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Another No-Braaiiiiner? 1

If you haven't heard of the Walking Dead then maybe, just maybe you've just surfaced from the fallout shelter.  Welcome to 2011. Get adjusted to the idea of auto-tune and all your personal devices have an 'i' prefix.  On the plus side, there's a nifty comic book called the Walking Dead. Yes it's about Zombies but honestly, Zombies are the back drop.  The main story here is how people cope with under extreme pressure and stress. Forming attachments, breaking rules, gaining support or l...

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A let down (Spoiler Free) 2

The finale of Ultimate Enemy comes to our stores and I have to say, I was a bit dissapointed.  I've read the each book (reviewed the last one) and was hoping we would find the plot tied up with those niggling questions answered. Who is this mysterious attacker? What's his motive? What's happening to good ol' Ben Grimm? What do all of the attacks have in common? If you're looking for the answers to these questions, unfortunately you may be dissapointed.  An interesting point is that this is the f...

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Looks nice but did it really deliver? 1

I must admit, I'm not the greatest fan of the Ultimate Universe, sometimes feeling a bit patronised by characters smugly referencing modern culture and every character trying to be grittier and more 'real' than the last.  That said, I thought post-Ultimatum would be a good chance to explore the characters that have currently survived the cull (Johnny uses alliteration, it's super effective) I've read the previous two installments and I think it's fair to say they were enjoyable romps.  I should ...

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