My Pokemon

This is a list of the pokemon that I would have in either my battle team or just as pets.(don't judge me....) there would be more to come when more of them are added to the site.

List items

  • First one I would have, he is my favorite out of the 3 forms.

  • He is big and cute... I mean tough... yes, that is what i meant to say. >_>

  • This was as close as the company got to making a decent otter pokemon. and if I ever had to have a water type, this one would be it. not its evolved forms.

  • its so cool, it will make you go NUTS! AH HA!

  • One of my favorite bird pokemon just by design alone.

  • A pro-wrestling Bug that loves honey.

  • One of my favorite steel types. Build a cabin next to a mountain and he could go live in a hollowed out tunnel inside of it.