"It's not who I am underneath... but what I *do*... that defines me"

My name is Chevie Lockhart, and It's been three years since my entire family disappeared. Those they called friends assumed them dead, the compound were they housed mutants, who needed guidance and support, was knocked down and a new school built. The only thing they left alone was mothers underground lab, the one that she gifted to @honor_girl before she and dad took us to find mothers home world.

Three years I have spent travelling the world, travelling dimensions and other planets, searching for some evidence of my parents... but every lead has lead to a dead end. It's time I went back to the beginning, back to the place I was born and raised, back to the family of people who my parents once called friends. To pick up where my mother and father started, to lift the mantle of the Redhead and don the cowl that my mother created.

I just have to find where it all began first...

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"Those were my favourite boots you asswipe!" Chevie screamed and hurled the acid burned purple boot at the creatures head. "Die already won't you!!" she shoved the blade into it's neck one more time, as it's acid saliva oozed out onto the floor she managed to duck out of the way before she lost a toe. A loud hissing sound emitted from it's bilious belly and it huffed onto the ground. All air escaping from it's body, all magic dying with the creatures death, only the flesh of the human who'd been changed remained. "Ew" the teenage girl leapt away from it and scampered to the right, the body slowly began to dissolve as the acid burnt through the remaining flesh "Sh*t" the blonde exclaimed as she ducked down with an adamantium container and scooped up the flesh for study later, screwing up her face with the smell she sealed the lid and tucked it away in her bag.

Slipping on a pair of thongs she rolled up the torn edges of her jeans and straightened her jacket, zipping it up over the damaged shirt underneath. Sighing deeply as she threw away the Mars designed boots. Stepping out onto the streets of New York, she immediately blended in with the crowds, pulling her long blonde hair into a ponytail.. wondering where best she could go to get it analysed.

"One hell of a first day back on earth" she muttered as she slipped in her ear buds and nodded along to the music.

(Excuse the rather crap writing, it's been a long time.. but I wanted to get out there what the new changes were :) )