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Good bye....For now....

To all my friends i just wanted to let you know that I will be leaving the vine for an uknown amount of time.I dont know when I'll be back but due to a certain epiphany, I realized that I have to set my priorities straight and get my school and real life together and straight. To all of you guys, I'll miss you dearly and hope one day I will be able to come back once i am finally settled.Thank you guys for being there I appreciate it.Farewell but not goodbye...



This movie was simply amazing, I loved how they approached it and I think Heath Ledger's performance was excellent.In my opinion, he really set the standards for what a comic movie villain should be.I enjoyed every second of it even though bruce's deep and raspy change in voice got to me when he donned on the Dark Knight costume, but all in all it was a great movie and I'd love to see it again!

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Hey Guys

Hey everyone, I know I haven't been on much lately its just that I've had alot of work going on in school being that the semester is almost over.I should be back on the Vine as usual hopefully by the end of this week.So to everyone that's waiting for me (even though there probably isn't lolz) I'll be back soon!