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The Holy Grail of Laptops? Savy techies help and input needed.

Okay long story short, after a long tour of duty, my laptop needs to retire.  When I say it's falling apart, I really mean it's falling apart.  The casing's coming apart.  I recently had to firstly cordon off one of three of my user profiles on it and eventually delete everything in it.  The 'great purge' as it's known in my head, it was the computing equivalent of amputation.

If my laptop was a dog, it would have been put down by now.

So I started picking up extra shifts and saving for a new laptop but being a casual gamer I thought I'd look around for a machine that was

  • A laptop (I travel between Northern Ireland and England a lot and I need something I can bring on the plane),
  • Had a dedicated graphics card
  • Was affordable £400-550 (Roughly $650-880).

Within five minutes of researching I came to realise I might as well ask for a goose to gander my way and lay a golden egg.  That said after a few hours poking around the internet I found this beauty: Acer Aspire AS7741G-6426 (or Acer Aspire 7741G-7017)  Which seemed to tick all the boxes... expect I can't seem to be able to buy it anywhere.

So all I'm asking for is advice.
  1. Does anyone know where I could buy this machine in the UK? (or EU/US, depending on shipping really)
  2. Is there a comparable machine out there with these specs?

Any help is a great hand.