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Name: Miles Strauss

Height: 6'1

Weight: 240 Lbs

Hair: Brown (Currently shaved and removed)

Eyes: Blue

Powers and Abilities: Has slightly above peak human physical stats (strength, speed, agility etc.), has an above human engineering abilities, being able to make tools and items out of the most insignificant things, and is moderately skilled in the usage of firearms and is an excellent hand to hand combatant.


Miles was one of five children born into the home of Linda and Karl Strauss, Karl being a successful doctor was the reasons for the middle class lifestyle he led his families into. When Miles was 15 however, Karl had been cheating on his wife repeatedly with a cadre of women from different walks of life. Miles and his other brother, Danny had soon figured this out but chose to not speak up for fear of the fighting...and eventually their mother had heard and decided not to confront her spouse. She held this secret for a year, the stress, depression and loneliness driving her to a habit of crystal methamphetamine and giving up her active life for one filled with game show and infomercial watching, binge drinking and even outright theft from her husband to pay for her indulgences.

Soon the truth came out and the two had enough, a fight broke out between Linda and Karl in which Karl beat her and left Linda and their children, trying to stay in contact with them despite his grudge. When Miles turned 18 he dropped out of high school to work a full time job to support the family due his mother's incompetence to hold job due to her addictions. His small work and the family's welfare was never enough, and eventually Miles found his father's old farmers shotgun, sawed down the barrels and stock and on a fateful night was caught robbing a high-level liquor store.

Miles was sent to a penitentiary for 12 years because of his crimes. It was within the first year of his time there that he actually found meaning by joining the local chapter of the Aryan brotherhood, gaining a father figure through the means of a man named Steven Conway, a human who despite his power disadvantages would always beat down anyone who didn't appeal to his twisted ideals.

After three years into his sentence, Miles participated in a riot in his Indiana prison where a group of men decided to assault the sex offenders block, but during the riot a Hispanic gang suddenly came into conflict with his brothers and killed Steven Conway during the beginning of the brawl. Miles stepped into action with a blind rage when he beat one member of the opposing gang to death, ripped another's throat out and stabbed two African-American prisoners-unrelated to the fight, to death and beat one more, a mutant into a coma from which he hasn't awakened.

This earned his sentence being bumped to life, and to him gaining a new lifestyle in his incarceration. Every month it felt like, he was constantly fighting guards, prisoners and anyone else in his path including himself as he felt as if there was no point. He began getting used to long, cold nights in the pit and countered them by using his time to make a variety of tools and had been moving from prison to prison on what seems like every other year, until he been caught committing another violent hate crime which earns him a stay at the new prison built by Stark Industries, The Rock.