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Some thoughts

Hey people, I got a few things to say. The recent tragedy made me think about some things.

1. We humans show way too little appreciation. So here is my appreciation of you: I love you people on the Vine, you've brightened an uncountable numbers of days when I otherwise would have been extremely bored. I appreciate you all for that, thank you! Group hug...hopefully

2. If I would die within a short period of time, I wouldn't want you people to mourn and be sad too much, you can remember me and all but don't overdo it. Please, don't let my death prevent your happiness ... Oh yeah, when I die (or leave the Vine) I want my character to be written out in an RPG as if I sacrificed my life to save the Universe or something...yeah, hopefully that's not too much to ask for.

Yeah, that's pretty much it for now.