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  • 5 Gnolls
  • 1 Gnoll Pack Lord
  • 1 Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu
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  • 5 Orcs
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  • 1 Orc Eye of Gruumsh
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  • 5e Monster Manual Stats.
  • Battle to death.
  • Standard gear.
  • In Character.
  • Start on opposite ends of arena.
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Universe is a hologram?


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What about me? The guy who is just obsessed with Jawas.

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@boschepg said:

@willpayton: this is more AI focused, but what do you think of Ai named Sophia who is a Saudi resident actually talking about evolution in Ai and eventual family groupings. Do you think it was programmed to respond like that or how do you see said outcome if this is more of a complex reasoning among the robot. Future implications - you can bring up Skynet if you want but I was curious on your PoV regarding this

This chat bot with facial recognition probably has more rights in Saudi Arabia than actual women. Sorry, off topic but had to be said.

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Hello. I recently created a thread to discuss the Tax Bill that the Unites States Congress passed today. Link

Shortly thereafter, it was locked with no explanation given why. At first I thought I had made a dupe. But if it is I can not find the original. The closest thing I could find is this thread Link which discusses just one of the many, many changes that this bill makes.

So I ask, why did it warrant a lock? Please let me know.

I will post the Off-Topic Forum rules below.

Off-Topic Forum

As most of us know, the Off-Topic Forum is suppose to be a place for everybody to chill down, or talk about matters other than comic books. This is a place for almost anything else other than comics, and, as the title suggests, Off-Topic threads. But, what classifies as an appropriate Off-Topic thread, and an inappropriate Off-Topic thread? The answer is tricky and can sometimes even confuse non-newcomers, and this is what this guide is for.


Appropriate Off-Topic threads are usually games, news, or rating systems for other Viners. They usually contain little to no inappropriate information that would offend anyone, or may contain some mature content, but is made clear in the title. However, make sure that the thread is not too obscene, and remember, all general rules still apply to every thread, in any Forum Board. A good reminder, is the Big 6.

  1. Will this offend anyone of any race, age group, religon, or any parents/guardians?
  2. Is this too violent, or contain too much sexual content?
  3. Is there any excessive language in my thread?
  4. Is this the right forum to post this in?
  5. Has this thread been made before?
  6. Will Viners actually take this topic seriously, or will it go out of hand?

What to do to an Inappropriate Off-Topic Thread

  1. Simply flag it and exit the thread. Do not comment on it or you will technically be bumping it. Avoid any type of needless attention towards the thread.
  2. If you cannot flag it, then PM a mod about it and give them the link to the thread you tried to flag, or at least give them the name of it.
  3. If all else fails and the thread is still gaining attention and not being dealt with for a long period of time, keep ignoring it, but whatever you do, do not post in it.

Types of Appropriate Off-Topic Threads


This Movie or That Movie»

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Who is the avatar above you?»

Ranking Systems

Rate the importance of the user above you»

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[topic] Thread

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Most Epic Last Stands.....»

Doctor Who Pond Life - Season 7 prequel»

My Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review- 360 Edition! (Blog post)»

Types of Inappropriate Off-Topic Threads

Duplicate/Already Done Threads

If they were made on accident then they are excused.

Viners, Do You Watch Red vs Blue?»

Why did you join Comic Vine?»

Which debaters do you think are keeping the battles forum alive?»

Offensive Threads

Imagine racist Southerners in Brooklyn»

off my mind: superman in bed (Blog post)»

Why are Non-Whites exacting veneance»

Unnecessary Threads

Did Michael Jackson only sell because he was black or white?»

RE: Is Anyone Black And Not Attracted To Black Women? (Blog post)»

How is Batman and Spiderman Superhuman?»

Troll Threads

Is superman real?»

Awesome (Blog post)»

Robert Hanssen»

Wrong Forum Threads

Pre-Crisis Superman vs. Princess Celestia (Blog post)»

Why doesnt my flag button work?»

Ultimate Match Up»

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So the U.S. has a new tax plan. Use this thread to express your opinion of it. Good? Bad? Let us know.

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@_gaff_: Have not heard of this, but sounds interesting. Can you provide links with more info? Thanks.



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Spotted Hyena. A lot smarter than most think.