not hear my heart beating within my own chest. I can't feel the blood pulsing through my veins, warming me all over, and no heart beat. I'm a fictional thing, something not real, not whole. An idea, is who I am. The Ether, plays me like an instrument, pressing my buttons, blowing inside of me, vile wind, and seeing just how high pitched I can scream.

I don't like it, and I don't it. But, I am bound, by the darkness that bore me, and my forefathers. My ancestral blood, is a stain on this life, and all lives. I wan't to do good. I can't help but do evil things.

For the first time; as I swat my hands at living creatures only to assimilate them into this rotting pestilence that I command, I smile. It is because I wished harm, and harm was done. Black fingers, wrap around my heart and squeeze real tight. The goodness that was left there squishes and oozes out, splatting against my insides. I spit it out, and that is all that was left of what I had. The last drop of compassion, spittle on the sidewalk.

A new day dawn, and with the sunlight creeping along the horizon, I am born anew. Something bad, wrong, and malign. The only problem I see now, is how will I become more powerful, and how I will destroy those who stand in my way.

I used to think that I had a choice...But now, I see that, all along, there was no such thing. I'm a vile creature, the stuff of nightmares. I'm angry without reason, and my mind will twist your words against me. A puppet of the Ether, and I must remember my royal blood. I deserve this power. Screams sooth me...To watch death amuses me...I like it.

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A place for me. Searching for a mentor

I'm sad. There's weight on me. Not physically, but emotionally, I'm so sad. Every time I open my eyes, waking up, I know that my heart aches more so than the seconds before. I want to end my life, just to stop the hurt, but I continue on. Sometimes, when I'm alone in the park, in the cold and among the stars that I sleep under, I cry for no reason other than just being sad. I can't let my mind wander to anything else but this depression. Is this depression? Am I depressed? I do wonder those things.

What I can say is that after three days, I'm finally not angry anymore. I had plenty to be angry about, but nothing to go into such a rage as I had been. It was that monsters fault, not doubt they're all still there fighting among themselves. Throwing blows of power, trying to figure out who the strongest of them all are. I was there, I was called there rather. I latched on to his enmity, I fed off it. It bathed me in red waves of carnage and I wanted to kill and maim and destroy everything. But that's not me...

Okay, I'll say it. I have absolutely no idea of who I am personally. I know my name, I know my heritage, and I know my history. That's all a guy should need to figure such a question out, but I can't. My mind creates collages of others when I try to piece together my own self worth. I'm unworthy. I'm weak. I ran from that fight because I thought, I knew that I was going to die. But what kind of life do I live, what kind of life do I have now that I sit in grass and leaves, sulking and ruminating on how much I hate myself. I do hate myself. I have feelings I can't place names too, I have thoughts that I'm ashamed of. What is wrong with me...WHO AM I. I need help.

But who out there would help me...I have no place to all my own, I have no friends, and I have no family. I'm alone, and scared. I'm scared, and I'm sad. I try to think beyond my cloud of sorrow and misery, try to call out and ask for help. People have thrown dollars and coins at me, but I don't need money, I need...help. I guess they thought that was helping, I can't fault them for that. For not knowing exactly what I needed, I can't allow myself to place blame on them, when I know it's my fault...Can I? I'm confused, and I don't know what to do.

These heroes of the world, they have it all figured out. Is that me. Could that be me, I want to help people. But I'm afraid I might be consumed by those wrathful pings again. I don't want to hurt anyone but my parents, wherever they are...I want to help. But I don't even know how to use my powers for good, all they've ever done was destroy. They bring darkness, and pain. Am I some sort of villain, do I inherently have a lust and need to harm? These questions swirl in my stream of thoughts, and I can't decide. Should I just be done with it, and kill myself? No..Yes...Ugggghhhh, Its so damn hard to stay focused. I'm cold.

I'm crazy, I know it. But I have lucid thoughts. I do really want to help, and I do really want to hurt my parents. What does that make me? Who does that make me. Can I do both and still be a hero, or a semblance of something that isn't only a nuisance? I need help. I need help. I need help.

I need a place to learn how not to be consumed by negativity. I guess I'm vulnerable to others emotions though. So it has to be the right kind of help. Where do I go to find that? Who will help me? Who will help me?


PoliticalBase: The Debates of Wednesday

I had to work last night so I couldn't watch the entirety of the debates, but what I did see was quite uninspiring from a liberal-progressive-democrats stand point. Obviously, I was expecting very loud and harsh quips aimed at the president, but what I really wasn't expecting was all of the fire under Rick Perry's arse. He was gunned for so much last night I sort of felt sorry in an apathetic/not really sort of way for him. In the discussions taking place after the debates I think some very important questions were answered, some which were given correct answers and some that I don't think were so spot on. 

  • Who was the big winner last night? Some people said Rick Perry, some said Mitt Romney. I happen to think it was neither of them. I think that debate was flat with the exceptions of a few high points of interest. I think everyone with the exception of Michelle Bachman was really on their A-Game. No one backed down from any questions no one gave really wild answers, again with the exceptions of Everyone there...but again that's coming from my standpoint as a LPD...I'm sure if I was a conservative republican, I would have enjoyed it...But even, I think Conservative Republicans were a little disheartened by that debate, simply because social issues were not discussed, probably on purpose because if was MSNBC who was moderating, but that's another thing. None of them had the opportunity to bash gay marriage, talk about taking your rights as a woman, or any other hot button issues that they say they don't want to talk about. 
  • Who was the big looser last night? MICHELLE BACHMAN. Truthfully, up until Rick Perry jumped into this race, she was the one that everyone looked at as the possible persone to defeat Mitt Romney if she played her cards right, but what happened last night proved what I'd been saying for a long time. Conservatives resist change...You may not like it but it's true, and last night proved it. And here's my reason for saying it. Michelle Bachman was probably one of the most right wing minds up there last night, and for the most part, she was ignored, and when she answered questions, her answers were just plain fodder to fill time and space. The debate showed one thing, the Republican party is not ready to elect a woman President. Sad but true...Like I said, up until Rick Perry entered the running, she was the one to watch out for, and now that he's in, she's been thrown to the wayside. The part has said to her in a gist "You were just here as a seat filler" she was never going to get that seat anyway, and she was never going to be anything more than a seat filler because she is a woman...And not that being a woman in Republican politics is bad, even if it is sort of an oxy moronic status, she could never get the nomination because the party resists change in huge leaps and bounds. I think that's why she's the big looser to begin with, but I knew she was never going to be able to be tough enough, or matter of factly MAN enough to take what is seen as a Mans, Mans, Mans World...While it wouldn't be nuthin' without a woman or a girl, it's still a mans world in Republican politics, and in Democratic politics as well...
  • Why didn't anyone swtich up a question and take it down a more Social conservatives path? There are two answers for me. One: Everyone there was worrying about Rick Perry's performance...And Two: They didn't get any chances...MODERATION WAS TIGHT!------ It was Rick Perry's first debate, and because he is now the front runner, all candidates, and participants and all party members were watching him like a hawk, waiting for him to succeed. That's right...They wanted him to succeed, because the DON"T Want Mitt Romney, and the never really wanted Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman. For the most part he did that, with a few slip ups when it came to HPV vaccination, which I suspect will be getting A LOT more scrutiny in the coming days. Also, the moderators, even thought they ran over their time limit, were really swift in timing their answers, and going on to the next person when it was time to do so. Doing that, with a rigid set of questions allowed them to control the debate just as much as what any of the candidates were saying...Newt Gingrich who was the best debater/ aside from Ron Paul, both of whom are usually great at debates in general, tried to do this and it just didn't happen for them both...Maybe because Newt is as hypocritical as anyone on that stage or because Ron Paul is so swift with his remarks no one dared challenge him on such things.
All in all, the debates were usual and expected. I do think that Mitt Romney managed to regain some ground, but we'll see what polls will say about it. And like I said... Michelle Bachman was the big looser, simply because she has a vaggy. 

Computer Problems. : (

Um, If things work out nicely, I won't be gone for long... 
But expect me to be gone for a bit, not sure how long though 
If I'm in a battle with you, I'm sorry, that I didn't post sooner and if I'm in a story with you..>Then will get back as soon as possible 
<3 to most...


Political Vibe: Regulating Morality.

The main differences between what a conservative and a liberal believe come down to two very broad topics; economics and social policy. These umbrella terms house many other issues that are woven into the tapestry of the current two party system. But what I am here to talk about is, government and morality. My question is should the government be able to regulate morality?  
As a liberal, my first instinct is to say no. No the government should not have the power to tell me what is morally right and wrong beyond common sense, meaning, obviously, stealing, murder, rape, are all horrible crimes to commit against anyone. That same instinct telling me to say no, is also one that makes me believe that humans are instinctively good natured, meaning we know what is right and wrong naturally; that when faced with a moral dilemma, we as a cultured people will choose the good, or at the very least the least evil option. But then, I think to myself, governing, government, people in general, are complex things. They can not be painted black or white, because life is a journey of decisions that often have different weights to them. So, to say government should not have the power to regulate morality, my answer is no.  
It is my belief that murder is wrong, it is my belief that raping someone is wrong, it is my belief that stealing what is not yours is wrong. And they are by most accounts. I get to thinking, if you kill someone based purely on accident, or in real self defense is that a wrong thing to do. If you unknowingly have sex with someone who is underage, is that really wrong when the partner did not divulge that information, and you had absolutely no way of knowing, is that statutory rape. If you steal a loaf of bread to feed your family, if you rob a bank to pay for a surgery for your dying child or loved one, is that truly wrong.  
When I think of abortion, I know what religion says. I know what science says, and I've decided that being Pro Choice is my best route. But I can't help but to think, if I'm wrong about it, (even though I will never have to go through anything like that) what are the consequences. Sure, the decision will live with you for the rest of your life, and some believe that from the moment the sperm touches the egg a child is brought into existence. I can not say for sure...No one can say for sure, which is why matters like this are very controversial issues, and split people between what they believe and what they know. I think about homosexuality, and I know for a fact that I didn't choose to be gay, and I know that it is not a choice for anyone. But there is no definitive knowledge in the scientific community that says yay or nay to a genetic reasoning for homosexuality. I can only rely on what I know, and yet others will go to their graves believing that it is a choice.  In the end, we can only rely on ourselves to make up the decisions for ourselves.  
That is why, it makes me furious when government tries to regulate what is 'moral' under the eyes of God. The very reason there is a separation of church and state (even though this has never actually been true) is so that religious texts can not influence policy. And yet, in more than 15 states, state level governments have been pushing (some passing) bills that will severely curtail the rights of women to health care on a number of different issues. A bill in Alabama has just passed a bill that would redefine what is means to be a human being saying that from "The moment of conception, a human is in existence" which would essentially outlaw abortions of all kinds. Such restrictions are mind boggling to me seeing as how Conservatives tout the slogan "Government is too big" and yet they do things like this.  It has long been revealed, and yet not noticed by many, that conservatives want a government that would tell someone they are second class citizens because they are born a certain way. They want to make it so that a doctor has to read a lady inquiring about an abortion, a pamphlet with medically disputed information, before she gets an abortion, and even then, she has to have a three day waiting period so that she can think about it. Liberals on the other hand want medical marijuana to be legal everywhere (I however do not support this) My feeling is that Conservatives want to build a nation in which God rules, instead of people. And while the idea of a holy loving entity ruling people is fine and dandy, it is completely impossible. For one simple reason, man is flawed. If God wanted a perfect society, he would have created one, without knowledge. The saying that ignorance is bliss, came from the story of Adam and Eve. In the Garden of Eden there was no pain, no worry. Therefore they had no idea that fire was hot, and ice was cold and food tasted good. Now that humans have the ability to amass information, they have grown to question authority, and that schism makes a perfect society unattainable.  
Like I've said, governing is a complex and difficult task. Many believe that all politicians are the same, sleazy no good liar. And they do have grounds to believe it, thusly shown in life, but if they were all like that, there would be no Medicare, no Military no jobs, no nothing. Everything we do and have can directly be attributed to the governing system we have now. The reason rich people can get rich is because of the government. Libertarians like to believe that Government is useless, but honestly, I don't believe that is true. Simply because, they enjoy the same things everyone else does. In closing, government is made of people, and people are flawed. Though mistakes can be made, it should not be up to them to decide who is allowed to discriminate. 

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Political Vibe: Pettiness at it's best.

Majority Leader of the Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnel has spoken out. "We will not raise the debt sealing, unless democrats are willing to talk about Medicare." Sounds innocent enough right? Well context, as in most things are important here. Although, not verbatim, that line is an accurate assumption of what the Rep.Majority Leader said today and on Meet the Press, and Friday. If you read my last Political Vibe article then you know about the completely unlikely win by Cathy Hochul of New Yorks 26'th district (Note: I may have written 24th district in the last PV article examining her win), and why I and so many others think she was able to win. Medicare. As I thought, this would become a very important piece of the talking points on both sides of the political equation. For Republicans who are attempting to downplay the impact and gravity of the Hochul win, the newest (or should I say not so new, since both sides have used this argumentative explanation before) is that they just were not selling the Ryan budget plan well enough so that people understood what it really meant for them, and for their family members. For Democrats, however, a dual edged sword has presented itself. This "sword" is capable of doing many things. If wielded like a master then it will be able galvanize the party, even more-so than it already is; if wielded like a sloppy drunk, it'll kill so many careers that we'll see a flood of newly elected Representatives and Senators in 2012. The two lines that Dems need to tackle amongst themselves is: What are we actually going to do about Medicare, because in all actuality, something has to be done about it. The second is: Should we even bring discuss anything with Republicans while Medicare is on the table. The answer is... They must make clear what exactly they are going to do. Yes, it is that simple, and yet it's probably the hardest thing to do in a world that always has an opposing voice capable of screaming louder than yours. What they must do, is, without sounding like they want to dismantle the system, talk about the things that they have already done under Obamacare which has actually extended the life of Medicare for another 10-12 years. They must explain in lamens terms (because God knows, people hate hearing a bunch of Poli-talk) that they want to break the hold pharmasutical companies have in playing with prescriptions. Things like that will immediately effect the desired base (Seniors, and soon to be retirees). But how do you do that without it seeming like your willing to capitulate with Republicans who love to play hard and dirty. First, you play hard and dirty as well. You can never go into a fight wearing a white suit and come out unscathed. It's just not possible. I think, because, Democrats have been known as the spineless ones in office, that it would be an amazing and base riling spectacle. I for one would love to see my elected officials taking on Republicans who want to play. 
Mitch McConnel, wants Medicare to be on the table, he want it to be there because if they vote on it once again, even after every Republican in the House voted for the Ryan budget, and all but five Rep.Senators voted for the bill, Majority Leader McConnel knows how it will look. He, and John Bohner will be able to point fingers and say "See they voted for this too, now we are all on the same sinking ship" Gamesmanship like that, or lack there of is classic kings play in the business of politics. If you look bad, make the other person look just as bad or worse. But another conundrum lies in the pits awaiting to viper strike at a moments notice. If Democrats play dirty, although a lot of other Democrats would love to see it, to those who don't pay much attention to politics, it will look like everyone is on the same level, when really, they are, but also are not. Yes, it is a jumbled diagnosis, to play with fire with your body covered in gasoline, and not get burned. But it can be done. Here is how. With the public already on the side of the Democrats, all they have to do is use that "safe" fire, and turn it against the Republicans. They can say "There is a simple difference between what the Republicans are trying to do, and what Democrats will do and have already done" Now I don't have all of the facts, because I was a little lazy today, and I'm not a politician or anything, but soundbites like that stick like glue to constituents everywhere. Painting a clear picture between the night and day differences each party is offering. 
If the US defaults on it's debt, then yes it will be a huge problem, but it will not be the end of the world. Right, we all know that countries live on debt. Meaning, every country in the world is indebted to another, multiple others. The US is no different. And yes, it the national debt is extravagantly over the top, but lets not forget; if China calls in our debt, the simple solution would to once pull all American owned business out of China. The co dependance between these two countries is like any other. They depend on one another to survive. China loans us money for our debt, the US in turn gives them more business than any other country in the world. So you see, it is not as dreadfully dire as you may have previously thought. And you know what, if the US is forced to pay, the we'll pay. Then the debt will be gone, American jobs will return to America, cooperate loopholes would cease to exist because most of them are attached to off shore business deals, and unemployment would drop so low and fast that Republicans would cease to be needed. It's all good !


Welcome to Oasis

      Welcome to your new home planet.
      Welcome to your new home planet.


Much like Earth, Oasis is consistent of three spheres, an atmosphere, a hydrosphere, and a geosphere. The Atmosphere is almost exactly like Earths in that it is mostly nitrogen, but has a surplus of oxygen compared to the latter elements. The Hydrosphere consists of mostly a freshwater, brackish, and saline level. The Geosphere has a larger iron core which generates a larger magnetic feild than Earth, which allows the atmosphere to be protected better. Oasis's sun is ten times larger than Earths, but by proximity the amount of daylight, and intensity of heat is the same. (Day= 30 hours. Years 400 days.) Each season is also like Earths, but because of it's alien nature spring does not cause allergies, and winter there is always snow... By association, there are plentiful fresh water lakes strewn about the planet, about 5 percent fresh water, with is 4 percent more than Earth...It is thus far inhabited by flora life, and microbial vessels. Due to research it has been discovered that much of the life there is harmless to the immune systems of humanity, and that life can adapt very easily to the condition. 
By precentage, there is about 60% land/ 40% water. But because there are more lakes located on the Earthplanes coastal living is very optional. Natural irrigation has occured over many years. Because the days are longer, Solar Energy will be the primary source of energy on this planet keeping the air clean. Dams will be built near coastal areas because as it is seen now, there is a very wealthy river system througouth the planet, and the water cycle reaches all over the planet which makes for a lush and plentiful planet where everything can grow.  On the poles Wind Turbine feilds will be built to power much of the world as well 


A very new and very mysteriously run organization; it is unclear if they are just a foundation or a corporation. But it is known that they are funded immensely enough to be able to complete a feat of global reassignment. No one knows for sure who runs the organization. It is so nebulous that no one can say for sure if the project is one given time would reveal malevolent or benevolent intent for it's participants.  In the mean time, they are equipping each signed up participant with a map, and areas where habitation are easiest. They operate on a first come first serve basis, those who are already signed up, will get prime living space, and those who have yet will dwindle down into mountainous living.   
Once the participants who have been given the name Oasians, instead of Earthlings, are there, PARADISE will begin the process of harvesting by teleportation much of the flora and fauna by comparison to Oasis population as needed. What is left will be tended to by whoever is left on Earth. All are welcome, and all are accepted.  
So will you come. Will you join in on creating the new Frontier...Will you leave the tragedies of the past behind and go forward into the future?