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Future characters I plan to write

Like, the title says it. I've had ideas for characters just flowing around my head and this is a list so I don't forget.

List items

  • Scourge, he's a character which already has an account. I tried to kick start him a while back, but I gave up and went back to playing with DV. Basically, he's Prometheus meets Taskmaster meets Joker. He's the reason why crime is so prominent in Gothic. The man behind the curtain, he's an antithesis for Dark Vengeance and eventually I will have him be the "Gothic King", by killing or beating every single vigilante in Gothic city. The themes that this character will deal is public and internal identities, existentialism, and insanity.

  • I've been meaning to make a character like Frank Underwood for a while now. This character will start off as a General of Shield and crawl himself up the governmental ladder thorough Machiavellian means. During the Cold War he was injected with an altered formula of the Super-Soldier serum that not only enhanced his mind and strength but also his longevity. I'm probably going to use Midnighter too for this character as that look. Themes will be the greed of men and the price of power.

  • Nobody 2.0, except with a twist. He will start off as a dog that can't catch a bone and then his mutant x-gene will be activated for some reason giving him spider-powers. At first, he will try to be a hero and fail, the public will hate him and his life will begin to fall apart. Until, he decides to join the Meta Human Fighting League and he gains fame, Nike will approach him, and like the heroes from the Boys and Jordan Belfort he will let it all go to his head and lead a hedonist life style.