favorite issues in my collection

The top 32 issues in my collection I try to list them in order but it is a difficult task.

*Note, some issues I include as a set.

List items

  • WARRIOR #1 First appearance of V

  • Leather Variant

  • Neonomicon #1 although my Neonomicon collection consists of the auxiliary covers.

  • BUMP Sketch Variant... BUMP Really got me back into comics, I have always enjoyed drawing them but for a long time I didn't really read any or get new ones (partly because I didn't have money before I got a job) but when these came out I went and picked up the first one, along with the new Thor, Tales from the crypt, and dark tower. I read BUMP first and thought "what have I been thinking, I must buy more!" BUMP is just really great, a classic horror story, that any fan of the genre would love.

  • The Comic is just an adaption of the original film, but a damn good one at that, if you are an Alien fan you should definitely check this one out.

  • The Amazing Spider-man #119 So yeah, this is the first half of a two issue battle with the Hulk. I have had this since I was a kid, back when Spider-man was my favorite, before Spawn warped my mind.

  • The Amazing Spider-man #360

  • The Amazing Spider-man #361... in these two issues we first see carnage. Since I was a kid I have always loved carnage, from his look, to his abilities, and the character himself.

  • Courtyard... I do love the Courtyard, there is just something about it, The mystery, the horror, the art, the writing, the HP Lovecraftyness, plus it is a prequel to the Neonomicon series that I love so much.

  • Dark Horse Presents #34

  • Dark Horse Presents #35

  • Dark Horse Presents #36... Being a fan of Alien I naturally love Predator as well, which is why I had to have this set, The three comics that started it all by telling the first Alien Vs Predator Story.

  • Hack/Slash #12

  • Hack/Slash #13... I originally got these to comic books because they are crossovers of BUMP but now I love Hack/Slash as well, and I think most fans of horror would.

  • Twisted Tales #3... I first picked this up because I was interested in one of its three stories titled "me and ol' rex" and I wasn't disappointed, it is a very creative story, and also a bit disturbing in a weird/cool way, and as it turns out I was quite taken with the rest of the comic book, it's basically like tales from the crypt. Each comic book contains three stories, all of which are a blend of horror and some comedy. I now have begun collection the other issues of Twisted Tales.

  • YOUNGBLOOD #2 the first appearance of Shadowhawk...There are a few reasons I like Shadowhawk, mostly because I read a lot of Shadowhawk as a kid, so it has some sentimental value. When I got older I read it again and thought "mother of god this is awful" however, upon finishing the first series I thought, "Hey, that was actually pretty entertaining in a B movie kind of way"... Plus his outfit is badass.

  • ThunderMace... I really like the way ThunderMace is written, it just has a great narration to it that gives it a very smooth flow, plus the story is good, but also, this is where Chakan makes his fist appearance.

  • Chakan was one of my very first video games to play and I absolutely loved it. Surprisingly I never knew about the comic books until I was a teenager and sadly they are kind of poorly written, very corny, but I still have much respect for them and am able to look past its ugliness. This is definitely one of my most sentimentally valuable comic books.

  • Beneath the Valley of the rage... What Can I say, I love the Fangoria comics and wish they had stuck around, I was very disappointed when Fangoria comics was shut down and the Series called Recluse was never released.

  • This series picks up after Aliens, before the nonsense in alien 3 ever happened so newt, and hicks are still alive but I don't recall bishop, and I know that Ripley is not in it, they only mention her a few times. ANYWAY, its a really good expansion of the Aliens universe.

  • Werewolves on the moon vs. Vampires TPB... First time I read it I was like "du fuq did I just read?" but later realized I actually love it, once again, in a B movie kind of way. Wherewolves on the moon is just entertaining.

  • Ghostbusters Infestation... Ghostbusters + Zombies = Win

  • Dethklok... Love the Cartoon, and love the comic book, although I was surprised and the low quality art work, but I also don't really care.

  • What If #4... I got this to go with my secret wars #8 but also because I love the What if series.

  • Secret Origins #46... Arm-Fall-Off Boy... Enough said