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Jacob Brass





Eye Colour:

Navy Blue

Hair Colour:

Jet black




185 pounds








Rodney Brass(Father)

Jean Brass-deceased-(Mother)


Enhanced Strength:

Capable of extreme might.

Enhanced Speed:

Capable of incredible bursts of speed, but cannot be utilized continually.


He can move for hours without halt.

Hand-to-Hand Combat:

He was trained for years by the infamous Crowman, learning numerous fighting styles and techniques.


He was tutored by Crowman, learning more than just average algebra and spelling. He has extensive skills in detection, is fluent in many different languages, can hack into most electronical systems, and has the wit to outsmart most opponents.

Acrobatic Prowess:

He is capable of great feats of agility, often leaping from rooftop to rooftop with simple ease. His acrobatic skills were improved even more by Crowman, who taught him how to properly utilize his body to it's full potential.


Even before coming into contact with Crowman and his training, Jacob Brass had attended government funded kendo classes, outshining other students. Upon tuition from Crowman, he mastered many more blade wielding techniques, and he tended to shy away from guns, as having a clear distaste for them. Nonetheless, he studied many guns, their construction, the way they worked. Anything to have the upperhand on your opponent.


Often dodging bullets and other projectiles, Knightwing's reflexes were unparallel to none, more than once had he evaded a bullet at point-blanc range, his agility making up for any mistakes.


Bo Staff-

A formidable rod comprised of an outer shell of thin diamond, and an inner core of titanium. It is a technological wonder, able to fire projectiles such as kinetic energy and even sonic waves of sound. It can also eject wings that can be used to glide with.

Smoke Bombs-

Home-Made, these little pellets pack quite a punch, and if inhaled too strongly, could knock a man out. The smaller the pellet, the stronger the smoke mixture. He uses the weakest pellet's in public places where innocents may be harmed.

Bird-Shaped Shuriken-

Created for him by his mentor Crowman, these metal objects slice through almost any object obscuring their path of flight.

Domino Mask-

Complete with built in sensors and connections to a worldwide database, Knightwing can call up almost any information with a simple voice command, his network powered by Vicky, Crowman's AI computer mainframe.

Grappling Gun-

Used mostly to cross large distances, the master-designed grappling gun can occasionally be used to knock a man out cold.


Though minimal and not capable of withstanding a bullet, this will absorb most of the hits taken to the body while out on patrol.


Complete with mini-shock absorbers, these bad-boys can give Knightwing the extra boost he needs when either leaping across a rooftop, or kicking some scumbag in the face.


These add more umph to Knightwing's perfectly executed punches and can hold their own when grabbing onto something, or someone.


Heavy Projectiles-

Although Knightwing's costume can withstand intense knocks, it is vulnerable to bullets or any other leathal projectiles.


Knightwing has never had a taste for water, and had never cared, or tried, to learn how to swim. One of his greatest fears is drowning.


Jacob Brass has been allergic to peanuts since he was a young boy, and it is lethal to his immune system.