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Shazam? 0

This movie was ok  imo. I really can't believe they said "ass" in it. Black Atom is the shiz in this and he and Supes practically DESTROY Metropolis. Shazam!'s character was noble and brave, but left something to be  desired.....The running time on this  film is the thing that  bugged me the most. Also Billy Baiston being Shazam! only lasted for like 5 I'd rent it if I were you, but if your hardcore on any of these characters, well you know what to do......

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Under tha 'hood 0

Alot better than I expected . The animation is top notch and Batman looks broodish and cool as always. Also, Nightwing has got a pretty decent sized role in this movie. It reminded me alot of Batman The Animated Series, but it was different enough to become its own animal.  The story strays some from the comic, but I think they still do a good job explaining things. I really didnt care for the voice actor of the Joker, and found myself cringing a lil; every time J showed up. Jason kicks a$$ in t...

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