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I wanna see an adaptation of that one story where Batman had a goatee and a bow and everybody called him "Green Arrow". That'd be really cool to see animated.

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That one where Batman had a goatee and used a bow and everybody called him "Green Arrow".

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Last season, I was disappointed that the Governor's final assault didn't include the tank.

As you can probably guess, I was over the moon when I saw the mid-season finale. The standoff was just so unbelievably tense. I want to just keep writing, "do you remember that thing that happened? That was cool..." four eight paragraphs, but I feel like that might get a little repetitive, so I'll just say this... your move, second half of the season. Your move.

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@battle_forum_junkie: As am I. I'm not looking for professionals. I'm looking for somebody willing and able to help me trick other people into thinking we're professionals. I've looked over some of your pencil work. How's your inking and coloring?

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In the daytime, work as a completely different superhero who charges money for each heroic deed.

Although more seriously, cab driver.

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Mother of God...

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In the hands of someone who understands and appreciates them, they're a blessing. Someone raised with the values that Clark was raised on, actually, anybody with a shred of compassion, believes in lending a neighborly hand, even if the person in trouble isn't their neighbor. I think a lot of people feel helpless in the modern world. Not endangered themselves, but unable to help others. Our world is so hostile and impersonal, and the challenges we face are massive, all-encompassing, and often lacking a clear answer. When others are suffering, people feel powerless. To have that power, no matter what burdens it may put on you personally, is a massive gift to those who want to help their fellow man. As I stated earlier, many of the problems we face today lack a definitive answer, and even if problems like prejudice and economic inequality did have definitive answer, I don't think super speed or heat vision would come into play. But when somebody comes forth with that kind of power, using it to help others and showing the utmost humility, demonstrating that the powers are only an extension of the good that comes from within, they make us believe that we can change these problems if we believe in ourselves and each other. Superman's greatest power isn't his strength. It's his ability to shake people out of cynicism. He doesn't believe that his powers make him better than anyone, simply more capable, and he uses that capability the way he hopes anyone else would. We all want to help others, but we don't always know how, and we can't always tell if we're doing enough. With the powers of Superman, we could do everything. It's an enormous pressure and responsibility, but it also makes you breathe easier to know that you've changed a life, and that your actions have moved others to do the same. That's the power that I envy the most from Superman, and like everything else about him, it's merely a representation of what already lives within ourselves. We just need the strength to find it.

Obviously, I spend a lot of time dwelling on the exact details of how I would live my life if I suddenly had Superman's powers. This was my first chance to put some of it to use. Sorry for the length, folks.

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Cowboy: So, wait, he put it where?

Joker: You heard me. And so, the talent agent says, "That's quite an act. What do you call it?" and he answers, "The Aristocr--"

Batman: Robin! Go back to the Muppets! NOW!