My Injustice League

To counter act my Justice League group I had to create a group that keeps to the core of what criminals are, they are in it for money and with the money comes power. they do not care about politics or even control of a city. They want to steal and prove how much better they are than the so called "Heroes".

List items

  • The leader of this group, he may not have a fancy hideout right now, but he is the glue that will hold this group together for the one purpose it serves.

  • Riddle me this.. The caper master, the confounder and planner of conundrums. very erratic but under the leadership of Captain Cold, he will find his balance and use his intelligence to outwit the justice league.

  • On - and - off member of the group. when a caper is called that coincides with his plans he will do it in order to rub Graysons nose in it.

  • Gadgets and conpounders, whistles and dog-doodlers. the man loves his toys both small and human. the pay off from any caper gives him the money he needs to deal to make up little toys for riddler to use in his clues or traps.

  • She often tries to take charge of the group once in a while and Captain Cold humors her. She rather than focus on the capers that would get them money but focuses on taking down Donna Troy of the Justice League.

  • The transporter of the group, when things get bad he helps make a great escape. but sometimes gets cocky and wants to take the fight to the Justice League.

  • Reasons he is in the group is unknown, maybe out of bordem he works on a few capers takes a small share of the lute. acts almost as a priest for villainy, scares some of the others most times. designed to be a counter point to Saint Walker.

  • Strong man and hired hand. he holds a beef with the justice league, see the end of Secret Six #36. people are going to get crushed.

  • Born on monday... another power house meant to deal with the justice league as a strong man. Cold finds it hard to control him at times but point him in the right direction and he gets things done, namely tossing cars at super girl and starman.