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Ongoing Pull List


Until further notice i am officially dropping all marvel titles until my list of demands are met. for those of you who wish for change in marvel and how they do business with us the fans i would suggest you do the same.

Current ongoing list of comics that I will try to pick up immediately as it comes out. The order does not represent how much i prefer the series. its just when i remembered to put it down on the list. hope you enjoy. always welcome recommendations to try something new.

List items

  • Now finished I will be taking this off my pull list. in another month.

  • And i never read much of archie until i started reading this series last year. even though i had the hots for Cheryl Blossom, Veronica was my second favorite.

  • This series is awesome. often borrowed from my friends when i finish reading it....i should get those back.

  • Funny fantasy series. definitely for those who play D&D.


  • Its fun to see how they are breaking up the scooby gang in this season and especially with the inclusion of Billy the First male vampire slayer. who is also gay but who cares. he is just cool.

  • I have to say that with this series in general is great, but been on and off due to image having a hard time trying to come out with a constant release time.

  • Im excited to see what Archie comics will do with this. so far its great to see the game being brought to life in comics.

  • I am finding this series a very good read, while i feel different about the art. it is something to really get into while listening to Queen music.

  • The man, the myth, the legend. Its okay i mean its not thrilling but were talking about a universe created in the mind of one of the most important people in the industry... and no not geoff johns. I will follow it as long as i can until i decide i might drop this.

  • This is an on and off again series for me. I find if a cover interests me Ill pick it up. very reluctant to put this on my pull list as it is random when i might pick this up.

  • Despite being all ages, it still catches my attention as worth reading.


  • I find this more entertaining than having to wait for Kevin smith do something.

  • Good series. gail does stick to her love of babs. so i see myself picking up more in the future.

  • Great origin series hopefully it will keep me interested beyond the grant morrison story arch.

  • Awesome series. Kyle higgins has played Dick just right in terms of wittiness as well as serious hero-ing. definitely will stick on if he keeps writing this way.

  • I love this series. the first issue is almost exactly the intro to the 1970's movie they did with the awesome rock opera soundtrack by Queen. FLASH! AHHH OOOHHHHH!

  • I freaking love this series before I started reading I watched the old series and this comic follows and just keeps with the style of that old series this is my second soap opera series that I have been getting into.

  • trying it out. recommended by fellow Viner: Spiderslayer

  • This new ongoing series has been awesome so far, and I can't wait to see what the next issue brings. Have a review of the first issue if you want to check out the series.

  • Im also a trekkie so im into this series, it keeps the essence of the characters but at the same time giving them the new updated look.

  • I have to say though i started half way through the series. it has not dissapointed and i just bought issue 15. John Carter is a man i can admire and respect. should do a review of an issue soon.

  • Love the series. Francis Manapul doing writing and art has me set. he loves the character and it shows.

  • Much like the flash and nightwing, these series keep pushing me to follow this hard core more than action or batgirl.

  • Im loving the new cobra commander, despite Mike Costa switching back and forth between DC and IDW. makes me wish the blackhawks fought against this new and improved group of cobra commander.

  • Gots ta get me da robo. Its a great series. and its a type of series where you do not have to read the previous volume to get the current one. its pretty self contained in terms of story. Right now finished reading Ghost of Station X.

  • Amazing series, I figured it was going to be all hype. but its a great intergration of fantasy and science fiction.

  • I love this series. I just picked up the first few issues. and love the character dynamics.