Top favorite artists of all time

This is a little personal list of my top favourite artists of all time. This list is subject to change as people can come and go in my favor.

List items

  • I love his sketch art, I would love to see him do encyclopedia books of super heroes and villains with sketch art. or just an art book in general of his work. I would like to see how he would also do with more of a fantasy setting.

  • I LOVE HIS ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the type of man I would have doing pulp fiction work, or horror stories or even cheesy detective noir comics. Love him to death.

  • I love his cartoon works on Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures, He makes great comic strips and would love to see him do more to expand on the DC universe itself maybe make some weekly funnies.

  • Dan's current work on TMNT has been awesome, its cartoony but gives a layer of seriousness to the series. I miss him doing it and want IDW to throw him back on the main art team...NOW!

  • I loved his work on He-man and the Masters of the Universe back when Image/crossgen/MV creations had control over the brand. I love his drawings of he-man.

  • I loved his work back when he did Amazing Spider-man, he was a great artist. I know he was not like Jack Kirby but still he was a great artist and his art for the series is still missed.

  • Honestly, this is the fan boy in me loving his work on He-man and the Masters of the Universe. its has the element of cartoon but gives a very serious design to the characters. he is great for bringing cartoons to a more serious setting.

  • I loved his work in Superior Spider-man #6 AU and honestly he makes characters look epic and awesome.

  • Invincible, nuff said. while when it first started it was hard for me to say he was the best. but after 30 issues he has gotten so much better. He really brings out the humor of the story what Robert is trying to pull from this universe. I often love the designs of his women and the expressions he makes on the characters faces for some classic scenes.