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What's been played to death? (Cool Anime Video included)

  I came across this recently, thought it was actually quite cool and must have taken effort to make.

Yeah not themes exactly but it hints at a larger thing.  I'm not poking fun at our Anime cousins, partly because I'm sure we have a lot of over-lap between AnimeVice and ComicVine and mostly because Deathnote is one of the best television shows made. That's just a fact, don't even try and argue against it.
Anyway, that brings me to something that I'd like to hear opinions on: What themes, motifs or styles being over used in your favourite media?  
Mine has to be the 'no-one stays dead' in comics plague.  Despite being told by a couple of people that Brightest Day isn't that bad, I still can't get my head around what the appeal to pick it up in the first place would be.  Instead of thinking 'Wow, I wonder how you would deal with being pulled back from the abyss like that?' I think 'Meh, I'll just wait until a character that's appearing in my pull list dies.'
I think this is a by product of heroes never staying dead or the 'no body, no death' rule.  I love(d) Nightcrawler and his death was huge to me. I still can't shake the feeling that one day a writer (lets call him Dave) will ruin this.  Dave will think to himself one day, ' You know who was cool? Nightcrawler! Awh man, his death was awesome too. I've got a great idea. Let's literally dig up his corpse and reanimate him, just to, you know, see.'  
Dave, we know it's coming from a good place but let him rest in peace.
Anyway, what are you sick of seeing?  
  • Every English character comes from London? 
  • Post CCA shock for shocks sake?
  • Scantly clad women? 
  • The brooding anti-hero?
  • Your own face in the mirror each day?