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"Death does not discriminate between the Sinners and the Saints. It takes all."The Devil's Head.

Name: Vincent Harrow

Alias: The Devil's Head, The Dublin Devil, The Cursed Celtic, Mark Bearer, The Dublin Shade, The Urban Daredevil, The Blind Vagabond, The Heir of Cain, The Last Cainite

Age: 27?

Height: 5'10

Weight: 187 lbs

Hair: Dark

Eyes: ???

Species: Cainite (A Descendant of Cain that has inherited the Mark of Cain. For centuries, the species had been used by the Church in it's hunt of the witch, the heretic, and the monster do to the species's resistance to supernatural afflictions and hexs.)

Distinguishing features: The majority of Vincent's body is covered in scars that he received during augmentations, training, and in the field. Has acquired noticeable facial scarring following his encounter with Charlemagne LeBeau. Refers to his scars as his collection.

Occupation: Current Raysh Al Shaytan. Leader of the League of Shadows

Place Of Birth: Outskirts of Dublin Ireland.

Family: All deceased on his father's side.

Relationship Status: Single

Alignment: Self

Powers: Enhanced Human Speed, Reflexes, Agility, Strength, and endurance

Inhuman Pain Tolerance -

Runic combat - Work in progress.

Slightly Enhanced Healing Factor -

Shadow Bending -

The Mark.

The Mark of Cain - While it's active, The Mark grants Vincent a tremendously accurate vision and the ability to read and predict practically any movements his opponent could make as well as the minute details of his general surroundings.The mark also allows Vincent to record and store the physical movements and combative styles of peak-level humans as well as detect mana, chi, chakra, and energy fluctuations within a opponent's body. While his eyes are capable of reading and predicting any situation, his body is often unable to keep up with those individuals blessed with with superior attributes (Examples, Ziah Darkson, Garrison Grail, and Rafel.) Even though he theoretically could predict their movements, his body wouldn't have enough time to react against them. Unfortunately, The Mark craves death. Often flooding the body with endorphins after the user kills someone. The more said Cainite kills, the faster he heals, and the quicker his stamina regenerates. The Mark has been known to take control of it's wielders, often forcing them into fits of murderous rage. Vincent is blind while the Mark is dormant.

Abilities: Close Quarter Combat Specialist -

Proficient with polearms -

Proficient with firearms -

Proficient with bladed weaponry -

Free Running -

Tools Of the Trade:(Equipment.)Hidden Blades.

Armor -

Gáe Bolg, The Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death. - An ominous spear (or lance) that gained sentience, and was once wielded by Cu Chulain of the Ulster Cycle. It recognized that Vincent was a descendant of Chulain from his mother's side. Thus, the ill fabled lance awoken and allowed itself to be bound to Vincent. The spear can also retract itself to be used more like a short sword, or knife in close quarters combat. If anyone other than it's wielder were to try and use the Lance, hundreds of barbs would extend from the shaft in an attempt to maim the false hand that held it. Often times, a wielder would allow an enemy the chance to use the weapon against them in an ill fated set up. The barbs can be activated at the telepathic whims of it's user. It is considered a death sentence to even be struck by the Spear.

The Devil's Fang -