Top 5 favorite Comic Publishers.

This is a list of my top 5 publishers based on the quality of the books they put out in which i follow them more than others. This is the current standing and subject to change in the future. any questions on my choices let me know.

List items

  • Boom for the past year has captured me since they put out the Darkwing Duck series. when they caught my eye on that. Ive follow much of the series Incorruptable, Planet of the Apes, Dracula Company of Monsters and the Eisner award winner Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, also not to mention my favorite stan lee series Starborn.

  • IDW caught my eye mainly when I started reading Max Brooks GI Joe Hearts and Minds. since then ive been actively following the current Cobra series, as well as Transformers and now the new ongoing Ghostbusters. its good quality story telling that has me coming back each time.

  • This one was complete accident since im a HUGE fan of Brian Clevenger and his 8-Bit theatre web comic series. from there i went into Atomic Robo and it has been a bust a gut laughing sci fi action series. I find now that I am reading much of there mini series like Moon Girl, and Foster Broussard. With finding out this company is housed here in Canada, i can not help but want to support a home grown company.

  • Buffy the freakin vampire slayer. this is what gets me coming back almost every time. I find i read old comics like Mighty Samson and quite a few of the Star Wars mini series. Dark Horses the Goons while its not one of my top picks it is a light read which is more of a funny pages for me that i should pick up once in a while. Stan with his Usagi Yojimbo.

  • I hate to pick a main company like DC or Marvel but if i had to choose one of the two it would DC only due to the fact that im reading more titles currently than marvel. Flash,Nightwing, and Kyle rayners guardians are my real driving force behind the new 52, while Aquaman, Batgirl, Blackhawks, Green Lantern, and Action comics are my secondary pick ups if im really into it that week. while marvel only gets 3 or 4 titles out of me, Amazing Spider-man and Red Hulk being my top picks for that.