Goodbye Sunburnt Country...

Well as any of you who read my last blog know, im flying off to Scotland to be with my boy!

I fly out on Monday and hope to be back on the vine after a week or so there, give me time to do some touristing!!

Hope your all doing well and miss me heaps ;-P



Check this out for me!

Hey guys,

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i have often mentioned these comics as they are my all time favs and they are also the beginning of my love of Comics in a big way. They are an Australian comic created by a pair from Melbourne. The characters are very simple and a lot of fun, it appealed to me greatly when i was in my teens as I was going through my Tank Girl, Grunge screw the world black sense of humour phase (oh wait i never grew out of that) and these comics are just sheer fun. The characters are fantastic and sometimes perhaps a little bit to tongue in cheek for some American readers (no offence :-P) our humour does not always translate well.

They were around in the early late 90s in print but as they were an underground company and there following was not enough to validate printing they ended up going online. I have happily continued to read them online but was rather excited to discover that they now have a big enough following to start printing in Australia again!! YAYYY the creators have stated that they are relea
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sing back issues but that if that goes well or they build a stronger online following then they will release all the new ones to come!

SOO if you love me please check out the page and read the comics, if you hate them thats fine they are not your usual Marvel or DC there are no superheroes and not great battles or blood or violence.. unless you count a fish battle... its just a great fun read with fantastic characters.  I reallllllly want them to keep printing and  I want everyone to help me support them! SOOOO please help if you can guys! There is a very sexy girl in it if that helps :-P  They will appeal to people like Arrow and IE the post X gen grunge crew they are created for!
But there is a lot for everyone!



The Dead..

An upcoming film, filmed entireley in Africa....

Im of mixed emotions about it, it looks kinda cool.. another interesting twist on the ZOmbie mythology... but at the same time looks kinda similar to a lot of what we have been getting lately... trailer here

what do yall think?


Pushing Daisies

I know its probally been out in the states for awhile now and im way behind.. blah blah

but i found this show to be utterly delightful!! its simple and warm, great cast and wonderful costumes. The story is also delightful and i really enjoyed the writing.. so check it out if you havent! I especially enjoyed seeing the REAL Audrey from LIttle shop of horrors the movie!


I dont know... but..

I loved Star Trek.. im really looking forward to Transformers 2.. Terminator looks EPIC if they do it well...

Harry potter... idk.. the others havent been awesome..


Is Harley really bad? or suffering from Folie a deux?

Folie a deux
A condition in which symptoms of a mental disorder, such as the same delusional beliefs or ideas, occur simultaneously in two individuals who share a close relationship or association.

Follow me on this people... it may take awhile to make it clear.

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We all know and love Harley (well some of us do) but many people question her relationship with the Joker, Ivy and Batman to an extent. My thoughts since recently reading through a few of her comics and re watching the old Batman series have been that Harley is not good or bad.. she simply has trouble not being lead by others. Folie au deux as described above (sorry i had trouble finding a more definitive definition) is about a pair of people who are caught up in each others delusions.. usually leading to negative behaviour. One is usually the stronger of the two and suffering from some disorder, the other is enamoured by the first and follows in their schemes and delusions. Obviously this is true with Harley and Joker but what about Ivy? I know a lot of people feel that Ivy and Harley are lovers of sort, i personally dont see it, but im not a man ;-) I see Ivy leading Harley in ventures and schemes, Harley is rareley the leader, she has had her own band of henchmen and we have seen that Harley can be a strong independant woman, she is one of the great villians with a lot of strength when she decides to stand on her own. Unfortunatley our girl rarely manages to stand on her own. The way Harley and Joker got together in the first place is a fantastic example, Harley was caught up in his stories, his strength and fell for him. A normally sane and intelligent woman was taken over with the desire she felt for him. How does this occur? Why would a normally sane, bright woman fall for a psycopath and completeley alter her life and persona for him. Though consistently being battered and harrassed by the man, she is forever going back to him beating after beating.. My final example of Harley being lead by the stronger person is when she tries to go "straight" with Batmans help, her loves arch enemy and she allows him to help and support her to get her back into reality.. granted it does not last long but still.. yet again Harley is led by a stronger party. It is my belief that the Joker keeps Harley down as he can sense a power in her, he knows she could overtake him. It was in one ep of Batman Harley was the closest to killing Batman anyone had been.  Does Harley simply suffer from the desire to please others? or does she get caught up in delusions? what drives it? is it really love for the Joker? Battered woman syndrom?

Does anyone agree with me? or am i babbling again ;-) hey thats what blogs are for!

Side Note:

The most famous case of possible folie a deux is Pauline Parker and Juliett Hulme (if you have seen a fantastic film by Peter Jackson called Heavenly Creatures you would know it)

Normally I would say Bats... but..

Well I think Batman has the most interesting villians of all the comics I have read so far.. but Arrow has talked me around to Supes and Lex Luthor, he makes a good point.. Lex is quite the winner on the villian list.


Will not be around..

I wont be available from the 21st for a week, I have a very special visitor coming and will be AFK as much as possible ;-) he is here for a month so i dont imagine me being around much at all

oh wait, everyone knows its Arrow so yeah... lol :-)

well expect our videos to come, if we can be bothered doing them!

If you need me PM me, if its mod related talk to one of the others


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