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The New Dead Island Trailer Will Crush Your Heart

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a trailer for an upcoming video game. I gotta say, this thing made my throat dry a little bit.  Trust me you'll want to watch it.

There's a couple of things that I love to see in all mediums of creativity which this 3 minute trailer grabs.  One: A great narative, Two: Juxtaposition in pacing and Three: Zombies.  I'm a zombiphile through and through (I have a text document on my laptop, an article: Ode to Zombies which I should really get round to finishing).   But this highlights everyone's favourite zombie comic's best feature:  It's not about the undead, it's about those left to deal with them.  Immediatley I thought of Rick and co (I actually though, 'Grimes wouldn't have let this happen on what looks like day 1')
Anyway, if you haven't got a tear in your eye after watching that, you have no soul.