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Let Comics be Comics

I know there's a need to defend comics as a legitimate medium of art rather than 'the funnies' or capes and spandex. People who genuinely love the medium are quick to respond with "It's literature!" in a way which I think is unnecessary.  Why are we so keen to even defend it as literature? I've read some horrible literature.  Enjoy the fact that this medium's blend is different, distinct and delightfully so.  Revel in the art work. Submerge yourself in splash pages. Ordain oneself in onomatopoeia.
It's frustrating because to a lot of people, when you say you read comics, simply hear the words "I read a childish picture book about people in capes and tights" While this is certainly true to some extent it's akin to, when hearing someone watches a lot of movies, responding with "Oh so you watch romantic comedies?" Or if someone says "I read literature" another assumes "Ah, Dan Brown novels then?" "Music you say?  So do you prefer the Beatles or Mozart?"  I'm not trying to put down the capes, we know the bad reputation of comes from the CCA guidelines which stifled creativity and left no room to be edgy or thought provoking.

 Art... by Art!
 Art... by Art!
I'm happy for comics to be comics.  There's no need, reason, rhyme or point to justify it by trying to squeeze it into an already established category.  Justify it, instead, with examples of comics you've read and found great. Especially those that don't conform to someones idea of capes and cataclsymic catastrophe.  I always hold up Maus (history), I Killed Adolf Hitler(hell, when you think about it Rom-Com), The Walking Dead(horror), Fables(fantasy), Sin City (crime/thriller) or Alan Moore ( everything) as just a few stalwarts of excellence.
In the same way a painting can make you think, a film can make you scared, video game make you laugh or a novel make you cry; a comic book can open up worlds you never could have thought of yourself.   Therein lies the legitimacy of comics as a seperate category.
I don't need this faux-approval of critics from the other mediums or those who've never read a comic. I don't need to insist on calling it a 'Graphic Novel' every time because it sounds more adult.  And I certainly don't need to legitimise a love for approval of others.  So can we drop this need for approval? Strangely those trying to make it look more adult to the outside are the ones acting childish whining, 'Nuh, uh! It's not a comic, it's a graphic novel!' to others whose preconceptions are in fact the only childish thing about the whole debate.
Let comics be comics! 
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