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The Northern Water Tribe
The Northern Water Tribe

     Many enlightened people have come to know that, its a mistake to live your life as if you know all the world encompasses. Many of the worlds illustrious heroes and even villains have been born of what are known as the elemental tribes and nations. Theirs the gentle yet resound Water tribes, the hard and resilient Earth Kingdom, the passionate and strong Fire Nation, and peaceful yet serious Air Nomads. Each group having their own ways, culture, and history, yet as time started to lapse and go on so did the groups sense of unity.

The Path

Ember was born to the Tui lan, Head Mistress of The Northern Water Tribe. The Northern Water Tribe was the dominant force in the whole Water Tribe Nation. They inhabit the land near the poles, closer to the ocean. There they all practice and hon the skills of water bending,

Tui Lan
Tui Lan
essential to their everyday life. The woman usually more set on the healing aspects of Water bending as the men learn the more forceful ways of combat with hit. Tui Lan however was more than just a waterbender. She was born on the day of Winter Solstice, the sacred day. No other day is held to a higher esteem then Winter Solstice, the day Mother Nature was said to create the oceans. Few are born on that day, for it is sacred and only those who are meant to do greatness or provide greatness are born on that day. Tui Lan however was that greatness, or so her tribe thought. She grew up to be amazingly beautiful. She sported the common, brown skin, blue eyes, and dark hair that was custom to her beautiful Tribe, but the way her face was arranged , her glowing qualities they shone through. Her beauty, was talked about all among the town. Not only was she beautiful though, but her skills in water bending were supreme. She quickly mastered the healing faster than people thought was possible and her combat skills were said to be needed in the militia of men that prided itself in their skill. It was No surprise, when Baa Noren , the Northern Water Tribes, next in ascension to be head of the Tribe , to be his wife. Of coure, she accepted it was an honor, and quite frankly it was exciting.

     Tui Lan loved excitement, and everything that came with it. Often, she found herself bored, and actually wondering what was beyond those big walls that encompassed their vast land. Her mother warned her the night of her wedding to be careful, “Tuila (nickname only spoken by her mother) keep your eyes on what is around you and not what is beyond you. Your gift was beauty and skill, b ut your curse was restless curiosity.” That shocked Tui Lan because whether she wanted to admit it or not, she had nothing but restless curiosity, yeah she was grateful but still, she wanted more roundness to her completely angular and square life. Tui Lan took her place, and was very happy to be
Baa Noren
Baa Noren
beside Baa, for she was very fond of him. She did not love him, but he was like her best friend in a way. Of course, Tui knew that was not enough, but she felt like she was going to have to make it enough. And then came her opportunity, wrapped in a completely innocent package. Once in every 20 or so years, their was a huge festival where all the Nations got together to trade, have fun, and basically to promote peace. While lately, lots of stress had been accumulating between the tribes and so they moved the date up and decided it would be best to hold the meeting now. This year, the festival was to be held in the Fire Nation. Tui Lan was more than giddy. She called the best to do her Festival wardrobe, and got ready like it was her first event ever. At the Festival , Tui quickly became known for her fun personality. She participated in most of the big activities unlike most of the tribes royalty who chose to watch. But, people seem to have forgotten that she was not born into royalty, Tui was at first just a simple village girl, so of course she could not let the festivities go by her. But someone else had taken a liking to her too. Xertio was the leader of the Fire Nation, He was viewed as a serious person but truly he was a good guy. His heart warmed to the charming and beautiful Tui Lan , who was as regal as could be in the official gatherings and as wild as a child in the festivities.

     Tui also found herself drawn to Xertio. Often they would be taking walks, or they would talk. Nobody would notice because Tui's husband was busy making deals with the earth kingdom and Xertio was unmarried. Soon though, as the festivities where coming to an end, Tui found herself in a most compromising position. She had spent the night with Xertio, even worse, she was in love with him also. But, she knew that this was what her mother was talking about. This curosity of hers, had led her away from her husband and her people. Despite all of Xertio's pleading and begging, Tui left with her husband that day, the last day of the festival. She knew that more than anything she
needed to look at what was around her , because looking beyond that had caused her to betray everything she stood for and was born to. After a couple months, it was obvious to her that the inevitable had happened, she was pregnant. Tui though played it off, as the celebrations ensuded for her pregnancy. Baa was very happy, he wanted nothing more than to have his own child, of course he wanted a son , but he was not sexist. At first, Tui was so nervous, she couldn't eat, and she couldn't sleep. But eventually a peace and calming state settled over her, as she realized that she could easily fake it, most likely the kid would look like her and be born with water bending skills she told herself. Eventually the day came, the day where Tui's water broke and the long labor commenced. Everyone was overjoyed, for the day was Winter solstice just as Tui had been born , the sacred day. But, the only weird thing was that the sun shone so brightly. The Sun never showed during the winter there much less on the longest and coldest day of the year. This puzzled people, but they continued on.

Time stood still practically, as finally the time came, the child was born. Baa stood their, quiet and slightly weirded out as he looked at what

he thought was his child. The first thing to be noticed was yes, the child was indeed a girl. She was beautiful, with the graceful and petite features of her mother, but her skin was luminescent ivory with golden and olive undertones. That was very unfamiliar to the deep earthy browns signature to the Water Tribe. Her eyes where not the common blue, they were not even the slightly common brown, but they where a fiery and brilliant green. And to top it off, her hair, the little curls that where on her head where a deep and fiery, bright red, and no one in the Water Nation Got Red hair.

It wasn't long before, word got around the mishap baby. Earth,air,water,and,fire where in an uproar of the happening. Everyone had a feeling but dare not say what they thought, That Tui had been unfaithful. Soon though that theory was proven, for an unexpected visit from Xertio came. He requested a private viewing with Tui, this only caused things to be escalated. Xertio knew it was his child, he looked down at the child lovingly just as he looked at her mother. Tui turned her head she refused to look at him, it on ly reminded her of her deep wrong. When hearing what he had to say though, she had to turn around, he wanted to announce that Ember was his child. Tui cried and pleaded but he would not hear of it, no child of his was to ever be born as if to another man. Tui knew she had to confess, for if she didn't he most certainly would. That day was a long and hard day, a sad day, as she explained to all of the people of her village, and her husband, her unfaithful ways, and the beautiful child born of them. However though, Baa decided that he would not shame her, or leave Tui, he in his heart had suspected this would happen one day. And, the fact that he didn't love her like she didn't love him helped the hurt not get him so badly, it was more like the betrayal of a deep friend. Ember grew up going between both worlds, she visited the fire nation often and then would come back to her main home the Water tribe. It was revealed later on in her childhood life that Ember, could not only firebend and waterbend but she also could air bend and earthbend. It seemed that the combination of both high powered Nations genes created almost a link between all four kingdoms.

As Ember grew she quickly became the symbol of all the nations, she was a master at every power she was bestowed and therefore instead of just limiting herself to the Water tribes and the Fire Nation, she came to know the air nomads and the Earth Kingdom. And she was also a symbol of peace, it was her alone that kept her fathers imperialistic views under bay. Xertio believed in nothing more than the

Older Ember
Older Ember
Fire Nation, and that everything else was less, people marveled at his ability to dote on his daughter even though he hatednything that was new anything that did not bare the history of the Fire Nation. But , one day he snapped, when he heard what Ember had to say. Ember was having dinner with her father, when she spoke about how she was going to come for the summer. The summer was essiental to the Fire Nation, for their powers where heightened at this moment. Ember planned on going to the Air Nomad Nation to train for this summer the air nomads where having a big wind come, and she wanted to practice her skills. Xertio could not believe it, he was pissed on a whole new level. Instead of acting rationally though he did the unthinkable. Most say, that he was looking for an excuse to do what he always wanted to do and that was attack the other nations. Quickly and efficiently , Xertio ordered a full out frontal Air Nomad Genocide.

the Airbenders were the victims of genocide at the hands of the Fire Nation. All Airbenders they could get their hands on were slaughtered in an effort to ensure the Fire Nation's victory in their imperialist war. The Airbenders were unable to defend themselves against the Fire Nation, who were empowered by a comet that would be named Sozin's Comet, that granted them great power. This devastated all the nations, as The earth nations prepared themselves for war,, and the water nation did too. But no one was more enraged than ember, she was shamed. She could not believe that she was born to a man so cruel, that he could excavate a whole race of people with out looking back, with out drowning himself in regret and in remorse. Ember went after , Xertio her heart racing and her mind spinning, some one had to stop him and she didnt want nations fighting each other, she wanted the culprit gone. Xertio was more than hurt but not surprised when he founds himself battling the very thing he helped bring into this world. The Battle lasted, days and was talked about all throghout the nations, as the story of father and daughter battling it out, one for good, and one for bad. In a last ditch effort to survive, ember pulled all her powers together channeling them at her father and abruptly killing him. It hurt her, it hurt her more than anything possibly could, for she loved him she truly did, but she loved her people, and could not and would not let him destroy everything that she stood for and was.


Earth Aspects


The first people to learn Earthbending were two lovers (Oma and Shu) from warring villages who used the art to meet in secret beneath the mountain that separated their people.

Hung Gar-

heavily rooted stances and strong kicks and punches. The martial art is based on the movements of animals, among them the tiger and the crane. The Tiger represents hard power while the crane embodies soft power.


Earthbending stresses the aspect of neutral jing which involves listening and waiting for the right moment to attack


Earthbenders are known to stand their ground. More skilled Earthbenders absorb and intercept attacks before overwhelming the opponent with force. Some can tunnel through the earth to out-maneuver their foes. Earthbenders have been shown to use objects to augment their bending. An Earthbender gains a notable advantage over other bending arts depending on the amount of earth in their vicinity. Earthbending is not limited to rock or soil, they can use, mud,slurry,chrystal,coal and even metal Earthbenders are able to encase themselves in rock or crystals, giving them a resistance to extreme temperatures and physical blows. When encased they are totally covered with rock or crystal, creating a sort of suit of armor.

Sandbending - A race of desert dwelling Earthbenders have developed a specialized form of earthbending that focuses on sand. They use this skill in a variety of unique ways, including combat and travel.They seem to be able to take the pieces of the unground up earth and put them into large amounts, which is why certain benders use this form in a wave. Their style of bending, however, is similar to Air or Water bending.

Fire Aspects


While the sun is the origin and inspiration for Firebending, dragons were the Firebenders that taught them how to Firebend. The philosophy of Firebending from when it was first created differs radically from that of the present-day Fire Nation. Originally representing warmth, energy and life, the Fire Nation's is fueled by rage and anger. Firebending in itself is not totally devoted to unleashing the power of fire on opponents. In actuality, the focus is placed upon balance. Firebending hinges on mental stability such as inner calm, discipline, emotional stability and physical stability such as a firm balanced form, breath control and general good health .

Norther Shaolin fighting st yle

features quick, successive and flamboyant attacks, making Firebending the most aggressive of the four bending arts. Firebenders tire much easier in battle than other benders due to breath control. Breath control is one of the first things taught to young Firebenders because without control of breath, they are more prone to lose control of the fire they are creating or controlling


Lightning- Creating lightning involves a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind and requires separating the energies of yin and yang. and can only be done by an extremely experienced fire bender. A bender only guides, rather than controls, the lightning's direction.

Flight-Some skilled Firebenders are able to project flames out of their feet, resulting in short boosts that enable them to jump much higher.

Combustion- the ability to superheat air into a thin beam which results in large explosions

Fire Breathing- self explanatory

Blue Fire- More intense version of Fire

Air Aspects


Airbenders have the ability to enhance their movements during battle. They can take giant leaps into the air, move at high speeds, run on water and vertical surfaces, glide on air currents to slow their descent and even spin around like a tornado to move quicker and confuse opponents. They can also create cushions of air to soften and blunt the falls of heavy objects. Airbenders can project powerful gusts of wind from their mouths. Master Airbenders can create vorticies to disorient opponents and tornadoes to attack opponents. they can generate the mighty winds of a hurricane that can affect entire landscapes and sustain flight by surrounding themselves in spheres of air. Airbenders are also capable of projecting solidified constructs of air to knock an opponent off balance or to provide defense from projectile weapons.

Ba Gua fighting Style

known for its constantly circular movements, which makes it difficult for opponents to attack directly. The practitioner uses his own momentum as a weapon, constantly building up inertia for explosive counterattacks that evoke the unpredictable nature and explosive force of the wind. It is undoubtedly, the most dynamic of the four bending arts.

Special Techniques

Flight - skilled Airbenders can fly with a tornado-like structure below them. Most Airbenders, however, used less dramatic Airbending in conjunction with their glider-staves to fly. Unlike Firebenders, who can also fly, Airbenders can sustain their flight indefinitely.

Super Speed - Airbenders can use air bending to make them run much faster than any other race.

Air Scooter - A spherical "ball" of air that can be ridden by balancing on it like a top.

Water Aspects

Origin/Overview -

Waterbenders originally learned Waterbending from the Moon. The ancestors of the Water Tribe noticed the push and pull effect the Moon has on the tides of the ocean. Eventually, these first Waterbenders learned how to manipulate water themselves.Waterbending's strongest asset lies within its defensive capabilities. Unlike some other bending disciplines, Waterbending focuses on turning an opponent's own strength against themselves, rather than direct strikes. Since water can exist in different physical states, Waterbenders can free, and do all forms of water at willThe ability to alter the physical state of water gives Waterbenders an array of defensive, evasive and offensive techniques in battle such as encasing an opponent in ice, hiding behind a wall of mist, surfing on bodies of water on a platform of ice, and battering enemies with lashing whips and waves. Waterbenders can also manipulate the molecular cohesion of water for cutting and grabbing objects or running on water. Benders are also able to encase their arms in water allowing them to blast water from their hands. They can also pull water into tentacles to block objects being thrown. While a bender's victory in battle is usually based on skill and technique, a Waterbender gains a notable advantage or disadvantage over other bending arts depending on the amount of water in their vicinity. Waterbenders have the ability to utilize water in its various forms, enabling them to freeze (or compress) water into ice, immobilizing enemies, and to evaporate it into steam, facilitating stealth capabilities. Skilled Waterbenders can freeze water using their breath.

Tai Chi

features slow movements and elegant forms that evoke the feel of flowing water

Special Techniques

Healing - Certain Waterbenders are born with the ability to heal wounds and relieve sickness by redirecting chi paths throughout the body, using water as a catalyst Healers are able to heal wounds such as burns and cuts. They can also cure illness and hypnosis.

Plant Bending - Waterbenders can manipulate the vines and roots of plants by bending the ample amount of water within themIn addition, by draining all of the water, a plant can be turned into an external source of water; this ultimately kills the plant from which the water came from.

Bloodbending - Bloodbending is the Waterbending technique that allows Waterbenders to bend the water within living creatures, giving a Waterbender complete control over it.

Ember's spirits,

ember often calls on spirits in her times of need, being born on the solstice and being a gateway between all communities of powers she holds access to the spiritual world.

Hei Bai - the spirit of a forest (a panda/six-legged monster). Hei Bai is "black and white" in Chinese for the color of the panda.

Tui and La - the Moon and Ocean spirits (fish). Tui and La means "push and pull" in Chinese Mandarin referring to the push and pull effects the moon has on the ocean.

Koh - a face-stealing spirit.

Lady - A pale river spirit with flowing robes and black hair, as well as mysterious red markings striped across her face and body,