Someone get these references OUT OF MY FILMS! (Rant)

The last oh I would say maybe 15 years of film have generated a trend that is becoming ludicrous, overly referencing your fandom in films!
 Referencing other films in your own is a time honoured tradition in film, god knows Tarantino would be at a loss for ideas if he was not such a fan of Spaghetti Westerns and Asian Cinema, and who can forget the great scene in the Untouchables where the baby carriage flies down the stairs, mimicking the famous sequence in Battleship Potemkin, paying homage to an old film is a great way to give a slight nod to a favourite director or film, but these days its so blatant its almost as bad as product placement in cinema.  
I watched Paul with my husband and we sat there counting references, by the time we got to 100 we were bored of the game and lost interest, that is the ones we could actually pick up, the more obscure Sci Fi we were sure to miss as we are not big fans of the genre. The film was RIDDLED with them, it was so blatant even to the point of having Star Wars music from Jabba's craft as the entrance music into a street side restaurant or shop (I forget the exact place) It was almost as bad as the excessive lens flares in Star Trek.  
I am yet to watch Rango but all the reports I am getting are that it is little more than one big homage to Westerns.   
Is it the new product placement? does it give film buffs some sense of elite awareness that transcends their experience of the film? Happy in the knowledge that they are the only ones who could pick up on the incessant placements? or is it just another way that they are dumbing down our cinema experience, giving us little more to work with than a shoddy script and a few dozen handfuls of re capping of films we once loved but that are now so overly referenced that they are loosing their shine.     
I used to love having to work hard to find a reference, spot a character deference, even a small tingle of music that was a hint to something old, these days it may as well be turned into a drinking game. 
Not happy.     
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