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My JLA Members.

This is a list of members who I would like to see as the core members. Though its not based on classic characters to me its just a better dynamic.

List items

  • He will be the Batman and the leader of the group. If anything he has more time leading teams than Bruce ever could which makes him a better member of the JLA.

  • She is an great speedster, I would prefer her over Barry Allen who has his hands busy with the Rogues of Central City, And Jay Garrick is busy doing Politics.

  • If he was not dying. He would be a great member of the team. Nothing against Jade, but the old man has got something his daughter and son do not. And as much as I like Kyle Rayner, he is best spent out in space with his girlfriend.

  • I just think he makes a good Priest like person to inspire hope into others and his inclusion in the current issues of JLA have been great. Plus he makes as a good pacifier and crowd controler.

  • Of course she would be the wonder woman of the group but I like her more than I did Diana. This one was more of a personal opinion as a wonder woman figure.

  • Yeah, savage brute of a body but the mind of a poet. He is a great character and how he works with starman makes for great character dynamics.

  • She can be a trouble maker sometimes which can be good. but she is still young and would show up once in a while a power house but still would be a great core member of the team.

  • I like him as a superman type character. and his interest in Supergirl makes for a great dynamic. Plus a good dynamic to have a someone of his sexuality.

  • A secret member brought on by Dick to work on the street level crimes. Still trying to overcome his drug addiction he sometimes would get violent and cause trouble for other members of the team.

  • Yeah I know, highly unlikely. She would be partnered up with Roy or Red Arrow to help keep him in check as well as part of Dick's plan to help clean him up and reunite their old partnership. much of the crime fighting would be done in Bludhaven, Gotham, and Star City, as well as international undercover splinter cell work.

  • Tiny little scientist is a great person to use in extreme cases. he can get into places that no one else can. and He can make a good baby sitter for Roy in cleaning out his system of the drugs.