Favorite Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire Characters

I'm going to pretend Seasons 5-8 didn't happen for this list. Also taking into accounts these characters as presented in the books.

List items

  • In addition to being a badass and excellent fighter, Jaime has one of the harshest roles in the series. He tries to do what he thinks is right, but in the end, there will be people that will always judge him and look down upon him. Jaime also tries to redeem himself at a certain point, which, I think is one of the reasons he's my favorite.

  • Definition of badassery. Really I enjoy the concept of his House more than his specific character, but Dayne is already great on his own. Whosoever is worthy of House Dayne shall wield Dawn.

  • Tywin is the character that best reminds you of the cruel truth of the Game of Thrones. No room for love or fair play for your enemies, but rather it's total annihilation. Tywin is pretty much one of the best-written characters in the series.

  • Adventure boy. Jon Snow is like taking an ordinary fantasy protagonist and adding a whole new dimension to them by sticking them into this intense series.

  • At first, I hated him for being foolish. Then later on I could probably shed man tears for Ned. He's the best father anyone could ask for in the whole series.

  • Absolute badass and the show's portrayal of him only boosted my likeness for the character.

  • This House as a whole has so many cool characters. Oberyn Martell and Doran Martell from the books are the main ones that come to my mind.

  • The Knightliest Knight of all the Knights in the seven kingdoms.

  • From the books of course. He has amazing moments in the series and is one of the most cunning and fiercest lords in the Seven Kingdoms. He had Renly killed with black magic is kind of funny, but later on there's an amazing scene with Stannis talking about Renly that showcases why Stannis is who he is.

  • Hold the door, I'm just kidding.

  • I was actually going to put Daemon Targaryen here, but he's not on the site. Daemon was pretty badass, but Aegon is pretty cool himself so I'll put him here.