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Cerberus Ships

Cerberus Colonization Ships

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Number of CCS's in active service: High Quintillions

Average Length: 6 KM

Average Height: 3 KM

Average Width: 5 KM


The role of a CCS is basic but also at the same time important, their goal resides in transporting exponentially large amounts of equipment and other various necessities to colonize habitable planets.

(More to be added)

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Cerberus Vehicles

CERB MAIV (Mobile-Anti-Infantry-Vehicle)

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Number of MAIV's in active service: High Octillions

Length: 20 ft

Height: 9.8 ft

Width: 10 ft

Mass: 5.0 Short Tons

Max Speed: 120 MPH

Armament: Variant of a GAU-19

Ammunition: .50 BMG rounds

Maximum occupants: Three

Maximum ammo capacity: 1,000,000 rounds

Maximum travel distance before need of refueling: 1,600 KM


The CERB MAIV is one of the cheapest yet effective ground vehicles created by Cerberus it was made first created as a recon vehicle that was fast yet also

(More to come)

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Cerberus Weapons

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M-96 Mattock

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Weight: 4.54 Kilograms

Muzzle Velocity: 10,000 m/s (32,808.4 f/s)

Ammo Capacity: 200 rounds

Average Reload Time: 2 seconds

Maximum Effective Range: 1,200 meters

Barrel Length: 3 inches

Firing Modes: Single Shot or Semi-Auto

Ammo Type: Thermal Clip

Projectile: 0.2 kilogram or 8 oz. pebble sized metal projectile

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle

Jamming Chance: Very-low

Destructive Capacity Per Shot: 10 Megajoules/10,000,000 joules the equivalent of five pounds of TNT going off [2 Mega Joules = at max 1 pound of TNT, here is my reasoning...1 gram of TNT going off = 4,602 joules max there are 453.592 grams in a pound, 4,602 x 453.592 = 2,087,430.384 joules and 1 mega joule equals one million joules]


The M-96 Mattock is one of the three default weapons distributed for Cerberus Assault Troopers it is also one of the oldest rifles still in active duty due to its favoritism amongst the Cerberus Assault Troopers.

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The M-96 Mattock is one of the most accurate assault rifles only being rivaled by the M-15 Vindicator, the M-96 promotes accuracy to the already precise Cerberus Assault Troopers through adding a scope which further amplifies the exactitude the Cerberus troopers get through the HUD in their armor.

The M-96 scope has a four times zoom feature the first one is for one hundred meters and doubles after each zoom having a maximum zoom in of eight hundred meters, the Mattock also is the second assault rifle with the least recoil the first being the M-15 Vindicator.

The story begins when the CERB corps were created,they had the armor and training Cerberus troopers just needed the weapons and thus the organization created the Mattock this weapon was one of the most powerful assault rifles in the 21st century making modern body armor useless as when the explosive energy of a Mattock's round hit a person they would either be turned into gibblets from the force dying in the process or become crippled until Cerberus medical technology restored their previous selves.

(More will be added)


Mother Of Blades

The Mother Of Blades is ranked by Cerberus to be one of the most powerful beings in all reality, the Mother Of Blades has created countless universes in the blink of the eye and has ended some just as quickly.

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Only one being has surpassed her in power, he is know as SEKK and is the one who bestowed her such awesome power.


Blade Enforcers

The Enforcers

The enforcers are a group of incredibly powerful beings formed by the Sister Of Blades


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Nero Blade

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Mars RPG Thread (Location)

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Brief History

Mars was successfully colonized in the year 2013 by Cerberus despite interference from several outside forces such as the Peace Keepers and hostile deities.

In the end of the one hundred ships sent only ten made it to the surface of the planet with assistance from Jen Blade and her allies, they defeated their enemies and secured an area and with in the following weeks with Jen's Blades reality warping capabilities restored the ships and devices to link Cerberus reinforcements to the planet.


(More will be added)


(More will be added)


(More will be added)


(More will be added)

OOC Rules

(More will be added)

Quick Trivia

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Cobra (In-Progress)

"This? oh this is my Mantium suit courtesy of Cerberus Inc and Jen Blade"-Cobra

Powers & Abilities

[Pre-Cerberus Era]

  • Enhanced Strength, enough strength to punch through 32nd century tank armor with ease and has strength greater than a hundred Olympic athletes combined
  • Eidteic Memory, Cobra has a limitless capacity for storing data as long as his chip (located and attached to his brain)
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Kábítószer Lords Tower

Kábítószer Lords Tower is the Head Quarters of super villain Rainmaker despite having tower in the title it's more of a very tall building.

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The building is over one thousand and five hundred feet tall every inch owned and belonging to the Raimaker, however the building is not unique several exact replicas have been built by Cerberus forces for the Rainmaker each bearing a symbolic reference to the Villains resources this one however is unique to the Vine Prime universe as only one has been built and its location resides with in Detroit, the tower costs in natural resources over three hundred and seventy five million dollars plus several other millions in double digits for the unique features built internally and externally the building.


  • 1. Check In

The check in is at the very front of the entrance, four layers of special yet bullet resistant glass cover the already bullet resistant glass doors combined together the transparent glass barrier is capable of with standing heavy machine gun fire and to some extent explosives for a prolonged amount of time before giving away, the glass doors do not serve as the primary defense barriers it serves more of aesthetic importance.

The floors of the check in are completely covered in polished white marble no other features on the floor are visible the entire floor is completely white marble, at the center of the three thousand square foot check in is a large desk office covered in a transparent glass cubed made out of the same material the entrance doors are made out of, there visitors will see a duo of secretaries either fixated on the computer sending and replying to emails or talking to the phone usually these secretaries will not acknowledge the visitors if they are of little importance but however those who are persistent will catch their attention.

The walls of the Check in are covered in obsidian and so is the roof of the check creating a alluring twilight appearance, there are also several silver facilities with foreign markings on the right side of the room while on the left there are an array of the most expensive brands of furniture such as chairs,couches,etcetera in the world that serve as the waiting area. Straight ahead of the Secretaries is the red door of the elevator and about ten paces to the left of it is another red door that leads to the almost endless stairs.

  • 2. Middle Section

The Middle Section comprises almost two thirds of the entire building, there are several tens of thousands of square feet per story each having an essential purpose. However it is almost impossible to enter these areas with out the right clearance as there are only two ways of access one of which are the stairs, each door a person comes about while going of the stairs will see a bank vault like door capable of withstanding several double digit mega joules worth of kinetic energy before giving in and breaking, the security systems on each door are also so advanced that Rainmaker himself said "It would be easier to blow open the door than even attempting to unlock the door through other means beside proper clearance" even as going as far as to say virtually impossible acknowledging the advance mechanics and electronic software that Cerberus put in.

The second way are through the elevator doors however upon entering the fifty foot square elevator occupants are trapped between three feet of reinforced steel walls having no emergency exits should the security choose to stop the elevator.

  • 3. Top Section

The Top Section are the most accessible areas for people with out proper clearance and comprise of the last fifty stories, 1-50 have an array of either occupants A. Office workers, B. Extra Security Forces, C. Rainmaker Associates other than that the top nine stories are rooms for entertainment,sleeping,cooking, and hygienic use with the last one being Rainmakers quarters where only him most important associates meet with him in person, his office is covered with expensive European furniture and has also expensive paintings followed by a scarlet red rug.

  • 4. Parking Lot

(I leave the parking lot to your imagination, all you need to know is that it's very large and there are three types of parking lots, A. Underground B. Above Ground C. High Above Ground.)


  1. No destruction of 2. and 3. sections with out my say so 1. is okay but with in reason
  2. No stealing,hacking, (no loopholes that's final) and finally no killing npc's in the building with out my say so exceptions are when the npc's are A. hostiles attacking the occupants inside or B. attacking you unprovoked.
  3. Be free to cause damage or have battles in the parking lot
  4. You can not phase in or out of the base and neither can you teleport in or out (no exceptions)

Security Defenses

(to be added)

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Kin of Sparrow's Sister

You've heard of the Sparrow's side of the coin now it's time to here about the Sisters kin



Jen is the most powerful and dangerous of the third generation easily surpassing all her siblings combined, she is a very high tier reality-warper with dozens of dozens of in-vulnerabilities and immunities.

Jen stands at five feet and seven inches tall and weights a light hundred and five pounds, Jen is biologically and mentally eighteen but in reality is over eighteen million years old.

Skills and Attributes

[Devils Tongue]

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One of the most used of her abilities and arguably most favorite, Jen is capable of using the power of speech to complete surprising feats. Devils Tongue is a constant active ability that requires her to be able to speak in order for the effects to place and that the target is capable of hearing sound , her skill and usage of The Devil's Tongue is the result of Mastered Speech craft technique that has influenced the most Adamant,Audacious,Cynical people in the Universe it has effected beings ranging from a regular humans and animals to Abstracts and Universal entities the more powerful the being the less their resistance.

Upon conversing with Jen whether you know it or not she's already using the Devil's Technique on you, however the Devil's Technique is not the all perfect technique it's full capabilities can only be exploited in the right circumstances, on occasions her usage of the Devil's Tongue has resulted in Mass suicides with no hesitance ,Immediate surrender of enemies,highly unlikely alliances be formed in moments,Destroying the mental concentration of foes with ease,Ending on the better end of a bargain by far,Replenishing the morale of a defeated force to the point it becomes greater than it was before they ever fought,Convince others to join a cause or fight for her and last but not least submission through words only.

Jen uses the Devil's Tongue to test the abilities of other beings either by provoking them with words, she could make you love,hate,sympathize with just a few sentences. Very few beings from across the cosmos can resist her influence they have a better chance blocking out sound than resisting her potent Speech Craft not only is this effective in conversations but she's capable of using this in Mid-Combat and Near-End combat to weaken an opponents morale or focus significantly.

The Devil's Tongue technique was created by Jen who has mastered Speech craft after several tens of thousands of years of literal not stop practice,training and actual usage. The Devil's Tongue was originally purposed for being an alternate method to complete goals why go through the hassle of fighting an entire nation when you can manipulate and eventually subdue them with words at a such an effective and rapid pace you end up owning the nation with in weeks, The Devil's Tongue is a technique that can be taught to others but they must already have a very high speech craft skill the only way of determining this is by Jen herself or beings that have been taught this Jen has taught the Devil's Technique to several people she found worthy usually they are very experience in its usage but Jen dwarfs them in times of successful usage with an average of 90% these are times where she ends up with maximum available pros while using the technique compared to her average apprentices pitiful 5%.

[Divine Beauty]

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Jen's Beauty is also a attribute she uses to her advantage, it has effected men and woman alike and is so potent it even surpasses that of Mythological Aphrodite by several leagues. Jen is semi capable of controlling this divine beauty by altering her own appearance she has on occasions made her self less attractive for the sake of a goal, however when necessary her Divine Beauty combined with the Devil's Tongue allow her to manipulate people with such ease that it can be mistake for Beta level Telepathy she has even seduce casually Skyfather level beings on first sight.


No Caption Provided

Jen's most difficult attribute for other beings to over come. Her attribute of Invulnerability gives actual Invulnerability to almost all attacks and effects with a few exceptions, Jen has confirmed to Cerberus she "officially has six weaknesses" but has not revealed them and as such remain a mystery however there are weakness she has denied despite Cerberus believing to have found them, her first weakness in the eyes of Cerberus is her Ego which can be exploited by a very clever and careful being of great intellect.

Even when bloodlusted/furious or when calm and focused she refuses to unleash her full potential, she's fought beings ranging from planetary to regular street fighters, purposely making errors in order to give them an advantage instead of going full out like most populace would do. She has actually weakened herself before to the point where it becomes a great challenge to defeat the opponent and on occasions this has cost her battles or caused her to submit due to this recklessness or attitude.

Here are most of the In-vulnerabilities and Immunites Jen has which are not just limited to the following about to be mentioned

  1. Physical Invulnerability, whether using her creative kit or combat kit Jen is completely invulnerable to physical attacks or force while conscious, physical attacks are in no way capable of harming her physical body, attacks coming from beings strong enough to shatter mountains and even planets fail to leave even a bruise on her, blades said to cut through anything fail to even cut a single strand of her hair or pierce her skin in the slightest. Jen is not just physically invulnerable to physical attacks from externally but also internally!
  2. Energy Attacks, energy attacks are incapable of harming her in anyway energy attacks of limitless potential are essential useless against conscious a Jen as they are instantly nullified upon contact before they can even divert, any energy regardless of the speed or power or even direction and method of deployment is 100% useless against her beings are better off attacking her physically than with energy weapons.
  3. Toxins & Corrosives, No matter how powerful the toxin or corrosive is Jen is capable of withstanding it with out the slightest bit of harm done powerful acids casually drip off her body,eyes,hair,mouth as if it were water and powerful toxins capable of killing most things instantly across the cosmos have no effects on her, Toxins and Corrosives are just as ineffective as energy attacks on her.
  4. Telepathy & Soul Manipulation, similar to the corrosives and energy based attacks offensive attacks through telepathy or soul manipulation fail horribly as Jen's physical invulnerability also passes down to her astral form giving her a literal impenetrable defense, now despite being invulnerable to telepathic and soul based attack while conscious she is still capable of being effected through Soul and Telepathy but only through supportive means for example a hostile telepath can not harm Jen but she can still read/search through her mind and communicate with Jen through telepathy like wise friendly or ally telepaths are capable of doing the same, and those with soul manipulation are incapable of destroying,absorbing,manipulation or consuming her soul regardless of their power they can only increase the strength of her already strong soul.
  5. Life&Death Manipulation, Life and Death Manipulation on Jen is so ineffective by any users they might as well be powerless
  6. Disease & Virus Immunity, no disease or virus has been able to take grip on Jen, Jen is incapable of contracting diseases or virus regardless of its potency or method of deployment
  7. Reality Warping, most effective and useful ability is her Invulnerability to anything that changes,destroys,manipulates,absorbs,reflects, and basically all variants of said subject, this ability is granted only too Jen and she is the only one in the history of the Blades to acquire this unique ability as not even the nigh-omnipotent like Mother Of Blades has this invulnerability, this gives Jen complete safety against other reality warpers the only thing that has been known to break this invulnerability is she herself Jen is the only person capable of effecting herself with reality warping effects in the Multi-Verse.
  8. Time Lock & Teleportation Lock, Jen is incapable of being transported away or frozen through means of time manipulation whether it be of Magical,Technological or Meta origin. Jen has in the past fought beings capable of time manipulation and has defeated them since they were unable of removing her from the time line or effecting her age through time manipulation a few have gotten unlucky has Jen caught them while others seemingly gave up as Jen Time Lock and Teleportation lock like all her other Immunites and in-vulnerabilities the effect of secondary reality warping which means she also suffers from the lack of teleportation and traveling through time lest she removes those anchors.
  9. Body Manipulation & Power Negation, no beings are capable of controlling her body or removing her powers Cerberus and other organizations in the past of tried to this and have failed countless thousands of times even with their best sciences and tech and other cube beings have too failed attempting to negate Jen.
  10. [Heavy Resistance], while not an exact invulnerability or immunity Heavy Resistance accounts for anything not mentioned such as Sleep Manipulation,Sensory Overload or even Pain Inducement Jen has no invulnerabilities to the previously mentioned but does however have a very,very,very high super meta human resistance to things she's not invulnerable or immune to other attacks include natural elemental attacks which don't harm her but she's capable of feeling the attacks.

There are a total of four and only four ways in which Jen's In-vulnerabilities and Immunities and resistances can be removed, one is through unconsciousness whether it be a K.O from incredible and persistent strength, two is Jen willingly keeping down her defenses, third is through very powerful sleep inducement or her just willingly going to sleep, and fourth is a secret which to be exploited would make her so vulnerable it is safely guarded.

Despite having Nigh Complete-Invulnerability she can still be effected by some attacks such as Physical force while physical force can't harm her body she still has active senses and can feel the force of the blows , physical force is also capable of sending her flying backwards or knock her down however only legendary feats of strength are capapble of knocking Jen out cold, Jen in her younger days had withstood attacks capable of destroying large mountains with ease for incredibly long periods of time while already in a severely weakened and fatigued mental state before the battle and than getting ko'd

Pressure points are also capable of effecting Jen if used quickly enough but still requires legendary strength and the only viable pressures points are ones that induce sleep. Jen is also effected by extreme temperatures which while not capable of harming her still effects her sense and causes much discomfort can slow down her efforts in what ever she is doing either to a small effect or a large effect depending on the temperature, and last but not least the most effective tool to use against Jen is sensory over load.


No Caption Provided

Being born from such a powerful and wise being granted Jen attributes of her mother, her wisdom when used can surpass that of the Mythological Athena by countless leagues, Wisdom combined with Jen's experience has made her a very adaptable being but due to her attitude she rarely uses this ability viewing it unfair and only to be used when all other options are exhausted

[Physical Body] (with Power Summary)

No Caption Provided

One of Jen's final attributes is her Physical Body, now despite being a high tier reality-warper she has devoted her powers into two ways which simplify and allow her to maximize her current abilities significantly, the two ways called by her are kits the first kit is creative and the second kit is combative.

while in creative mode Jen's physical stats with the exception of durability and in-vulnerabilities/immunities are above average but still in the human range, in her creative kit mode Jen is capable of high levels of reality warping which can range total destruction on planetary scales or other amazing feats such as Power Augmentation,Power Bestowal,Power Erasure,Creation,Energy Manipulation,Resurrection,Health Manipulation,Transmuation,Animation,Inanimation, and two of the most powerful abilities she's used only a handful of times across her life time are Complete Arsenal (exceptions are all nigh-omnipotent abilities) and Hypercompetence. Jen is capapble of using her abilities to their fullest and most powerful extents and has all variations of the power should she used, if Jen were to use the power of Health Manipulation she would have the ability to use its most powerful forms and other versatile variants, however despite being a high level reality warper with countless abilities she has certain restrictions and specifications as followed in the Creative kit

  1. Jen is incapable of making most of her reality warping effects instantly, they take time to take effect usually the greater the feat the longer the duration for example attempting to reality warp the entire planet earth to certain exact details would range from several hours or a day but less powerful feats could be done most of the time instantly such as replicating or resurrecting yet again the more powerful a feat the more energy and time is needed to complete it.
  2. Jen has limitations to her reality warping, as she uses her powers her mental stamina begins to decrease at a steady pace while she has mastered reality warping allowing her to use it with flawless efficiency in stressful situations her focus comes from her mental stamina which serves as what some would say as a "Mana Bar" or a "Fatigue Bar" the more she uses it the more tired her mind gets her body could be fully rested it would still not matter as the usage of her reality warping powers take a toll on her mind rather than body.
  3. Jen's secondary reality warping is constantly active when awake whether she is thinking of it or not and has the benefit of not draining a single ounce of her mental stamina allowing the effects to last almost indefinitely
  4. Jen can only create and use a handful of super powers at once but rarely does, as it is incredibly powerful and devestating combination but at the same time against her way of doing things while also a huge drain on mental stamina.
  5. Jen can not increase her mental stamina with reality warping it can only steadily build up over the years, methods such as time manipulation have also failed to build up her capacity limits only through natural time and practice has she increased it the only exception found is adrenaline which can increase her mental stamina limitlessly until the adrenaline wears off.
  6. Jen has used the Creative Kit for supportive combat and recreational/amusement/pleasure rather than direct offensive methods such as transmutation, life or death manipulation, etcetera ever since the creation of "Divinity" Jen has swore to herself she would never use her Creative Kit for offensive attacks on a non reality warper.
  7. Jen is capable of bestowing powers and abilities to other beings however duration and mental stamina is the cost, she is capable of bestowing powerful capabilities or increasing the capabilities of a being to such a significant amount that it surpasses what they could ever do at their peak however this as you would have guessed drains her mental stamina and takes a duration of time, for a permanent and powerful boost it could range from minutes or hours but for a powerful yet temporary boost it can be moments or instantly, Jen also would require verbal confirmation and willingness of what she does to said being as you would have guessed again it's against her methods of conduct to force her reality warping on non reality warpers and she holds down to her methods of conduct very,very,very sternly

[Mentifery] (Extra Power Summary)

"I feel strange, I feel..good I like this I love this"-Animated Jen

Jen's most notable attribute is her Reality Warping attribute, her mother is the daughter of the first Blade all females in the Blade bloodline are vastly more powerful than their male counterparts however Jen is the most powerful currently out of all Third Generation Blades combined.

Jen technically has one real power which is called "Reality Warping", the usage of reality warping has lead to two ways of usage one of them is constant via subconscious (the secondary) and the other requires conscious thought (the primary), the Invulnerability and Wisdom are secondary effects of her subconscious mind that even granted her immortality to ageing with out her having to consciously think about it, meanwhile the Divine Beauty attribute she was born with however through conscious reality warping she is at to an extent capable of controlling it thus significantly reducing the number of people attracted to her.

Jen can concentrate most of her powerful reality warping abilities significantly more effective while conscious however the greater and longer the task she attempts to complete the more mentally fatigue draining it is, Jen is capable of producing reality warping feats on planetary scales, however it is not really the scale of the task that drains her (it still contributes but not as much as the next -->) it is the duration of the task more so than the scale of the task which hurts her the most.

Jen's Reality Warping is somewhat unique to other beings because she's not essentially a full reality warper yet, she is capable of creating herself super powers at very high levels via primary reality warping but they don't last permanently she is unable to use her secondary (subconscious) reality warping to make it last indefinitely, for some unknown reasons even attempting to use primary reality warping to improve her secondary reality warping has ended up with more harm being done to herself than good and still ending in failure . Jen's usage of reality warping depends entirely on her consciousness when fully conscious (Fully rested and awake) she is at complete power however when unconscious she is completely powerless, in other words she physically becomes almost human capable of being harmed or handled by anyone which is why when somebody is capable of KO'ing Jen they are also de-powering her as with out consciousness her secondary reality warping is weakened too far with out the primary and breaks off the reality warping defenses she had.

(TLDR; she is powerless when unconscious and can't augment herself with super powers that last permanently)

Jen's Personality

If there was only one perfect word that can be used to describe Jen it would be "Morbid"


  • Dark Humor
  • Loyalty
  • Intellects/Geniuses
  • Power
  • The Color black
  • The number eight
  • Darkness
  • Screwing someone over (Metaphorically)
  • Cats
  • Taking naps or sleeping for long periods of time
  • The Guile Theme from the Street Fighter franchise
  • Acting
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate
  • Being lazy
  • Coffee
  • Butterflies (Secretly)
  • Ravens
  • Honeybadgers
  • Rabbits & Bunnies


  • Violence
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Cleanliness
  • Choosing
  • Charisma
  • Winners
  • Death
  • Writing in her Journal
  • Judging People
  • What women want
  • Reading
  • Training
  • Learning
  • Zombies
  • John F Kennedy
  • Street Fighter Franchise
  • Privacy
  • Isolated from living things on occasions
  • Dark flowers or plants
  • Good jokes


  • Daylight
  • Alcoholics
  • Drug Addicts
  • Sexual Innuendos
  • Bright flowers
  • Very nice people
  • Losers
  • Documentaries
  • Cigarettes
  • Smokers
  • Idiots
  • Getting hit on if done poorly
  • Bad jokes
  • Boring people
  • Peer Pressure


  • Zombies
  • Getting Dirty
  • Surprises
  • Getting Wet
  • Ninja's
  • Martial Artists
  • Rebels
  • Liars
  • Traitors
  • Nosy People
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Babies
  • Little Kids
  • Arrogant or Ignorant people
  • Warhammer40k franchise
  • Other reality warpers
  • Acid
  • Evil Aliens or Ugly Aliens
  • Bad Cooks
  • Worms
  • Filthy areas
  • Getting humiliated or embarrassed in public or private
  • Getting used or exploited
  • Rainbows

Jen on average is always Morbid and tends to point out the negative on scenarios, she is a very strong willed and bold lady capable of great patience when necessary but when not can blow her top off

No Caption Provided

a sudden burst of anger and usage of Devil's Tongue usually ends up with anybody trying to defy her quickly submitting to her dominance, despite this she is capable of having people grown on her and she is capable of doing the same (metaphorically speaking) she has helped others despite to her great annoyance and has preformed favors with out asking for anything in return.

Oddly enough despite her attitude and personality she had a boyfriend named Corde several million years ago from another Universe, it was the first and last boy she ever fell in love with after their break up details are sketchy but what is known is that Corde broke up with Jen ever since the break up Jen has only cared about people but hasn't loved since.

Combat Kit

"Okay you piece of sh*t, now you've gone too far"

Jen's most effective means of combat is the result of combining her reality warping energy into a suit of Cosmic Energy at its most potent however like the Creative Kit it has specifications and restrictions

Jen's Creative kit is almost completely nullified in this form giving her a less versatile array of reality warping powers as most of it is concentrated in the creation,summoning,binding and maintaining of the suit. Even with out the Creative kit the Combat Kit provides other advantages that the former does not have such as incremental resistance to getting ko'd which now takes significantly more strength and hitsto K.O Jen in Divinity than with her being out of the amor, complete defense from sensory over load and temperature discomfort. Following abilities are listed below

[Supernatural Strength/Combat Empowerment/Affinity/Hybrid]

Jen with out the combat kit has the base strength of an average eighteen year old female, however with the combat kit her base and transformation into Divinity her lifting and striking strength increases to a hundred class plus tonner. (Hulk Level Base)

Not only does Jen get a strength boost she is capable of increasing her strength the longer she fights in a battle which can bring her from Type I strength to Type II at a very rapid pace, if the battle lasts for a long time her strength can eventually reach to Type III with the Affinity perk that she has causes her to get even more powerful as long as there is hope and with hope combined with already being at Type III level strength she can reach the legendary Absolute Strength status however it does not last very long as it drains her energy rapidly and thus she can only remain at Absolute Strength for a few minutes before she drops back to Type III strength however it is rumored that there are ways to increase the duration.

[Quintessence Force]

(To be added)

[Speed Equalization]

One of Jen's most useful abilities in Combat Mode is the ability to equalize speed in combat form even if she's not fighting, when there is a being within her vicinity that can use or has super speed she automatically replicates and gains their amount of speed, just like her strength at base Jen has the movement and reaction speed of a regular eighteen year old girl but with the Combat Kit Divinity instantly adapts her combat speed and reaction speed to match the fastest person in the nearest vicinity whether she chooses to or not to Divinity does it with out her consent.

Not only can Jen just instantly adapt the speed of a being she can still do it regardless of their origin whether it be Meta or Magical or even Technological as long as it's faster than her she will be able to be on par with it, besides the previously mentioned Jen can also share or give people the speed she acquired to allies for example if she and a group were going to fight a speedster that can move at the speed of light not only Jen will be able to match him in speed she can willingly choose who else can have this replicated speed which means her entire group could be as fast as her should she wish it (since it is not an automatic feature to allies she has to willingly give them the increased speed.)

Jen's speed equalization however has some specifications, first of all Jen's speed equalization only works when there is somebody around her vicinity that has greater speed than her if there is no one faster than her in combat reaction or speed reaction she remains at her base speed which is average human and does not increase over time unlike her strength,

second actual speed is required for the adaption to work those who use time manipulation to appear faster won't be at a disadvantage unless their authentic speed (meaning with out time manipulation) is greater than average human this also applies to those who have teleportation capabilities as Jen can not adapt the speed of their teleportation but only their authentic movement and combat speed, thirdly if a being is capable of increasing their speed after Jen has adapted to match his original speed she is capable of adapting again a limitless amount of times until she is her opponents equal meaning the faster the opponent the faster Jen will be, fourthly as long as a being has super speed regardless if they are using it or not she's capable of matching their base speed and increasing if they increase this would mean is there is a character who can move at Hyper Sonic speeds in the vicinity even if they are not using their speed Jen is already now as fast at them.

[Weapons Manifestation/Manipulation/Warrior Spirits/Special Attacks/Invulnerability/ Hybrid]

Jen calls her armored form "Divinity", the suit was made as a means of combat which harnesses most of her reality warping into one concentrated form, essentially it is her cosmic armor Divinity is made of solidified cosmic energy it's energy in sense but can not be manipulated,absorbed,diverted away it can not even be dispelled through any means including reality warping and energy manipulation.

Divinity is a some what unique suit of armor it does not take damage any damage it can only cause Jen to flinch,stagger or get knocked back. However Jen's weaknesses to sensory over load followed by extreme temperatures and pressure points are completely nullified not disturbing her in the slightest allowing her to survive in deep space or fall from orbit with out stress due to being covered completely in air tight armor this also prevents microscopic object or even sub-microscpoic objects from getting in the suit.

The way Divinity functions at first appears to be like a nanite suit since flecks of the cosmic armor's metal begin to sprout out of Jen's body and clothes rapidly expanding eventually creating armored plates and than forming the rest of the suit, it usually takes Jen at most three seconds to become fully covered in Divinity (while tired) and at her fastest it can be instantly (fully rested). Divinity once formed gives Jen the appearance of ten foot tall one ton hulking piece of silver Cosmic Armor and while inside the suit Jen remains the same height but her body is suspended mid air in the suit so she can see through the slits of the Divinity. The entire suit is connected to her thoughts so if she thinks it the suit preform movements as fast as she would with out it and thus has no speed restrictions thanks to the speed equalization ability.

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The suit also gives Jen a high tech perspective of the area via a HUD, the HUD gives Jen an array of perspective abilities ranging from from enhanced sight allowing her to see object from miles away up close or microscopic/submicroscopic objects, the HUD is capable of discerning friendly,neutral and hostile beings via color with hostiles being red and friendlies being green the neutrals however remain white.

There is a special vision mode for Divinity called "War Vision" war vision changes her perspective of the entire battle field instantly everything becomes a blue hue which is how the HUD detection system works in the Combat Kit, while in War Vision Jen can see through cover and camouflaged opponents regardless of their meta,magic or technological origin enemies will be glowing red while allies will be glowing yellow neutrals as mention already will glow white, not only does this giving her an incredibly easy time discerning foes from friends she also gains an aim bot like amp increasing her accuracy and reaction time/movement significantly to super human levels.

Divinities Radar is both magical and technological, the magical part reveals the souls or life force of living things while the technological is echo location that sends out a sound wave which is emitted from the suit causing it to expand a distance of one thousand yards before returning back and revealing the shapes of figures that it came into contact with, the sound wave emitted by Divinity is completely inaudible through the usage of "magic" allowing the Radar to be in constant use with out giving away Jen's location. Not only is the Radar sound proof it has faster than light speed tracking capabilities as when speed equalization takes place it also evolves the suits systems which means the faster a person is the easier it is for the suit to track.

(More to come)

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