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Real Name: Jeremiah Venegas-Shabazz

Birthdate: February 24

Aliases: Bazz Junior

Alignment: Heroic

Height: 6'1

Age: 16

Weight: 188 lbs

Build: Athletic

Hair Color: Pecan

Eye Color: Bistre

Affiliation: SHABAZZ PALACES LLC., The Academy

Species: Mutant

Birthplace: Saint Helena Island, South Carolina

Identity: Private

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Family: Socorro Venegas (Mother), Ishmael Shabazz (Father), Anais Riley Shabazz (Half-Sister) Xane Carmichael (Half-Brother), Malikai Shabazz (Half-Brother)

Occupation: Visual Artist, Student

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Sound Manipulation

Jeremiah manipulates the vibratory motion of waves creating frequencies of sound at different qualities and quantities.

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Releases vibratory waves that can affect a target in a number of ways. The waves can be concussive disorienting or incapacitating an opponent. The manifestation of these waves can be utilized through his own use of sound or other locations, including his target. Utilizing his body to activate different decibels of vibratory waves Jeremiah can deal sonic damage proxy clapping, snapping, stomping and yelling. Vibratory waves that sustain pressure create a protective barrier around Jeremiah, deflecting and buffering adversaries assaults. Jeremiah conjures sonic discomfort in his victims using infrasound decibels that are invisible to the eye and silent to the human ear.


Transmutes waves of vibration to his advantage. He can convert absorbed vibratory waves into electrical energy. Low level psionic waves are diluted weakening the effects of telepathic assaults like possession and mind control.

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Can detect objects based on the reflection of soundwaves. Jeremiah can use soundwaves from external objects and people or create his own vibrations to track the locations of people, places or things.