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Does anyone else like this type of music?

  The rise of 2ManyDjs, Girl Talk, The Gray Album (a mash up of Jay Z's Black Album and the Beatle's White Album) means the attention to mash up artists have been slowly growing over recent years.  The use of small samples as instruments themselves intrigues me. 
Which led me to this troup: Kids and Explosions.  This is off their latest album (download for as much as you want to give)

  Yeah it's a big abstract and yeah it's more of a headphones song than 'lets all sing' song but I cannot stop listening to it.  I think it's a great song off a new album.
I looked at how many views it had on youtube, it was only 11 at the time of posting this.  I'm either very far ahead of the curve or far off it.  Either way the music makes me happy so I'm sticking with it!