Twilight Team

No before I get the hate mail on the team name, the team is just called Twilight for short. Why? because in case when all else fails in super hero continuity and the super villains or entity that threatens all that exists this team will come together and wipe them out. they do not meet or have an established base. They only come together when the threat is that dire and they know their powers work well together. This is based on the Marvel Universe, but will do one for DC.

List items

  • Speaks softly and carries a boom stick that just wiped out your city. We know why Id have him here. He is ultra powerful. His ability just to almost destroy a planet by shouting alone is more than enough to have him here.

  • We do not know the full extent of what light can and can not do. so her with Black Bolt could do some ****ing amazing things.

  • A master of Magnatism would be pretty handy to have if you want to screw with someones orbit or just to ruin a computer.

  • Mixed with Juggernauts powers and the master of magnatism he would give the fastball special to any cosmic being or asteroid who would dare step infront of him.

  • Ability to see into cosmic spectrums and has the ability to absorb cosmic and gamma radiation is a pretty handy tool. Plus always handy to have a hulk with tactical experience is always handy.

  • Personally id have Shaman or Talisman from Alpha Flight but since they are not a powerful as Doctor Strange, He will do.... for now. Can work great with Ross as personal advisor to tell him how to take down certain mystical entities.