Review of Dorian Gray (film)

    Dorian Gray  
Lord Henry and Dorian Gray 
Lord Henry and Dorian Gray 
While not all of you would be real fans of this particular story, I say real as in NOT the character in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but rather the dark and haunting figure created by one Oscar Wilde.  Though yes the character in Leauge is the same character, this one has no super powers... 
The story is of a young man who after seeing a remarkable painting of himself becomes obsessed with his own beauty and basically trades his soul to stay young and beautiful forever (this was never actually stated but its assumed) He chooses to use this gift to indulge in every possible passion he conceives of, drugs, sex, violence... you know much like a rock star, Over the years he gets worse and his painting starts to show the wear on his soul, morphing into a hideous creature..... 
The rest is for you to watch or read! 
the movie itself was rather close to the true story the lead actor was beautiful and young with just enough acting skill to pull it off, my disappointment was Colin Firth in the role of Lord Henry, the diabolical character who first leads Gray on his journey of destruction. This character to me was always a vulgar yet magnificent man, I simply did not feel it from Colin, it was rather more like Mr Darcy had gotten drunk and fiddled with some ladies... there was no fire or malicious intent behind his actions. The love interest was also rather bland, not very memorable and certainly not an actress I would look for again. 
Overall though a rather beautiful visual film, my favourite part of the screening was when Dorian makes love to another man and the girls in the front row of the cinema where screaming oh no stop gross, Arrow and I rather enjoyed mocking them from our seats. The characters are all fairly awful in their own way and the morals and high ground Oscar wrote his story from come through quite nicely while also providing a nice bit of sexy time. 
I would give it a 6, watch it for fun but wait til it comes out on DVD

The Guild

Hello P eople who read my blog which usually consists of me sharing TV shows or movies i have discovered! today i share one that was shown to me by our lovely Feral Nova and the amazon Talon.   

The Guild is a show about online gaming community...  
Im not going to say much more except watch it its epic, i downloaded it  on xbox live but you can find it on you tube the humour is amazing and i would swear someone who rpgs made this show!!! 


Before Twilight there was the Vampire Diaries

Vell ello vellow vampyre fans, vellow creatures of the mistress we call night...  

 Stefan, Elena and Daemon
 Stefan, Elena and Daemon

ok enough with the cheesey vampire talk lets get down to it here! When i was a wee bairn, well a teenager who made emos look happy I read a wicked seires of books called The Vampire Diaries fantastic books about two brothers, a beautiful girl and true love... of course everything that i wanted at that age! I had forgotten about these books til recently telling Arrow to read them as he likes vampires as much as I do. Then to my delight one of his friends while we were hanging out talking at the Tattoo parlor told us about a new seires on CW network called The Vampire Diaries after screaming at the guy for more information i discovered it was indeed a series based on the amazing books by LJ Smith. The one thing i loved bout these books are they are Twilight before Twilight was bought into existence these are the original teen vampire books, with great characters and excellent fun!   
The story revolves around two vampire brothers, one good looking popular and happy girl and the age old story of love and betrayal. 
The series has only just started and airs on the CW network, please check it out as i really dont want it to be canned!!!  
Good evening my fellow children of the night!

REAL scary ghost videos...

Im frustrated... I mean truly frustrated (waits for one of them to comment on her love life) about the major lack of REAL captured ghosts, aliens, demons whatever on you tube or other sites.. I am certain there are some out there.. some that are a little real, or hell even a little creepy.. 
I searched and searched today and found nothing!! NOTHING that was real, just all these idiots doing fake videos ( you know who you are ) can anyone link me to real videos? ones that are even SLIGHTLY scary?  
any of you link me to fake ones I will get very mad.. ;-P


R.I.P Titan of Teens

The great man who gave us Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles and many other amazing films passed away today. The news report  
   X Geners lives where changed by the Iconic films that he created.
RIP John and thank you for all you have done, I for one adored all your films and have no idea what my life would have been like without them all! you changed the face of teen films


Roald Dahl Fans... GET EXCITED

Those of you who read my blogs know i am not happy about the film industry as of late.. well that all changed today!!

I lost it with excitement today as did Arrow when we read that Fantastic Mr Fox is being made into a cartoon film!!! truly one of my all time favourites and with the dissapointment i felt from the last go at one of his films i hope this will be as epic as the book!!

Check out IMDB for further knowledge but their is no trailer as yet sadly!! just some cool images and voice actors listed!!

IM EXCITED ARE YOU!!!!????????

movies are letting me down lately...

Hello fellow viners, im here to have a bit of a whine....

I have recently been rather excited about upcoming movies in the cinemas and have mostly been majorly let down.. I was super excited about Transformers 2 and Arrow and I walked out we were so dissapointed, granted and im sure a lot of you are going to tell me so I should not have been expecting much from a basic cartoon film but the first one was so amazing i was hoping the sequel would be just as good.... well wasnt i let down. Granted everyone has an opinon and that is your right, this is my blog and I am allowed to whine here ;-P The second biggggggg let down of this year was Harry Potter.. you can not know how big a fan of HP I am, I used to get up at 5 am to get to the bookshop to get the newly released book, i have a Gryfindore scarf that i wear to all the movies.. well you get the drift. So from the beginning of this film i was like OMG THIS IS BRILLIANT, ok they left out a few of the good bits in the film but so far so good... but then the ending came about..... i swear they simply ran out of time and money.. it was one of the biggest jokes of all the HP films... the BIGGEST MOMENT in ANY of the films and they completely screwed it IMO... I mean it was just bad... Funny thing is I wasnt that angry about it, i have gotten to a rather sad point in my movie fan dom where i have simply given up hope that there is any decent movies on their way...

On that note i have some i am going to go see that i will recommend to you guys, Granted I have not seen them yet, but I think they could be intresting...

Inglorius Basterds Tarantino repeats his usual copy catness but it could be fun
Surrogates Bruce and robots.... 
Jennifers Body Zombie chick flick written by Juno author
Antichrist (NOT FOR UNDER 18s) Full on Lars Von Trier film that does not sound like its for th faint hearted... but i may go see it

EDIT, forgot to mention how awful Watchmen was...

Looking For Group

One of the most orignial and funny comics i have read in some time. If you are a fan of WOW, Drizzt or really any fantasy novels or games you will love this comic, the main bad guy is Arrow too a tee and you will see ANDY, DC and even Gambler in there. Its a very funny comic i highly recommend, Arrow and DC found it ages ago and shared it with a few of you but i want to spread the word so check it out online here and let me know if you loved it.

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