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Kid Omega's former bio

Name : Xstlyvsrtas

Super Name: Kid omega

height: Varies

weight : Varies


Xstlyvsrtas was a chaotic entity in a place known as the 5th dimension which exists on a different plain of dimension than you sitting at you're computer screen, or the character you made. it is surprisingly a simple place ruled by a few god-like entities who all had their roles over controlling the lives of simple plants, However a massive civil war broke out and our hero Xstlyvsrtas was exiled for rebelling against the elder gods. so they made sure he had a nice place in the Vine's realm. He then traveled across both universes of the vine, using his cartoon like and chaotic power to terrorize the entire vine


  • Reality Manipulation
  • Toon Force
  • 4th Wall breaking
  • He is immune to any forms of removal or suppression of these powers
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