My top 10 favorite fictional characters (All Media)

Like many of us who call ourselves geeks, I love any number of comics, movies, television shows, etc. And I've been a fan of geeky stuff since I was 4 years old. And for those who don't know me all that well, I just turned 43 a week ago, so I have quite a history of loving geeky stuff.

This list is meant to incorporate my top 10 favorite characters of all time, across all media. These are the ones I'll be reading until the grim reaper comes to shuffle me from this mortal coil. The characters that always lift my spirits, even when I've had an awful day/week/year/whatever.

Please, feel free to share you own lists. I always like to see the things others like. :)

List items

  • I cannot remember a time when I was not a Spider-Man fan. I remember seeing his cartoons before I even started school, so by the time I started kindergarten I was already a fan of the ol' web head. And I expect I always will be.

  • I saw my first Jason movie when I was about 10 years old. I sneaked out of bed and caught the original movie on cable. And I've been a big fan every since. I don't care that they are silly movies, I don't care that they aren't meant to be taken seriously. I have enjoyed every one of them, even the really bad ones have some merit (looking at you part 5 and part 8!)

  • I can't say I was a Batman fan from the very beginning. It wasn't until The Dark Knight Returns that I really got interested in Batman. Prior to that, I didn't read much of any DC comics if I'm honest. I always leaned more toward Marvel's side of the spectrum and since money was tight back then, I couldn't really dabble. But once DKR came along, then the first Burton movie, then the amazing Animated Series, I was hooked from then on.

  • I remember seeing Star Wars in it's original theatrical run. My first trip to the dentist when I was about 5 years old, for being "good", I got to go see Star Wars after my appointment. I had to get a tooth filling that day, and then I got to see what would be my favorite movie for the next 2 decades. It was a good day. And while the prequels have taken the shine off of the Star Wars name, I'll always have those great memories

  • This movie is one I still watch pretty often. The comics, the sequels, the remake, the animated series... all of those I never much followed or cared for. But man, that first movie was and still is fantastic.

  • The original Terminator was so far ahead of it's time. And the sequel did the unthinkable task of being better than the original. Still love these films, even if the newer ones don't have the same punch. Actually looking forward to the reboot.

  • What's not to love about Yoda. :)

  • Harvey is my favorite of Batman's rouge's gallery. I love the duality theme they gave him and his stories are always entertaining.

  • This one is largely based on how much I enjoyed Phil Lamar's portrayal of GL in the Justice League animated series from Cartoon Network. I always liked GL as a character, but Stewart was just a lot of fun to watch develop over the course of those shows. I ended up liking him better than Hal or Kyle or any other Lantern to date.

  • Just like Jason earlier in the list, I love slasher films from the 80s. And the original Nightmare On Elm Street was one of the greats. Say what you want about the sequels, I always thought they were fun. And I still really enjoy this character (The Robert Englund version anyway)