comics i'll love to write

I have always been a DC comic fan right from the first time I heard the soundtrack for Justice League the animated series play. However, I feel most of the characters in the DC universe are underused and can be utilized in creating an great DC comic universe. This List contains characters that i'll love to develop and write if i get the chance.

NOTE: I am not saying that I am the best writer but if i get the chance i'll develop the characters to the best I can.

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List items

  • The Question : Year Unknown

    This story follows Vic Sage a popular conspiracy reporter who exposes secret organisations and conspiracies that are carried out by the government. During a family vacation Vic Sage and his family are killed. He wakes up some unknown years later to find out he's a homeless man on the streets of San Peligro the most dangerous city in the DCU. The question is how did he get there, how come no one knows him when he used to be a popular Reporter, why is he still alive, who killed him and why. He gets a coin from a ghost-like stranger who tells him his life is a question and he needs to find the answer to the greatest conspiracy that threatens to destroy the DCU as we know it. The conspiracy is in the city of San Peligro but the question is what is the conspiracy?

  • Science + Magic : Billy and Vick

    Since DC stopped writing the Brave and the bold I feel they have not had any good team up books. Billy Batson and Victor Stone make an awesome team in the comic books, animated movies and even in picture. I believe they can shine with an awesome adventure comic of the team travelling the DC multiverse for example going to the rock of eternity, Dakotaverse, oolong island, Markovia, Cadmus Island, L.E.G.I.O.N police station, Wildstormverse, Ranx, Starlag, Oa, Hardcore station etc. The DC universe has a lot of great locations that could be explored for some exciting stories and also explore some more diverse characters.

  • ^^ check Billy Batson.

  • 1.)C.O.A.T.S : 5 Mystery detectives and what have you?

    The trenchcoat brigade are a group of awesome characters that could make a great story. C.O.A.T.S is a story about a group of paranormal psychic detectives who are outlaws in a world where magic is forbidden by the proselytos. A world so dark that a dark army called the proselytos who believe they are the true inheritors of the mystic arts has taken over and searches for a child known as the next mage or century child. The brigade have to find this child before the Proselytos does or the DCU as we know it will end.

    2.) C.O.A.T.S - A question of who?

    Magic users are dying everywhere including former members of the brigade. The Question (Vic Sage) must assemble the remaining surviving members to find out the killer and who is responsible for the murders.

  • 1). An assassin in the DCU:

    Adrian Chase is a very underrated character who I believe can lead an awesome story. An assassin in the DCU is a story about the crime families in the DCU it is about an mysterious crimelord who is hiring the best DCU assassins to kill a man that is unkillable. It follows extreme training, betrayal, family issues, various assassin types etc. The mission is extremely dangerous and many fan favorite assassins may not survive.

    2). A bad day in my job:

    Adrian Chase after a busy night wakes up to find out that the apocalypse has happened not the apocalypse we were expecting but something more creepy. A disaster occurred and all the metahumans in the DCU are going crazy like zombies the remaining humans are being hunted by the evolved metahumans known as evos/hyperborns for their lifeforce to survive. Vigilante has to team up with a group of surviving assassins such as Red Hood, Shrike, Ravager, Deathstroke,Bronze tiger, Deadshot, Sportsmaster, Mad Dog, Shellcase, Nix, detonator, Onomatopoeia, Caleb, Incognito, Silver monkey etc. to find Patient zero known as the Host.

  • Booster Gold and Blue beetle: Superbuddies

    The most funny and one of the most awesome team in the DCU. They deserve their comic book this story follows as booster and blue beetle are tasked by a unknown entity who gives them the Worlogog to protect and take to a place outside of the source so that the controllers don't find it. It's a space road adventure with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle encountering other DC characters for example Lobo, Darkstars, Adam Strange, Hawkman, Omega men etc.

  • Aliens in our midst:

    This is a space mystery adventure story it answers the question where was Manhunter before he came to earth, has he been to other planets, how did he get to earth etc. It starts off as John a detective in the MPD monologues about the story of his life and how his species were destroyed. Manhunter is also investigating to find the killer of his people.

  • Alice in the DCU:

    Black alice is an awesome character with the ability to steal anyone's powers that would make a good story what if she went full crazy with power and starts stealing everyone's power who would be able to stop her?

  • Bolt:

    The story follows black lightning as a superhero with a superpowered family struggling to survive in a dangerous world(Dakotaverse). Black lightning must protect his town, family and a young boy named Virgil Hawkins from a rough society and a society without a totalitarian background.

  • A Critic of the DCU:

    I miss the Keith Giffen Ambush bug series the DCU needs a character that the writers idea and emotions are displayed on a character that could understand the readers and would have the liberty to say anything he feels about the DCU. The heckler is an awesome character that could do just that.

    Channel DC:

    This is a comic book story that follows the Heckler, Ambush Bug and Lobo as news reporter who the writers have the liberty to put in any story to evaluate how the situation who have gone and to review the story. Channel DC also have the liberty to crossover to any movie or upcoming DC series