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POW always loved that sound, the impact of a kinetic blast. He slowly stepped out of the container while watching the angsty insect flail away into the distance of the yard. His gauntlets already pulsing with another charge. There was something wrong though, about how this presumed meta reacted.

Normally, a person would drop like a sack of mud, their bones broken and organs ruptured, dead. But this foe of his, got up like he tripped on the sidewalk. "Boys in blue gotta make money like the rest of us, kid. Not my problem they're in the way of how I make my cash." POW shrugged while raising his powerful gauntlets, ready to give another dose of pain.

Until webbing connected to each of his shoulders. "What-?!" Was all he could shout in surprise, being taken on his feet and pulled forwards. With no control of his momentum, POW couldn't do much to block the flipped kick to his face. The sheer strength behind it was unexpected, making POW grunt painfully while getting launched up into the air.

Fortunately, his suit was designed to dampen an immense amount of kinetic impact. While still airborne, POW aimed both fists at Bugger, this time releasing a continuous beam of kinetic force down towards him. This also forced POW upwards, safely boosting himself up onto a crane used for moving containers.

With height and distance, POW was in an optimal position. "Let's see if you can keep up, punk."

He released a hail of kinetic waves down on the yard, creating a storm of rocks and other debris all being forced into the ground.

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POW stepped over the dead and wounded, with his eyes on the prize. All it took was him placing his hand on the front of the bulletproof safe. The gauntlets did the rest, vibrating more and more intensely until it shook the gears inside enough to unlock. "Sometimes, ya just need finesse." He chuckled while swinging it open, seeing the diamonds weren't worse for wear.

The rampant robber made quick work of stashing them into his duffle bag, slinging it over his chest.

Before he could turn around to leave, however, a surprisingly irritating voice spoke to him. The tone was younger, cocky, and excitable. Yup, it was a vigilante. "I tend to keep work and play separate." POW said with a tinge of sarcasm in his voice.

He quickly turned around and sent a smaller blast from his right gauntlet towards the bug. The force behind it was enough to indent solid steel, and it's speed was blurring.

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@mth_ said:

If I re-wrote San Valentin as the beach town tourist trap it was meant to be would anyone actually be interested in dropping by and visiting?

To rob stuff and people, maybe.

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Train Yard, Queens.

The plan was so simple, it might as well have orchestrated itself. POW stole the train schedule weeks ago, so that he knew when this exact cargo would be wheeling through. Blood diamonds, easily half a million's worth inside the middle trailer. Property of one Colombian war-lord, looking to put some investments in the Big Apple.

POW watched from atop a parked train through binoculars, knowing full well how heavily guarded the cargo was going to be. That didn't matter though, they wouldn't be putting up much of a fight after what he was about to do.


"Time to crank it up a notch..." He muttered to himself, standing up from his knelt position, gauntlets furiously charging with vibrations. The kinetic crook braced his feet, and raised his fists right towards the middle section of the freight train. It was almost as if the air was sucked out of the area, a dead silence. "...Pow..."

A deafening blast was released from POW's gauntlets, shattering windows and glass twenty feet around him. The kinetic blast connected with the freight train, with the force of a freight train going full speed. The multitude of tons that were the trailers violently flipped onto it's side, the rest of them were brought down as well, being connected.

Inside, the Colombian mercs moaned in pain and agony, the ones that were alive anyway. POW blew the lock off the overturned container with a small burst, sliding the metal door open to look inside. "Morning fellas. Hope you don't mind if I cash out?"

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POW slowly turned around to face his contact, the expressionless mask staring right at the "woman's" face. She was a meta, that was obvious. Clearly the boss's right hand attack dog and liaison. "I was going to say the same about you, actually" He retorted with the gruff tone that was his voice, giving an acknowledging head tilt.

The meta was formal, and to the point. Something POW always appreciated in his clients, and was no stranger to speaking with a representative. Then came the stock threats and intimidation. Words used to of course show the employer was a ruthless, amoral sociopath, all part of the criminal-hiring song and dance, which POW quietly listened to. It was understandable, in the world of goons and crooks, you had to show you meant business.

The professional looked down at the money displayed to him, taking the case calmly from her to make sure it actually weighed $10,000 worth. The pay wasn't up to his usual standards, but POW didn't mention it. He was good enough to prove that he is worth much more, and he was going to prove it.


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@backstabber: Why would you go to Gothic? It's seriously a pile of rubble now.

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He's an odd one, talks too much.

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@backstabber: Not really duder, you have a solid style. Just gotta get more interactions your way.

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@backstabber: Agreed, and I'll be around.

Oh please, Terry wouldn't even need his gear XP

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Terry didn't even give the man any attention, just looking forward and finishing yet another cup of coffee. He was off the clock, wasn't wearing the mask, or the gear. There simply was no reason why he'd even bother with someone he doesn't even know.

He looked up and listened to the bartender while having another cup poured, taking a second to cool it down. "Hm." Was all Higgins said before sipping on his fifth cup of coffee tonight.