How 'Playing Power Rangers' panned out in my head as a child

Five year old friend 'Let's play Power Rangers!'
Five year old me      'Okay!' 
Five year old friend 'Which one do you want to be?'
And so begins the biggest decision of your life so far.  This is how it played out in my head..

List items

  • Red Ranger

    He was the Alpha male, as a young child I didn't have the confidence to think I could be him. Disregard.

  • Way too cool, although an underlying Irish thing, he played a flute and I sucked at recorder. The bad boy as well. Too much of a maverick for my fragile child's man. Disregard.

  • So begins the blatant race/colour coding that went on. Who knew Zordon was profiling? He was a black hip American guy. I was a white, Irish, ball of awkwardness. Disregard.

  • Second Ranger to be race colour coded. More importantly, a girl. Disregard.

  • Third Ranger to be race colour coded. Also a girl. Disregard.

  • Not too cool, not a girl, not race colour coded, glasses meant he was 'achievable' to be in my head. Just right. In my childhood, this guy, by default was the one I attached myself to. The colour blue has been nestled in my subconcious since.