Are we to knowledgeable for our own good? (Comic book movies)

So we saw Green Lantern last night and I admit I went into it with limited knowledge of the series, I have only read a few issues and seen the cartoons. I love the series and am dying to read more, but with baby coming we are on "no comics" ban so I am behind. I was excited to see the film to see what they did with it, and of course to see Ryan half naked (Don't worry Arrow understands) and from the beginning I was happily enjoying the film, Ryan was doing Ryan and was not at all how I pictured Hal, but hey it was fun.. and then.. things started to go a little sideways.. I won't use this as a place to vent about what they missed out as we will be here all day and there are already several threads designed for that.

I will however look at how the movie could have messed me up if my husband did not have extensive knowledge of the parts even I was like "err isn't Hal not really about those kinds of constructs?" and had to ask what the real story of Parallax was.. and more.. it got me thinking about other recent CB movies that have "altered comic reality" to suit the story.. Iron Man and Tony coming out telling everyone that he was well.. Iron Man is a big one, my ever long suffering mother even decided that was what happened in the comics because it happened in the movie.. so it must be true!

If I was an ignorant movie goer with little to no knowledge of the comics would I enjoy them more? People who I know who have seen them without prior knowledge just happily enjoy them without sitting there thinking "Batman would never sound like he has throat cancer" , "Hal is not like Deadpool", "Superman could NEVER stop a plane and carry it to earth" (ok maybe he could but I just hated that movie) "Nick Fury should have been played by George Clooney" (ok that may just be me...)

As an avid Batman DC girl I have to admit I am scared about the next film, scared for what they are going to do with Selina.. and Talia.. but wonder.. would I be happier if I knew nothing and just figured that it would be a re telling of the delightful film with that blonde lady that had the stitches on her suit...

SOO guess what I am asking is, would we enjoy CB movies more if we were not so aware of how the story and characters should be?